Comsat Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Revolutionising Satellite Communication Antenna Systems In India Through Self-Reliance And Technological Excellence
Saripally John- Founder & CEO

Saripally John- Founder & CEO

Comsat Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1982, Comsat Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established company with manufacturing activities that started in 1991. As a pioneer in the satellite communication industry in India, the company has become a leading manufacturer of high-quality Satellite Communication Antenna Systems.


Operating in the space communications industry, specifically supplying ground station antenna systems, the company has established a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted brand both in India and abroad, often recognised as “ANTENNA PEOPLE.”

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing satellite communication antenna systems, the company is committed to providing high-quality products that meet international standards and customer needs.

With a wide range of Antennas in various bands such as L, S, C, Ext C, Ku, and Ka, the company provides Antennas ranging from 1 meter to 13.5 meters.

They also offer different Mounts, including Fixed KINGPOST, MOBILE, TRANSPORTABLE, and TRAILER MOUNTED types, as per the client’s requirements.

The company also supplies ANTENNA CONTROL SYSTEMS such as MANUAL, STEP TRACK, PROGRAM TRACK, TELEMETRY, COMMAND, etc., for LEO SATELLITES, tailored to meet specific client needs.

The company’s products have been installed across India, including remote areas such as the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands and neighboring SARC nations.

Mission, Vision & Values

The firm’s mission is to design, manufacture, and supply satellite communication antenna systems that comply with international standards, including ITU-580-6.

Their objective is not only to meet the requirements of India but also to cater to foreign markets with their high-quality products. The aim is to conserve foreign exchange by limiting the import of antenna systems, thus promoting self-reliance in the satellite communication industry.

A strong focus on growth through technological excellence and meeting the specifications set by both international and Indian agencies for ground station antenna systems have been the consistent fundamental values for Comsat Systems. The company also places a high value on customer satisfaction and strives to provide high-quality products and services to its clients.

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Essential Features to Have in Your Satellite Communication System

Sri Saripally John, Founder & CEO, Comsat Systems Pvt. Ltd.

After completing his Mechanical Engineering in 1964, Mr John commenced his career as a Junior Engineer at the Upper Sileru Hydroelectric Scheme, Penstocks Division, in April 1965, with Andhra Pradesh state PWD.

After two years, in 1967, Mr John was selected through UPSC in Central Water Commission and posted as an Assistant Engineer at Farakka Barrage Project in West Bengal.

In 1971, he joined ISRO at MASEG (DAE under SPACE APPLICATIONS CENTRE AHMEDABAD) as a Mechanical Engineer. He was later transferred to ECIL, Hyderabad, where he worked for twenty years.

The Tale Of Inception

The inception of Comsat Systems Pvt Ltd as a leading manufacturer of satellite communication antenna systems in India’s private sector stemmed from the opportunity to venture into the industry.

The company’s growth and success can be attributed to the visionary leadership of its founder, Mr John, who brought with him vast experience in satellite communications.

He served as the Deputy General Manager at ECIL before voluntarily retiring in 1991 with the clear vision of leveraging his experience to establish Comsat Systems Pvt Ltd.

The company has since achieved various milestones and earned recognition, establishing itself as a prominent player in the industry.

COMSAT Systems’ Differentiators: High-Quality, Cost-Effective Solutions And In-House R&D

The business problem that Comsat systems Pvt Ltd aims to solve with its solutions and offerings is to reduce the import of satellite communication antenna systems by providing high-quality, cost-effective products to all users in India.

By manufacturing these products in-house, including previously imported components, such as 4-port combiners, the company aims to offer a comprehensive range of products that meet international standards while reducing the country’s reliance on imports.

Comsat Systems Pvt Ltd differentiates itself by relying heavily on in-house R&D and producing highly technical products. The company’s success is defined by the approval of its satellite communication antenna systems by Indian vendors and the Government of India agency NOCC, with specifications meeting ITU-580-6.

Indian Space Research Organisation, Signal Intelligence, Air Force, Army, Navy, Indian Coast Guard, DRDO of Defence of India, and the broadcast segment for teleports and DSNG vans are among the clientele of Comsat Systems.

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Challenges And Setbacks

The team at the company faced challenges in the form of tough competition from foreign suppliers, and they also experienced setbacks in meeting project delivery schedules due to difficulties in obtaining necessary funds from banks.

However, they learned valuable lessons from these failures, namely the importance of self-reliance and creating adequate reserves to rely on rather than depending on banks or governments for funds.

Navigating The Pandemic’s Impact

The pandemic had a significant impact on the business as the company did not receive any purchase orders from the Government for almost two years.

However, the team managed to create work by manufacturing for anticipated orders and efficiently utilised the financial resources and inventory to increase finished goods and work-in-progress. These antennas were later sold, resulting in realised revenues in the following year.

The pandemic brought significant changes to the industry and the role of the company’s leader. The team learned to create work and utilise the manpower without any retrenchment, resulting in improved delivery schedules and creating a “preferred supplier” status.

The company also adapted to selling finished goods as OFF-THE-SHELF items, creating more sales opportunities. The pandemic highlighted the importance of flexibility, resilience, and adaptability in the industry and as a leader.

Products & Services

Earth Station Antennas

13.5 M Earth Station Antenna

11.0 M Earth Station Antenna

9.3 M Earth Station Antenna

7.5 M Earth Station Antenna

6.3 M Earth Station Antenna

4.6 M/4.8 M Earth Station Antenna Gregorian configuration

3.8 M VSAT Antenna

3.8 M Earth station with Gregorian configuration

3.8/4.8 M X – Y Mount for Telemetry, Tracking and Command Antenna Systems for LEO/MEO Satellite

Transportable Antennas

6.3 M Transportable Antenna (on a truck or trailer)

4.6 M Transportable Antenna (on a truck or trailer)

Mobile Antenna

2.4 M VSAT and Mobile Antenna

1.8 M VSAT and Mobile Antenna

1.2 M / 1.0 M / 0.8 M VSAT and Mobile Antennas

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Technological Advancements And Global Expansion

In the space communication industry, Comsat Systems is working on various upcoming trends to improve its offerings. The company has already expanded its business overseas, exporting its products to countries like the USA, Germany, and Singapore.

Currently, the company is focusing on designing RF components like 4-port combiners, tracking receivers, and radar filters, which were previously imported from foreign countries.

To achieve this, Comsat Systems has invested heavily in its R&D wing. Another area the company is focusing on is the design and manufacture of carbon fibre antenna systems for mobile and transportable antenna systems.

Additionally, the company is working on the design of carbon fibre reflector panels for Ka-band applications. These initiatives reflect the company’s commitment to technological excellence and meeting the evolving needs of the space communication industry.

Future Outlook

In five years, the company envisions becoming a well-established supplier of antenna systems for GEO/MEO/LEO satellite communication antenna systems in India and worldwide.

The roadmap includes expanding into various spheres of satellite communications/telecommunications networks and bidding for multi-crore tenders.

The company plans to increase its workforce through in-house upgradation in the field of work and strive for export turnover of 50% of the sales.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr John shares,

“There are no shortcuts to success; work hard and persevere. It is important to stay motivated even in the face of initial failures, as they can lay the foundation for eventual success. Success should not just be measured in terms of financial gains, but also in terms of the employment opportunities and support provided to families.”

“Business growth should never rely on political connections but on one’s own abilities and the support of the technical community. Furthermore, one should always act responsibly with shareholder and national funds,”

adds Mr John

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Saripally John- Founder &amp; CEO</p></div>

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