15 Best Technical SEO Interview Questions And Answers For 2023

The Complete Checklist
15 Best Technical Seo Interview Questions And Answers For 2023- The Complete Checklist

15 Best Technical Seo Interview Questions And Answers For 2023- The Complete Checklist

15 Best Technical Seo Interview Questions And Answers For 2023- The Complete Checklist

Table of contents:

-       Introduction

-       What exactly is technical SEO?

-       15 Best Technical SEO Interview Questions & Answers

-       echoVME Digital houses a skilful team of SEO professionals

-       Conclusion


Given the continued and growing investment in SEO projects, a professional in the digital marketing industry can be confident that the career outlook will remain favourable for people with SEO skills. 

If you're one of the many people looking for a new job or a promotion in the field of SEO, you'll undoubtedly be pursuing the education required. But you should also consider preparing for that crucial interview so that when your dream job opens up, you'll be ready to stand out as a candidate.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the most commonly asked technical SEO questions to brush up on your knowledge of the same. As per the research done by us below-discussed questions are what most of the SEO agencies in Chennai tend to ask their potential candidates.

So if you are looking for a job in the field, make sure you get these questions right!

What exactly is technical SEO?

Technical SEO focuses on enhancing a website's technical aspects to improve the ranking of its pages in search engines. The three pillars of technical optimization are speed improvement, crawler efficiency, and search engine friendliness.

Technical SEO is a one of the important component of  Seo as we know there are different parts od seo like  on-page SEO, off page seo techniques, Technical seo which focuses on optimizing certain aspects on the website to increase ranking.

15 Best Technical SEO Interview Questions & Answers

1. What do you think are some of the most common Technical SEO mistakes?

If you consider yourself an experienced SEO executive, this should be a simple question for you to answer! You can address the basic errors like choosing the incorrect keywords (which is possible in many ways), failing to follow Google's updates, not optimising for mobile, disregarding Google analytics, and so on.  

For brownie points, you can also add other errors that are specific to your experience.

 2. What is PageRank, and why is it important?

Google Search uses the PageRank algorithm to determine the rank of web pages in its search engine results. It was founded by Larry Page, one of Google's founders.  PageRank is a method used to evaluate the significance of web pages. 

Though PageRank is not one of the most talked-about SEO metrics, it is still relevant and important for your SEO strategy. Make sure you strengthen your link-building strategy for a high PageRank score.

 3. What do you know about No-follow and Do-follow links?

Links with the rel="nofollow" tag in their HTML code are considered nofollow links. With this link, search engines are instructed not to transfer authority from the connecting page to the destination page. Therefore, nofollow links are of very little value from an SEO perspective.

In contrast to links that don't pass authority, those that do are referred to as "dofollow links." Since there is no rel="dofollow" attribute, it is technically incorrect to call it that. So, links that are NOT nofollow links are called dofollow links.

4. How do you know if Google has indexed a URL? 

Every technical SEO professional should know a bunch of Google search operators to find out data and evaluate them. 

The quickest approach to determine whether a given URL is listed in Google's index is to use the site: command operator.

Simply copy the URL of your website and paste it into Google's search bar, adding either site: (or) info: before the URL. The page is indexed if the search engine displays it on the results page. If you don’t see the website URL in the results, it is not indexed. 

5. What is your favourite website crawler, and why?

Website crawlers are one of the most essential tools used for technical SEO, and as someone working in that field, you should have a good amount of knowledge of them.

You should be familiar with a number of SEO crawlers (desktop and cloud-based), know how to utilize them effectively, and be able to conduct complex SEO analyses with them.

You should be familiar with all or most of the crawlers, including Screaming Frog, Sitebulb, Deepcrawl, JetOctopus, etc.

6. Do you think social media and SEO are related? If yes, how so?

Social media is still important, regardless of how much it may affect search rankings. When you publish website content on social media, it can help you obtain backlinks and build your brand, which boosts the chances of people clicking on your website when they see it in the search engine results.

You can also talk about social media SEO and how algorithms work in social media platforms. Social media SEO combines social media and SEO strategies to improve your search ranking, website traffic, and, hopefully, conversions. 

7. What are some of the most recent SEO updates by Google?

Here are some of Google’s updates in 2022 that can impact SEO:

●     Sep ‘22- Product review update: The new version of Google's product review algorithm is intended to reward comprehensive, high-quality product review pages.

●     Aug ‘22- Helpful content update: It's a part of a larger initiative to ensure users see more helpful, original information created by people, for people, in search results.

●     Feb ‘22- Page experience update: Page Experience provides precise guidelines for evaluating your users' experience based on Core Web Vitals. It introduced additional ranking criteria related to the effectiveness of a website's user interface (loading speed, responsiveness, and visual stability).

8. Imagine that a website is online for 6 months. But it’s getting zero traffic. From a Technical SEO aspect, what could’ve gone wrong?

The reasons a site has no organic traffic may be as simple as a no-index tag that has not been deleted or simply GA that is not functioning properly.

However, sometimes, they require a significant amount of technical and statistical analysis that goes far beyond examining the indexability of pages. 

The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to determine your ability for problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. You can talk about the possible reasons and explanations that you can think of.

9. Explain what you know about domain authority in simple words.

A website's domain authority explains how relevant it is for a certain subject matter or industry. 

It is also a search engine ranking score that measures a website's performance in search engine rankings. It provides a broad summary of expected search engine performance and was developed by the software development company, Moz. 

As someone who’s looking to work in the SEO industry, make sure you get these terms right, as it can show your knowledge of the basics of technical SEO.

10. As a professional working with Technical SEO, how do you use Google Search Console to get relevant data and insights?

In most cases, Google Search Console should be the primary SEO tool for technical SEOs.

Again, there is no one correct answer to this question, but you should probably mention the following:

●     The Coverage report and the purpose of its various buckets.

●     The limitations of the Page Experience report.

●     The Crawl Stats report and its application in analysing how Google crawls a website.

●     The Security report and how to use Google Search Console to see if a site is corrupted.

●     Methods for analyzing internal linking with GSC.

11. What do you know about structured data? Do you think it is a Google ranking factor? 

"Structured data" typically refers to a kind of markup on a webpage to add more information about the page's content.  This markup improves the interpretation of such information by search engines, thus enhancing the relevancy signals.

However, structured data does not influence SEO rankings. You won't necessarily rank higher in Google just because of your structured data. But, yes, there are lots of pros to adding this to your website.

12. What is the difference between structured data, rich results and featured snippets?

As an SEO professional looking to get hired, you are expected to know the difference between these three terms, as most people often confuse these.

Structured data: As mentioned in the previous question, structured data are code snippets that usually refer to information that has been structured to assist search engines in better understanding the content of a website.

Rich results: Rich results are intended to draw attention to important data and give search engines the most accurate understanding of a page's purpose. Rich results include two factors- rich snippets and rich cards, which offer more image space and a carousel feature.

Featured snippets: Featured snippets often highlight the precise answers to a query on a search engine and usually appears as the first result, above all organic results. Featured snippets are taken directly from a web page and are tagged with a link to the referral page, the title of the original page, and the URL of that page.

13. When should you use 301 and 302 redirects? Is it possible for Google to treat a 302 redirect as 301?

The difference between 301 and 302 redirects is that 301 is used for permanent moves while 302 redirects are used for temporary moving of webpages.

In a 301 redirect, visitors are directed to the new URL, and search engines are informed of the permanent change. In a 302 redirect, visitors are directed to the new URL, and search engines are informed of the temporary move. 

And yes, Google can treat a 302 redirect as a permanent change when it sees 302 for many days on the same webpage. 

14. What is robots.txt?

Knowing about robots.txt is basic knowledge of technical SEO. Robots.txt is a file that instructs search engine spiders not to index particular pages or parts of a website.

It is a part of the robots exclusion protocol (REP), a set of online standards that govern how robots explore the web, access, and index content, and then offer it to users. 

Most significant search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo abide by these instructions or requests given by robots.txt. 

15. What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS URLs? 

This is one of the most common yet very simple questions to answer. To put it simply, HTTPS is HTTP with verification and security. The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for ‘secure’.

The only difference between the two protocols is the use of TLS (SSL certificate) by HTTPS to encrypt and digitally sign requests and responses that would otherwise be sent via standard HTTP.

So, compared to HTTP, HTTPS is far more secure.

echoVME Digital houses a skilful team of SEO professionals 

Each company should prioritise SEO as it helps to enhance traffic, ranking, and visibility. We are here to bridge that gap. We ensure a user-friendly experience for visitors to your website.

Thanks to our award-winning SEO agency in Chennai, all your SEO requirements will be perfectly met, and your phone will keep ringing with more organic leads and sales. We go above and beyond to ensure that your company receives the attention it deserves.

You can check out echoVME Digital to know more about us and our current job openings.


From a beginner to managerial, SEO demands extensive in-depth expertise at all levels. By planning ahead and ensuring your training is complete and current, you will be prepared to prove your expertise while answering SEO interview questions. 

We hope this list of 15 technical SEO interview questions (with answers) helped you get an idea about what to expect and be prepared for. We wish you the best in your interview! 

Now, go get that job!

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