Atishay Limited, An Akhilesh Jain Led Technology-Driven Firm Recoating India’s Technology Canvas

Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited
Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited

Atishay Limited, An Akhilesh Jain Led Technology-Driven Firm Recoating India’s Technology Canvas

Atishay Limited, An Akhilesh Jain Led Technology-Driven Firm Recoating India’s Technology Canvas

“It is an honour to be recognized by The CEO Magazine. We are grateful for the opportunity to win this award and want to thank our team and the members of the selection committee,” Akhilesh Jain on the Company of the Year 2021 acknowledgement.


Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited leads the 100+ members team of one of India’s leading IT companies. The 1989 founded brand is focused on supporting government initiatives through cutting-edge software and data management solutions.

With a vision to leverage modern technology to seamlessly connect citizens to Government programs and services, Atishay Limited is a company renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of services and practitioner’s approach in innovating current processes. Atishay banks on its wide industry experience to deliver consistent excellence and explore new areas of growth opportunity.

Being the largest single system integrator for key government projects, Atishay enables the Central and State Governments to administer and deliver E-Governance Services to each citizen-more affordably, reliably, and efficiently than ever before.

The Atishay Limited Solutions

Driven by a 100% customer-centric approach and impact analysis, Atishay Limited is synonymous with industry experts in technology-driven solutions.

The three key solutions in our portfolio that we provide to our distinct and vast clientele includes E-Governance Services (G2C), Retail Services (B2C), and system integration.

E-Governance: Atishay Limited has been actively involved with different state governments Government and their departments. Their e-governance services are associated with carrying out the functions and achieving the results through ICT or Information, Communication and Technology.

Retail- With a vision and focus to create India’s largest network of last-mile retail point of sale, our platform Zapurse is an online self-service portal offering a wide array of solutions controlled by a single wallet system.

From online mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill payments, utility bill payments, to domestic money transfer, we are extending our solutions. Zapurse services are also available on Government G2C portals which are accountable for our extended reach.

System Integration – Atishay provides customized turnkey solutions in software, and networking, and certain hardware. They have collaborated with different PSUs to provide back-end operations for their offices in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. They have won multiple contracts in different states

In an exclusive conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor at The CEO Magazine, Akhilesh shared about the Atishay team, recognitions, future, and advice for the aspiring leaders. Edited excerpts:

TCM: What according to you is your biggest USP that differentiates your organization from similarly sized players in the Indian market?

Akhilesh Jain: Focusing on key products and geographical segments is exposed to economic and market conditions. Dedicating efforts for customized software solutions and anticipating the future needs of the clients.

TCM: Shed some light on your team. How did you build a dynamic team?

Akhilesh Jain: We, at Atishay, work with a strong management team that is equipped with industry-specific knowledge & experience. In the past couple of years, we have altered and restructured internal processes after Covid-19 virus-induced lockdowns and unlocks were induced. This allowed us to work smoothly.

Each Atishay team member personifies the core values of intensity to win, unyielding integrity, team, innovate, excel, delivering on commitments, respect for the individual, and thoughtful and responsible. The brand’s values encompass the guiding principles of their work culture and behaviour.

TCM: What motivates you as a leader? And how do you keep your team driven?

Akhilesh Jain: To give this question my honest answer, I would say, I am blessed to have a young team who are hungry and motivated themselves. At Atishay, we focus on interpersonal growth and that has led to a compounding growth mindset of the team.

TCM: What are some of the key technological transformations in your space, especially post-pandemic?

Akhilesh Jain: The mindset of work style has changed tremendously, not just in our industry but across the industry. Technology has always been a key enabler for change but its true impact and benefit is now visible to many people, especially MSME’s.

Despite team members being away from each other, we see more coordination between them, more accountability of each member.

TCM: What are the awards and milestones that you are most proud of?

Akhilesh Jain: Among the several milestones we have reached and the rewards we enjoy in this journey, there are certain laurels we are proud of. We savour the SIDBI award, an award we were recognised with by Economic Times.

TCM: How would you define success? Is there a secret mantra to success?

Akhilesh Jain: Measurement drives behaviour. The key mantra is my belief, continuous alignment of the team and fixing up the team’s accountability.

TCM: Could you talk about your company’s business performance through 2020, key learnings, and your expansion plan for 2021?

Akhilesh Jain: We were able to adapt quickly to the changes brought by COVID. Even today, our offices have opened partially, and we’ve been able to strike a balance between work from home and work from an office. Our key to success is our ability to unlearn some of our experience and learn to upgrade ourselves to the current methodology to stay relevant.

Our plans involve expansion. We have started expanding our team for exploration of greater opportunities and we see outperforming ourselves consistently.

TCM: What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry?

Akhilesh Jain: If I were to advise the upcoming leaders of tomorrow to achieve the status they are aiming to achieve through their entrepreneurial endeavours, I would say, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

TCM: Has your company been associated with corporate social responsibilities? If yes, how?

Akhilesh Jain: Atishay Limited, as a brand, has always conducted its CSR activities as a responsible part of society. We have been committed to performing this duty through awareness. We have assisted numerous government-backed and non-government initiatives to spread awareness and cultivate a positive ethos.

In this regard, we provided financial support to “Gaura Jan Utthan and Kalyan Sanstha”, an old ashram dedicated to supporting the elderly. Along with this initiative, we have also extended our helping hand by sponsoring the Pharma Leaders Academy in December, as a CSR initiative of India Leadership Conclave 2020.

Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited
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Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited
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Akhilesh Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Atishay Limited
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