Integrating Medical & Wellness Services With Digital Space

MasMedi App Revolutionizes The Healthcare Sector in India
Rajib Banerjee, Founder and CEO of MasMedi

Rajib Banerjee, Founder and CEO of MasMedi

Integrating Medical & Wellness Services With Digital Space, MasMedi App Revolutionizes The Healthcare Sector in India

Integrating Medical & Wellness Services With Digital Space, MasMedi App Revolutionizes The Healthcare Sector in India

The need for healthcare and medical attention is quite genuine for every human being. However, this is not the case often. There are areas and pockets in several regions with lesser to almost no access to medical facilities for the general and needy public.

Things have changed quite a lot since digitalisation. As most people had access to the internet, they could also access health and wellness applications like MasMedi, which can assist at crucial hours.

MasMedi is an affordable health and wellness app that serves its customers with their healthcare needs with a range of home-delivered healthcare & wellness products, 24x7 ambulance services, helpline communication, and comprehensive pathology & radiology test services.

The Ideation and Origination Of MasMedi

MasMedi was incorporated in December 2020 under the social leadership of Raima Meditech Pvt Ltd. The company is more concerned about providing credibility, reliability, and efficiency in its services and truly believes in its ability to offer medical help.

Giving value to every life and altering the repercussions of substandard medical return, MasMedi looks highly at every patient and their needs. It has dedicated its services to creating affordable, trustworthy & straightforward healthcare solutions for its consumers in India.

March of last year, MasMedi launched its ambulance service at the height of the COVID-19- 2nd wave in India, serving over 50,000 patients during these unprecedented times.

In November 2021, MasMedi stepped into the eCommerce sphere with its application, providing various products and Health & Wellness solutions. They have also launched their lab test facilities recently in the month of May.

The foundation of MasMedi was built from witnessing the crumbling of the healthcare system during the Pandemic. Also, the way people were being denied adequate medical care ignited the cause.

The ambulances services were started to provide healthcare services to the privileged and the underprivileged, mainly in the unorganised sector.

With substantial support, various necessary assistance, and different healthcare products known to be effective in multiple ailments, MasMedi has quite the range.

Some Detailed Facts About MasMedi Services

MasMedi provides a 24x7 extensive ambulance service that includes, Basic Life Support (BLS), Cardiac / Advanced Life Support (ALS), Neonatal, Air, Mortuary, and Train Ambulances. They also have ambulances coupled with medical teams for Events, Exhibitions & Shootings.

These services are led by a team of specially qualified, experienced, and professionally trained drivers and paramedics who know how to deal with ventilators and ECG machines to stabilize critical patients and follow emergency protocols. To contact MasMedi ambulance services, one can call the helpline number: 8879 89 89 89 or email at

MasMedi app has 100+ brands and over 5000 healthcare products. They deliver their products to over 1Lakh families, serving over 50k customers. The app is noted for its secure payments, easy returns, and free shipping. MasMedi has a corporate alliance with Adani, Boat, Blue Dart, Lifeline, etc.

They have over 1000 networks of ambulances wholly equipped for handling emergencies. Their ambulance services may also be accompanied by trained manpower, and all of this at affordable pricing.

There are patient transfers among their ambulance services in Mumbai. This is for pre-planned non-emergency medical and inter-facility transfers. Customers can also avail their ambulance services for illnesses and injuries requiring urgent medical attention.

They also cater to prehospital care & transfer during an emergency at events. They started with the base price of their services starting at just Rs 349 during the pandemic.

Health & Wellness Products Provided By MasMedi

MasMedi's recent eCommerce venture offers OTC and healthcare products and daily necessities. The online shopping option is relatively quick, easy, and hassle-free. It comes with the additional advantages of offers and discounts.

The most important thing about MasMedi is that they are under regular sanitisation of premises, warehouses, packages, temperature checks of employees and delivery personnel, no-contact door-step delivery, and other COVID protocols to offer the safest services possible.

MasMedi has a vast healthcare product category consisting of healthcare devices, personal care items, nutrition and fitness supplements, ayurvedic care products, baby care products, and women's and men's care products from various brands.

Accu-chek, Dettol, Baidyanath, Sebamed, Cetaphil, Mamaearth, WOW, Liveasy, Patanjali, and many more are amongst the trusted brands on MasMedi app. With so many products and categories, they are already on their way to becoming the one-stop healthcare solution they have always aimed to become.

MasMedi products and services can be acquired from their application, email, or calling their 24*7 helpline numbers.

MasMedi Lab Test Aligns With The Industry Standards

As mentioned before, MasMedi is starting an affordable lab test service in radiology & pathology that aims to resolve any issues in the industry and offer a few online diagnostic tests.

They have modelled their lab test facility for safe and accessible home sample collection. MasMedi has a plan to develop 100% certified automated labs for allowing timely, accurate & online reports.

As of now, it will offer 2000+ health tests with 100+ labs integrated at affordable prices. The main USPS of this business model is to offer the best lab options near you, comparisons as per consumer’s budget, unbiased advice on labs, and compare plans from a varied range of radiology and pathology labs with affordable prices.

How MasMedi Has An Edge Over The Competitors In The Market!

Online healthcare products and medical service applications like Pharmeasy, Tata 1mg, healthians, netmeds are popular applications that are mostly in collaboration with large-scale diagnostics/labs such as SRL, Thyrocare, and Metropolis.

The limitation of such renowned applications is that they do not list lesser-known diagnostics labs. They provide an expensive range of services due to their geographical restrictions and are not as convenient to people of all classes.

It is also noted that competitor brands do not allow low-income groups to choose their labs. Most brands force consumers to select healthcare packages with attractive prices. Consumers should be allowed to diagnose their health as per their doctor's prescription.

MasMedi's goal is to be able to create a platform that supports B and C category labs. These labs are more trusted among low-income groups and communities with price constraints. Significant players control a mere 17% of the sector, leaving the rest of the 83% unorganised.

MasMedi is aiming at this 83% that have been left out. This automatically creates the opportunity for patients to get easy access to nearby trustworthy labs at a lower cost. And our dedicated helpdesk with trained customer care service is available for customers 24x7.

Some Words From The Founder & CEO of MasMedi

Rajib Banerjee, Founder & CEO of MasMedi, recalls the day-to-day journey as a challenge and a lesson. The idea of MasMedi originated during the Pandemic. In his words, "It hurt every time to see people not receiving adequate medical care during the pandemic." This catapulted the development of MasMedi, firstly through their ambulance services serving more than 50000+ patients.

It also delivered products to over 27,000 pin codes during the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021. The second stepping stone was the launching of the application late last year.

Currently, MasMedi focuses on its products and services and streamlining to make them more user-friendly. The entire health and medical industry suffer from pricing and transparency issues. MasMedi has a determination to solve that problem.

At the moment, MasMedi is working on filling the gaps between diagnostic centres & consumers, using technology as a concrete bridge. The team hopes to make MasMedi a one-stop healthcare platform by launching many striking features to the app to make it easier for customers to acquire healthcare requirements and improvise hospitalisation services.

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