Manoj Tulsani

A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur
Manoj Tulsani: A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur

Manoj Tulsani: A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur

Rayna-Tours-CEO-and-Founder-Manoj Tulsani with his wife Rinki Tulsani

Manoj Tulsani is a self-made and successful Indian entrepreneur, known for his incredible leadership qualities, remarkable business acumen, and distinct triumphin entrepreneurism.

He is the main brain behind Rayna Tours and Travels- a Dubai-based Destination Management Company that has been greatly instrumental in making the concept of travel easier and accessible for all levels of people.

Come get to know more about the early life, career, and professional achievements of Manoj Tulsani, who is the co-founder and CEO of Rayna Group with a net worth of over $100 million.

Manoj’s Early Life and Initial Careers

Manoj comes from a modest family at Ajmer, Rajasthan. He studied commerce at the University of Mumbai. After successfully completing his graduation in the late 1990s, he joined as a marketing executive at Dubai’s Safeer Group of Companies when he was just 21 years old.

He later spent his next few years with Time Machine Group of Companies, where he became the head of the marketing team. Instead of scaling his career heights, Manoj switched to an altogether different domain as his quest to do something creative and different grew stronger within him. And the rest as they say is history!

Manoj’s First Venture and Its Development & Growth

In 2006, Manoj left his high-paying job to follow his interest in travel and realize his entrepreneurial dreams by starting his own venture, Rayna Tours and Travels, together with Kamlesh Ramchandani, his friend and former colleague at Safeer Group of Companies.

As they began their journey from a small rental space at Flora Grand Hotel in Dubai, their prime objective was to make available affordable tours and packages to the guests staying in the hotel.

This simple yet sensible idea got ticked and they soon realized that it has an impressive space worth fighting for. Although the concept was well received back then, they initially found it really difficult to run the business, particularly as a result of the poor industry background, lack of right team, and of course, the deficit of other key resources to tackle the ongoing challenges.

“The most interesting thing about entrepreneurship is that it functions in a perpetual emergency basis. But, once you are into it, your ideas just won’t stop. Every idea may not be a success, but it definitely gives you the chance to analyze your own flaws and take some significant lessons from it,” states Manoj.

This key thought has not only helped them to get things right but also strengthen their sales and marketing techniques while carefully guarding the fund flow.

Their small business began to grow at a faster pace by keeping up with the competitive market trends and dynamic customer needs, so much so that their offerings and services expanded from a single outlet to more than 15 outlets in less than two years. 

More incredible results awaited them as they continued their diligent market research, along with the constant upgrade of business plans and service portfolio.

The Birth of Rayna Tours and Travels as a Destination Management Company

Manoj strongly believes that being complacent with one’s professional achievements may just retard the growth of their business. Rayna Tours’ strongpoint, apparently, is this simple yet powerful thought.

So after expanding its presence across Dubai’s major hotels and resorts, their next step was to consolidate their efforts in a grander way by launching Rayna Tours and Travels as a Destination Management Company in 2009.

In every phase of their business cycle, Manoj has made thorough research and devised an up-to-date plan that well translated the customer trends and market demands.

Their business gained an unmatched industry foothold, especially when they implemented the direct-to-customer strategy for most of their offerings, including desert safaris, cruises, and luxury tours.

Besides boosting the brand loyalty, it has resulted in incredible price savings for customers, thus making their high quality services accessible for every budget and preference.

The company’s executive team led by Manoj as CEO is another inevitable aspect that contributes to the success of Rayna Tours and Travels. This includes Himanshu Laul, the Managing Director, and Yasser Noman who is the Executive Chairman.

Himanshu Laul has largely been responsible for championing the company’s presence, especially during one of the most difficult times when the overall industry was down with COVID-19. Speaking of Yasser Noman, he has the honor of serving the travel industry for more than three decades.

Manoj also has an eye to detail when it comes to staying abreast of the latest technologies in the travel world. He established Technoheaven Consultancy solely to take care of the technical requirements that would promote for the accurate and smooth functioning of Rayna Tours’ two key portals (for B2C and B2B markets), as well as array of apps, discount programs etc.

Rayna Tours and Travels – Overview

Rayna Tours and Travels is currently the number one name in the travel sphere, where all types of tourists or travelers can conveniently compare and compile their dream holiday.

Be it international visa services, hotel reservations, activities planning, value-added transfer programs or all-encompassing vacation, you will find it all under the company’s brochure of products and services. It has its main office at Dubai’s ACICO Business Park Building, at Port Saaed, in Deira.

As Manoj aims to take his innovative offerings globally, Rayna Tours now has its existence in different parts of the world, such as India, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and South Africa to name a few.

Breakthrough Milestones in Manoj’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Awards, Certifications & More

2006: Start of Rayna Tours

2009: Becomes a full-fledged travel management company

2009 – 2013: Expands and opens new branches across the UAE

2014: Business diversification

2015: Receives two main ISO certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

2016: Takes Rayna Tours’ services overseas; opens new branches outside of Dubai in Malaysia and Singapore

2017: Becomes the Best Travel Partner for Dubai Parks and Resorts

2018: Wins the coveted Arabian Travel Awards in two categories: Best Destination Management Company and Best B2B Travel Portal

2019: Rayna Tours moves to a bigger facility and bags the Top Performer Award at the Global Village

2020: Despite the year of dire uncertainties, Rayna Tours takes itself forward with zero layoff. The company also receives Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor.

2021: Gets Travelers’ Choice Award for the second time


Whenever he failed or made a mistake, Manoj reviewed it and turned it to his advantage instead of taking it personally or delving over it. Regardless of what future has in store for Manoj, one thing is sure he will remain focused on making things work out in all ways possible.

In fact, the greatest take away from Manoj’s eminent career is that those who aspire to step into the entrepreneurism must be willing to face perpetual challenges and also be flexible as well as quick to adapt to the ever-changing business scenario.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Manoj Tulsani: A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur </p></div>
MMJ Tour And Travel Pvt. Ltd.
<div class="paragraphs"><p>Manoj Tulsani: A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur </p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Manoj Tulsani: A Highly Successful Travel Entrepreneur </p></div>
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