Taurus Infotek- a reputed name for immigration and visa services

Taurus Infotek

Taurus Infotek

A reputed name for immigration and visa services

Taurus Infotek- a reputed name for immigration and visa services

Taurus Infotek, a leading firm that optimizes immigration consulting and helping Indians to migrate for a long list of clients in short span of time, is a brainchild of Mr. Manoj Palwe.

The immigration leader's huge experience in the field positions the company among the top Immigration solution providers. Tarus Infotek adheres to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior while providing the best immigration solutions based on current trends and best practice benchmarks.

Holding the responsibility of President of the company, Mr. Manoj Palwe is a member of Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and an Australian migration offshore agent, has successfully migrated over 10,000 clients.

Due to high standard of living, Canada and Australia have become popular destinations for Indians to migrate. Lack of regulations filled the Indian immigration consultant market with corrupt middlemen and fraudsters, who still operate without proper govt. authorization. This was the main reason to take a decision to create a company who deals with immigration visas.

Spearheading the company's rapid growth at the current stage is founder and president of Taurus Infotek, Mr. Manoj Pawle. With extensive global experience across domains, he is a successful versatile leader.

In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, he shares his vision of creating a transformation in the world of emerging immigration process and making a difference to the lives of people globally.

In which industries does the company operate and who are your clients?

We are in to basically permanent resident visas for Australia as well as for Canada. We have clients across Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi and even overseas to whom we provide 360 degrees immigration services (PR visa, EB5 Visa, IELTS training and others) for Australia as well as for Canada.

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What are organization's areas of expertise in line with the services offered?

Taurus is renowned as a pioneer in the domain of Immigration and Visa consultancy all across the world. Taurus extends its proven immigration services beyond the everyday immigration hotspots such as the UK, Australia and Canada, etc. covering the future and fresh destinations with amazing possibilities.

Taurus Infotek acts as bridge connecting job seeking PR visa applicants and its MNC clients.  And it's trait of strictly following compliance standards has facilitated it to bag several awards akin to migration visa consultant of the year 2015 & 2017 by a prestigious UK based firm Acquisition International.

What are the key aspects that demonstrate the uniqueness of the company?

Established in the year 2000, Taurus is renowned as a pioneer in the domain of Immigration and Visa consultancy all across the world. Taurus offers excellent consultancy services for worldwide immigration choices for ambitious and skilled experts, self-employed, businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs.

Taurus possesses the required knowledge and provides superb services for the various immigration schemes to businessmen and investors.

This includes the Immigrant Investor Program to Canada; Provincial and State Immigration Programs for Canada and Australia. Unlike most of the so-called visa and immigration consultancies, Taurus is not just a 'documentation specialist' visa bureau. It actually provides services of authorized representatives.

Finally, the visa and consulting charges by Taurus immigration are extremely rational and quite reasonably priced, in comparison with others. In addition, our complete transparency policy denotes that you gain the best achievable deal with no hidden expenses!

Was there any challenge faced during the initial journey of the business?

I used to meet the potential customers at a mutually convenient place like a crossword, coffee shop and discuss his immigration options. I was prepared to just charge Rs. 1 as my initial consulting fee and my remaining fees after the client received PR visa. I am still following this practice for deserving clients.

We started this consultancy business 18 years back. We always make special efforts to get official certifications from the Australian and Canadian Govt. to bring authenticity and creditability to our immigration advice.

I am a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC ID R422575) and Australian migration department has given him offshore agent id 3000526.

He has also passed the migration institute of Australia's (MIA) examination about migration law. Mr. Manoj Palwe is also a registered member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants with a member id-R11592.

How do you plan to make your mark in the industry?

Last 18 years I am into this field. But every day when I sit in my office I consider it my first day in my consultancy business. I always try to understand my client's view points, their dreams, and their difficulties and try to suggest a solution that will create a win-win situation.

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Please throw some light on the revenue model of the organization?

We are having a very flexible and reasonable policy for consulting fees which helps us to get repeat business from friends and relatives of our satisfied clients. This reflects a healthy revenue model.

What business problem is the organization addressing with its services?

Getting a good support staff and retaining it is a big challenge. I will consider myself lucky as I am having my core team members who are with me for more than 10 years.

As you look toward the future, what do you foresee for the future of business continuity?

It is impossible to have a border less world as far as immigration is considered. There is always a good scope for an official and knowledgeable consultant.

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company's journey ahead?

I believe that Investment visa, start up visa and business visa will be the key drivers for our company's potential in the coming years. We are well equipped to advise our clients on these topics.

What are some of the learning in your life and what is your biggest dream?

To get an immigrant visa can make absolute wonders to your future. I learnt this from the success stories from my hundreds of clients and I feel proud that I played a significant part in their success stories.

A piece of advice for the young aspirants

Success is not easy. There are thousands of unqualified and dishonest consultants in every city of India. You have to compete with them and you must have something which will be distinguishing you from the crowd.

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