Thinking beyond resumes to discover the right candidate for the right job: FloCareer

Thinking beyond resumes to discover the right candidate for the right job: FloCareer

Thinking beyond resumes to discover the right candidate for the right job: FloCareer

Regardless of the business line you are plating, a company is only ever as good as its people. Hiring the right quality of talent has become a prerequisite of these fast-paced times to reinforce the growth ingredient of organizations and help them grow and run to their best potential. Recruitment agencies sow the seeds of human talent in every organization and are the business partners standing critical to the success of any business. However, the market-mapping of the candidates can be daunting with common hiring problems as no business owner wants to hire the wrong person for a job. It's often viewed that the snap decisions of hiring the applicants based on their charms and overlooking the job- related knowledge, skills, and ability infects the morale and productivity of the entire organization. Hence it's coal-and-ice to have a deep understanding about the position's requirements and an organization's culture, ambitions and drive to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Effective hiring is the foundation for a thriving business and FloCareer understands it without omission. Striving on its purpose of giving a hand to millions of individuals to find appropriate jobs and helping companies build strong teams, FloCareer is a Skills Validation Platform. "We started our journey two years back when we realized one of the main problems in lateral hiring is "quality v/s quantity".  Talent Acquisition space lacked product and process innovation for a long time, and we are here to fill in that void." Asserts Mehul Bhatt – CEO & Co-Founder of FloCareer. The organization holds expertise in validating skills merely claimed on the resume (or endorsed on professional social media) by taking care of first few rounds of technical interviews conducted by appropriate Subject Matter Expert. People are the most important asset of any organization and FloCareer is prosperously helping global MNCs and fortune 500 companies in finance, automotive, and IT services spectrum.

Emerging out as a leader

FloCareer weeds out the hassled work of going through large documents by providing its clients a small compelling set of resumes with properly validated skills ratified by subject matter experts from the relevant industry. Possessing a domain agnostic approach in terms of industry, FloCareer's foundation is positioned on two core values- Empathy and Curiosity and Organization's product design, operations and processes are, around the practice of Empathy. With its initial steps laid back in the year 2016, the next step was taken in 2017 with the launch of FloCareer's video platform for remote interviews. In the present year, FloCareer has successfully touched the mark of 50 customers. FloCareer's exceptional quality delivery and robust customer service are reflected in the awards and accolades earned by the organization.  In India Manufacturing Show 2017, FloCareer's Smart Application Flow' product was launched by the hands of union minister Shri C.R. Chaudhary.  The organization also received prestigious "Startup of the Year 2017" in HR Technology vertical by a leading business magazine.

The People

"We are a small and agile team – high-level strategy is available to everybody.  We have almost daily sync up in various teams where people communicate important updates with their peers and leadership team.", quotes Mohit Jain, COO of FloCareer.

The secret recipe, FloCareer's motivated, engaged and responsive workforce is encouraged at every step. Taking notes from Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk about curiosity, the organization encourages its employees, subject matter experts, and job seekers to cultivate curiosity to be successful and go an extra mile and enjoy the journey. Further furnishing its expertise, the team is coming up with effective collateral that highlights all direct and indirect cost savings of getting the skills validation done by specialized service and platform provider like FloCareer. FloCareer has an extremely open and liberal work culture. With a push through intrinsic motivation, the employees go extra mile and possess a strong sense of ownership in what they do. The team enjoys flexibility in changing the job role and figuring out what suits them the best.  Furthermore, the organization is looking at doubling its strength at 50 people this year.

Hire Smart with Unique Hybrid Approach: Combining the Power of technology with Creative Human Touch!

  • 48,418- Validated Profiles
  • 1,085- Open Jobs
  • 500+ Experts on the Platform

FloCareer is well connected with an array of companies starting from technology start-ups to large multi-national companies in various product and services domain. Depending upon applicants' abilities, career aspirations and current needs of the companies, the organization finds the best match for them. FloCareer is trusted by thousands of job-seekers and following companies worldwide, few include TechChefs, CloudLending Solutions, Yodlee, BetterPlace, Finxera, SonicWall, and many more. Mehul discloses the roadmap laid out for FloCareer's journey ahead, "The fact that we are addressing a very real problem, and we can touch so many lives by providing an effective solution to a very widespread challenge is what helps us keep going and growing. We envision that FloCareer would be the defacto platform to find talent with Validated Skills in future, and we will make the resumes effectively obsolete. While we are on the path of profitability, for the expansion and scale, we definitely are looking for investors with whom we can synergize."

The Leaders

Mehul Bhatt

CEO & Co Founder

After about 15 years of journey in technology domain across the globe and enjoying various responsibilities from start-ups / small companies to MNC, Mehul plunged into the entrepreneurial voyage by venturing FloCareer. His experience in networking, virtualization, and highly-scalable, distributed systems design has helped FloCareer garner immense scalability within a short period of time.

Mohit Jain

COO & Co Founder

Global IT leader and a seasoned professional with 20 years of IT experience, An expert in Delivery Management, Product & Platform Engineering, Portfolio & Staff Management, Client Engagements, Budgeting & Planning, Program Management. Successfully delivered multiple business solutions and technical implementations of several products on E-commerce, Online Platform, Multi-tiered & SOA based architecture and Core Business Services. Worked closely with both services & product companies like Xerox, Infosys, 4Medica, Citi, Ford and

Pravin Agarwala

Director & Co- Founder

An industry veteran, a global tech leader, an entrepreneur and a dreamer, Pravin has served the position of VP and Global Head at SAP and has remained as a part of many technology-led startups as advisor and director. At FloCareer, he with his immense knowledge aims to meet the needs through end-to-end lifecycle management of Assessment, Training, and Placement.

Satish Jajodiya

Advisor & Investor

Accomplished and uniquely versatile executive and general manager with over 24 years' track record of delivering innovative and impactful results in a wide range of roles and industries, Satish is an exceptional problem solver with a keen ability to diagnose business issues and formulate and implement durable solutions.

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