Resumeworth Consulting

A Resume is the anthology of Human talent. Resume speaks fortitude of your Character. A top-notch Resume is your True Reflection. A Resume is a natural culmination about you, as an employer is reading your mind not your Resume.
Resumeworth Consulting

Resumeworth Consulting

Dr. Devdat Kr - Founder & Director - Resumeworth Consulting

A brief about the company

In the formative years of my career, while having my stint with Recruitment firms got engaged with Sr. Management Head-hunting assignments, I realized that in spite of accomplishment driven career record candidates couldn’t get selected because of one piece of paper called Bio-Data was not prepared in an impressive manner, I started helping them by attuning their CVs and they were happy to have success.

Perhaps that’s the turning point for me and I decided to tread on untrodden path for helping candidates through career guidance to climb in their chosen career ladder.

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What do you think your firm’s mission and vision are?

I’ve made my mission for impacting lives of people by making them aware of their strengths and to unravel their unearthed gems, helping them to articulate their professional forte to attain “Accelerated Career Growth Trajectory”, make them realize and envision the innate business instinct to reach the zenith of career and portraying their true competence through Resume & Linkedin profile so that they could get cherished success in their career roadmap.

Tell us about the key services/products which adds value to the target clientele?

I have divided my key services in following heads...

  • For CXO category of candidates Resume Revamping & Linkedin Profile updation.

  • For Middle Management and IT professional redesigning of profiles

  • Guiding steps to boost your Personal Branding

  • Providing Interview Coaching sessions for Behavioural questions.

  • Profile crafting for fresh MBA Pass out to give a jumpstart to their career.

  • Designing impactful SOPs & Personal Statements for International MBA course aspirants

  • Visiting faculty for premier B-Schools for Career guidance speeches.

Briefly tell us the about yourself, your industry, and your brand?

Secured graduation from St. Columba’s College, Hazaribag, got into Management Program from XISS Ranchi, major corporate stint was in Daewoo Motors, in due course shifted towards consulting domain and got associated with an ABC Consultants Initiative, Omam Consultants and Strategic Management Consults.

Here got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and incubated my own venture by the name “Resumeworth Consulting”, a one stop shops for Career assistance.

Differentiating Factors

My style of taking the assignment starts with study of candidate’s profile, devising a platform to have detail conversation, listening patiently to his cherished career dreams, his strategic contributions like, “gone extra mile or initiatives beyond the call of duty”, translating his inner thoughts into words, thus creating an amazing picturization of his profile, which is a self-revelation for him, a passport for getting into new career orbit.

In my authored Resumes, I always try to establish relationship between Resume & probable Interview questions which helps to create a positive ambience in the interview.

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How would you define success for the firm? What are the recognitions it has earned over the years?

  • Currently I am excelling in my 14th year of entrepreneurship journey, chiefly progressing on my business through word of mouth, repeat & reference cases, thus creating a robust goodwill in the job market.

  • Down the line spreaded my wings to help Indian professionals serving in geographies like Middle East countries, African Sub-Continent and South East Asia.

  • Success for me is turning around of candidate’s profile and see him grow in his career graph.

Honorable Mentions are…

  • Awarded the Doctorate in Human Resource Management (Honoris causa) by world Human Rights Protection Commission in 2022.

  • Accredited with Citation and “Indian Achievers’ Award” by Mr. Ramakrishna Raju. M.P. Lok Sabha in New Delhi in 2021.

  • Accreditation by Ambedkar University Delhi for Career Coach Role.

  • Nominated as expert faculty for Career Enhancement Program by Dept. of Mathematics, Delhi University in 2016.

  • Certificate of Achievement for the contribution “Get Quality Resume through Six Sigma” for the ejounal “Amity International Journal of Business Excellence” in 2015

How does your firm differ from the biggest competitors?

  • I always give personalized attention, give much deep dive thoughtfulness to candidate’s desires & dreams what he possess & what he wants to convey to corporate world, being in absolute tandem with him for an impressive bio data.

  • I believe in having long-term relationship, once the CV is revamped, it’s not goodbye or thank you very much, instead I always welcome to furnish any requisite changes as and when wished.

  • I always write CV in Business Commercial English Language.

What are the fundamental values of the firm that remained constant over the years?

Off course its candidate’s profile but I am the author or biographer hence I carry a deep sense of accountability in me for living up to their expectations, thus I never compromise on the quality of the final output.

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What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

The chief problem which I intend to address is that a deserving candidate should not be hampered in his career growth momentum due to his Resume. Because a signature Resume invites multiple interview calls.

What does the future hold for the company in the next five years?

I am creating a business blueprint for vertical growth of the company in the next five years by consolidating the business for creating profiles for CXO category at the Global arena, where I am driven by challenge and challenge the status quo.

Enlighten us a piece of advice you would like to offer to the young entrepreneurs? Kindly share:

  • In the hiring process at the time of shortlisting you are not present in person, after the interview at the time of final decision by the interview panelists you aren’t present. Thus your CV is your best “testimony”, give it a best shot.

  • Always remember your Resume is your signature, Your Academics and Accomplishments are merely a life support to your profile, the ultimate quality any potential recruiter hunts in your profile is your Thought Leadership, Value addition, Power of Envisioning, Risk Appetite, Team profile etc.

Anything Else?

  • Take care to showcase your focused mindset in your language through precision in words, your profile will be face in the crowd.

  • The most competent CV is always highly informative yet written in a succinct style which speak volumes in the Interview and success will be yours.

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