Tushar Mistry Design Studio: Crafting Unique Stories in Interior Design

Tushar Mistry - Founder & Principal Designer

Tushar Mistry - Founder & Principal Designer

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In the 21st century, our personal spaces are the canvases for our stories. The magic of interior designers breathes life into our homes and spaces. Among them, Tushar Mistry stands as a luminary, the visionary behind Tushar Mistry Design Studio. As its Founder and Principal Designer, he wields a creative magic, turning dreams into reality and transforming spaces into vibrant homes where stories flourish and lives thrive.

Tushar Mistry Design Studio - Crafting Extraordinary Spaces

In the buzzy city of Mumbai, a design studio emerged in 2013, setting the stage for a new era in interior design. This is the story of Tushar Mistry Design Studio, where innovation, creativity, and unwavering commitment come together to redefine spaces.

From space planning to furniture selection, colour schemes to lighting design, and the careful curation of accessories, TMDS offers a comprehensive palette of services. Their team, composed of trained and experienced professionals, shares an unwavering passion for creating beautiful, modern designs that transform the very essence of spaces.

“We strive to provide each client with an individualised design plan that reflects their personal style. Our positive attitude and commitment to excellence make us the perfect choice for any project”, says Tushar.

What truly distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to excellence. In every project they undertake, they breathe life into designs that not only captivate the eye but are firmly grounded in their core belief of resource optimisation. With global ambitions and a mission to create a lasting legacy, they encourage innovative problem-solving within their team, resulting in efficient project execution in 40-45 days, setting them apart.

In the realm of clients, TMDS’s portfolio includes collaborations with notable developers such as Transcon, Adani, Suraj Developers, The Prestige Group, YM Infra, NDW Group, Tribeca Developers, Paradigm Group, Darshan Developers, DB Realty, Eon Developers, Vaibhav Lakshmi Group, Puri Creators and many more. They’re not limited to the residential world either, as they’ve extended their creativity to restaurants like Nini’s Kitchen, Wok on Fire, and Parosa, all gracing the vibrant landscape of Gujarat.

Inspiring the Interior Design Odyssey: Tushar Mistry

Tushar Mistry, the visionary at the helm of TMDS, serves as an inspirational beacon for those considering a career in interior design. His journey unfolds as an enriching 18-year odyssey, illuminated by invaluable experiences and guided by architectural luminaries such as Alhad Raje and acclaimed Architect Reza Kabul.

Reflecting on his academic path, Tushar shares, “My academic journey in architecture started with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the esteemed CEPT (Ahmedabad), setting my sights higher, I ventured to the illustrious Sydney School of Architecture to earn a coveted Master’s degree. To further refine my craft, I pursued a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from L S Raheja School of Architecture.”

His story embodies the essence of dedication and courage. Emerging from a quaint, modest small town, Tushar harboured grand aspirations despite limited exposure. Undaunted by the obstacles, he pursued his dream with unwavering determination. For Tushar, this entrepreneurial venture wasn’t merely a business pursuit; it was the realisation of a dream—a platform where his creative vision could flourish, unbridled and boundless.

Elevating Design: A Fusion of Trust and Innovation

In the realm of design and innovation, it’s often said that customers are the lifeblood of any venture. The trust they bestow is the cornerstone upon which success is built, and at TMDS, this philosophy takes centre stage, distinguishing them within the competitive landscape.

Tushar Mistry, the driving force behind the studio, articulates their client-centred approach, stating, “At Tushar Mistry Design Studio, we find immense joy in the unwavering trust that our clients bestow upon us for every project we embark upon. This approach allows our clients to seamlessly immerse themselves in our creative vision, enabling them to fully understand and envision the look and feel of the project we aim to achieve.”

Their standout service that positions them as the preferred choice among customers is their ability to deliver prompt results and craft visually captivating spaces that capture attention. In an era saturated with inspiration from platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, clients often approach them with extensive research, seeking to bring their visions to life. However, many remain unaware of the technical intricacies involved. It is in these challenging moments that TMDS shines, offering solutions and expertise in design and build—a realm of fast-paced projects.

Overcoming Obstacles

Success is a road filled with obstacles and trials, forging individuals into resilient conquerors, and Tushar Mistry is no exception. His story is one of unwavering dedication and relentless hard work, a testament to the indomitable human spirit’s ability to overcome challenges.

Talking about the challenges faced during the journey, Tushar says,

“Our journey towards the path of learning and gaining knowledge from our experiences helps us to be alert and conscious. Every day comes with learning new things with experimenting and overcoming challenges with the on-ground reality and our research and development. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has led us to excel in delivering exceptional results and upholding our core conviction of optimising resources while providing innovative and awe-inspiring designs. With each creation, we infuse a touch of our spirit and soul, making every space a reflection of our passion and dedication.”

The global pandemic, a challenge that touched everyone, ushered in an era of profound change. Adapting to these shifting circumstances became pivotal. For TMDS, this period of adaptation became a catalyst for rethinking and understanding the necessary steps for future success. Their ability to swiftly embrace change and adapt played a pivotal role in ascending each step of the ladder to achievement.

Every project they embrace brings its unique trials, which they view as valuable learning experiences. Through effective teamwork, ownership, and delegation, they ensure smoother tasks and triumph over challenges.

Flying Colours: Success So Far

Success is not a destination but an ongoing journey defined by unwavering dedication and hard work. TMDS embodies this spirit, setting a benchmark in the industry that others aspire to reach. “Each milestone is a stepping stone where we strive further towards being a better version of our own achievements”, says Tushar.

Road Ahead

In the unfolding digital era, TMDS recognises the pivotal role of technology. Their dedication to staying effective and efficient propels them to appreciate technological advancements that aid in meeting targets and deadlines.

“Our journey towards this ambitious goal is driven by a dedication to craftsmanship, an unyielding thirst for knowledge, and a constant quest for innovation. We believe in baby steps but 5 years down the line we want to see TMDS (Tushar Mistry Design Studio) among the top 5 Design house in the country”.

says Tushar

Words of Wisdom

Advising future entrepreneurs, Tushar shares, “Entrepreneurship is an exciting and rewarding path that offers endless opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Embrace continuous learning and curiosity, build a strong portfolio, network and collaborate, seek and embrace constructive feedback, balance creativity with practicality, and maintain resilience and perseverance.”

He adds, “Always have a dream that drives you, and when fulfilled, you’ll see dreams come true. Work hard and stay true to yourself because there are no shortcuts to creativity. Your designs are your creative dreams, and success lies in aligning them with your clients’ visions for their spaces, be it homes, restaurants, offices, or leisure spots.”

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