MyOperator is streamlining businesses by bringing expertise to their voice communication

MyOperator is streamlining businesses by bringing expertise to their voice communication

MyOperator is streamlining businesses by bringing expertise to their voice communication

Ankit Jain is a BIT, Mesra alumnus and the man who brewed up the idea of MyOperator. His entrepreneurial stints were never at rest. The college days whirled around the idea of 'Voice as the key means of communication', and working on numerous voice-based technologies like text-to-speech and speech recognition that are still at a very nascent stage. The journey began with the initial diving into the market to diagnose the need. Ankit saw 'call management' as the way ahead which needed to be as seamless as email management; observing the need of a generic call management system for businesses which can cater to a very large market without burning the pockets that other players could not address the way he wanted to and this led to the advent of MyOperator in the voice communication spectrum.

A Cut above the others

"MyOperator is about how simply an average small business can setup and manage its phone system."

Stemmed out as a flagship product from Ankit's venture VoiceTree, MyOperator was introduced in March 2013 as a cloud-based call management system catering call optimization solutions for leading corporate businesses. There is no argument over the reality that for business, customers are the lifeline and communication system is the life. Over 80% business happens over phone. Every call missed is a lost business opportunity. MyOperator sprouted from being a small service built for few initial customers to a full-fledged product delivering excellence, keeping a track of all the leads, managing the quality of conversations and delivering all this in an easily manageable form. The product delivers call management on a simple panel created keeping in mind the requirements of not-so-tech-savvy small business owners in India. This allows any kind of business to deploy its call management on the panel within a couple of minutes. MyOperator enables businesses to capture this data and create value for their company. This data is then passed down to facilitate reports on employee performance providing actionable insights and help organizations disrupt their approach to customer interaction.  It enables being able to manage calls across the business more effectively, sometimes even without changing the business number.  The fundamentals of MyOperator are based on how a regular employee in a company would handle calls, which is not necessarily same as a call center or support center. The database of the companies created across the organizations via phone conversations can be used to re-target customers through relevant offers.

Areas of expertise

Starting from innovative 30-second setup to a packaged design, MyOperator lets non-tech businesses to adopt and use it on a regular basis. It also offers end-to-end call management with its mobile app. It helps any company analyze the complete call flow in the business. Being a SaaS product, it does not require any hardware or software installation. It provides a complete analytical report of all the calls received by the business, both department, and user wise to analyze the call performance and ensuring no potential business call is missed. MyOperator also provides separate user-level access to the panel so that employees can view their own call logs and manage the calls of their department at their level. MyOperator works with a SaaS (rental + usage) based revenue model. MyOperator's features include:

  • IVR System

Assists in improving brand value and recognition and also extends the reach of businesses 24*7 and routes the calls to the right departments for a faster point resolution.

  • Cloud EPABX

It doesn't require any hardware or software installation and allows entrepreneurs to work anywhere, at any time.

  • Call tracking

It not only helps businesses to upgrade their customers' experience but also ensures that no prospect is lost.

  • Call recording

It helps in training the employees wherein they learn and understand real customer cases. It further helps improve business' efficiency by giving an overall picture of how the organization is functioning both internally and externally.

  • Remarketing

It helps in retargeting those customers who showed interest in clients' website or product previously. Facebook and SMS remarketing are the ways that MyOperator offers to help brands reconnect with their callers and increases repeat purchase.

MyOperator's Family

The organization is witnessing a tremendous year on year growth. Nestling in Delhi, and channelizing its presence in other metropolitans cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, MyOperator is looking out to leverage its expertise over the international boundaries. MyOperator keeps its customer service process very much in sync with the product development process. The clientele enlists the major players from Startups to SMBs and Enterprises especially including Snapdeal, Lenskart, Barbeque Nation, Foodpanda, Canon, etc. contributing to the total of over 3500 paying customers and over 50000 free business accounts. MyOperator is also associated with Prime Minister's Office India for the 'Mann kiBaat' programme. The staunching MyOperator team adds an extra layer of technological expertise and excellence for improving the products and introducing new products every time. At present, MyOperator is working with close to 150 employees. Talking about the office culture, the company follows an open culture. Moreover, every occasion is celebrated among the employees. Giving freedom to experiment is the 'funda' which keeps employees happy.

From the Founder's desk

Ankit is an evangelist of learning by executing. As per his words, "Roadblocks & failure teaches more than anything. And as of now, I am only thinking of making MyOperator so useful for businesses that no business can think of growing without it." Here are the excerpts of the interview

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

During the initial years of VoiceTree, I was working on Voice Jadoo and for almost one and half year. It was disheartening to see it not picking up even after multiple strategy and executions. With every passing day, I decided to quit but this is the only thing I love. I cinched to start again by pivoting around the model which was already proved as service to few customers.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?

Aiming with geographical expansion, MyOperator will be adding more star product to its portfolio. There are some great milestones for us to achieve this year. We are opening up a regional office in Mumbai to mark our local presence. We are expanding our partner base to tier-2 cities. Even in the product-line we are expanding functionalities to increase our focus on bigger customers.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

It was very lonely at the start and things were slow. Now with over 100 people team, we are seeing executions happening at a dramatic pace. It's like everybody is fighting a war all day.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

In a life of an Entrepreneur, every day is a challenge. And with every challenge, there is a new learning. Personally speaking, a lifetime lesson which I have learned in course of my Entrepreneur journey so far is managing people. More I learn about it, more I realize my ignorance.

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