"Delivering top-notch features to the companies is a good idea, but making those products worthy and affordable for all is the prime thing required to work on",

Mr. Shiv Charan Panjeta.

The ever so flourishing company with innumerable online software solutions, jiWeb Technologies LLP assists businesses in successfully meeting their daily organisational needs and offer on-time delivery of products by channelling their focus on delivering easy to use software solutions to all.

Shiv Charan Panjeta, Founder & CEO of jiWeb Technologies, laid the founding stone of the company in 2017 and combined the passion for ERP/CRM software solutions, technology innovation, and client satisfaction. Whether small start-ups or large enterprises, the company aims to provide its customers with simple and high- quality services by resolving day-to-day problems with the use of modern technology. Also, help clients perform better in their business leveraging their industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and a vertically aligned business model.


Shiv Charan Panjeta, after working and gaining knowledge with HCL, Samsung, and PacketVideo, marked a new milestone to his future in 2017. With more than 17 years of technical experience in the software industry, his rise towards a successful businessperson in a short period was inevitable. Along with online software solutions, he offers web and mobile development services through his two leading IT companies- ToXSL Technologies and OZVID Technologies. Known as a passionate and organized entrepreneur, Shiv turns every challenge into an opportunity to attain success.

Monika Panjeta, the co-founder of jiWeb Technologies, is an active part of the management section of the company. Post her Masters in Computer Application from Thapar Institute, Patiala; she aced experience in mobile application development from the IT industry. Passionate about offering quality services, she brings to the table solutions to grow other businesses significantly.


At present, our country is hover boarding towards attaining great heights while maintaining competition. The industry experts have implemented the technology tools to meet global customer requirements. The nation is adopting the technology updates and is trying its best to display its services at the global level and bring a remarkable impact on society.

Shiv asserts, "For us, innovation is a term to meet the industry demands by implementing advanced technology tools. We think strategically and use innovative technologies to overcome business challenges. Our team stays updated with the growing mechanization and practice ideas to work in a smarter way."

At jiWeb Technologies, they believe that exploring new ideas, implementing new strategies in the software industry clearly defines how innovation fits into the organization's culture. Trying creative methods from time to time and fetching new ways to stay updated with the latest technology trends helps in optimizing innovation.


Today businesses build software is either complex or expensive. jiWeb Technologies focuses on developing user-friendly and affordable software solutions. Since the software is SaaS-based, it affordable. Therefore, the startups and established businesses receive the finest services within their budget.

They offer a wide range of software solutions like Cloud hosting solutions, Enterprise solutions, Food Delivery and Restaurant management solutions, Talent management solutions, Advertising solutions, Marketplace solutions, Communication solutions, Email marketing solutions and Broadcasting & digital signage solutions.


Shiv elaborates, "We have a strong customer base of giant international brands who are our regular clients, but we are not limited to this. Our software is available at a reasonable cost; even start-up businesses can easily afford our products." 

At jiWeb Technologies, to maintain a long-term relationship with the clients, they make themselves available round the clock and assist them with the appropriate support, keeping the clients updated with new products, deals, and offers from time and time.

They have accomplished numerous latest products, which displays their technology evolution clearly. Whether it is cloud-hosting solutions, school management software, online food ordering system, taxi booking application, talent management software, or market place solutions, they have it all for you. If you are planning to set up a business, it is necessary to know your target audience, what they seek, and accordingly build a software that is easy to use and in reach for all nature of businesses and jiWeb Technologies is doing the job just right.


Although innovation is the stepping-stone behind the establishment and success of a business, there are other prominent and unavoidable factors as well. Proper management of resources, effective communication, and team coordination are necessary factors that indicate the success of a business. Simply implementing the advanced technology tools is just not enough to make your business successful unless you carry out a healthy communication and have proper coordination with the team and resources.

"Innovation is basically the leading force of growth, profitability, effectiveness, and stability of an organization. If innovation is done the right way, it can act as the driving factor for organizational growth, and help in attaining profits", emphasises Shiv.

The main barriers, he shares, occur typically during the innovation process like leadership skills, lack of resources, defined budget (especially for startups), latest technology updates etc. These reasons may keep an organization deprived of the benefits of innovation and should be avoided to grow.

Staying updated with the drifting market trends is necessary, technology spikes a new invention often, and in future, many new technology trends will dominate the digital world. A lot is changing and a lot more is going to, its best to learn and alter accordingly.


"The company has achieved a lot in a short time and is progressing at an accelerated speed to achieve goals and targets by offering the best services and solutions. jiSchoolERP, the renowned product of jiWeb Technologies is availing great fame and popularity among several schools and educational institutes in northern India.", proclaims the proud founder, Shiv.

The company has turned every challenge into an opportunity by delivering the most genuine services while meeting client requirements being of paramount importance. Some of the major milestones attained since founding include:

  • Hosting more than 1700 websites and selling approximately 9000 domains.
  • jiSchoolERP used by 1000+ schools to manage school management tasks.
  • jiOrder receives 5000+ online food orders every week while 1000+ restaurants are using jiOrder.
  • Delivered software solutions to numerous B2B and B2C customers.
  • Attained a customer base of more than 3000 happy clients.

jiWeb Technologies aspires to be recognized as one of the leading software service providers in India with a healthy customer base. In future, they are looking forward to introducing additional advanced strategies that will deliver better outputs and reach beyond the customer's expectation level. Moreover, the company is planning to expand its employee strength and even shift to a larger campus than the existing one.

Shiv wraps saying, "We are seeking new partners in the coming years and aim to serve a wider list of clients with our simple, user-friendly, and affordable software solutions." 

They are growing at a faster pace and acquiring excellence in the software development industry. The company has acquired a decent position in the Indian market within a small period and is planning to expand globally to create a unique identity in the market. The team of jiWeb Technologies with their own latest ideas is helping the company to enhance its product features thus helping the company to gain more success in the near future.

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