10 Most Popular & Best Stats Plugins for WordPress

10 Most Popular & Best Stats Plugins for WordPress

Best Stats Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best stats plugins for WordPress? 

Having the right analytic solution is vital to run a successful website. An analytics tool allows you to keep track of visitors who come to your website daily, where they come from and what they do on your site. 

At the initial phase, many blogger or entrepreneur depend on their best guess while starting a new website or blog. You don't need to do that when you can easily get and data with analytics solutions.  Analytics plays a key role in understanding your audience behaviour, what kinds of content they like, and other actionable insights. So you can start making data-driven decisions and grow your business. 

In this article, we have listed the 10 best stats plugins for WordPress users.

 Note: Try to use as minimum as possible, because using too many plugins can affect the performance of your website or so. So, install the plugin that you really need. 

Here we go!

Google Analytics 

When it comes to the best stats plugin for WordPress, Google Analytics is the most popular solution available. This is available at free of cost and can be easily installed in WordPress through the plugins. Another way to install Google Analytics on the website is by adding the cost on your site. 

Google Analytics for WordPress does a great job of integrating Google Analytics within WordPress and providing your instant access to the data you need in order to make your job simpler. Through this amazing plugin, you can track the origins of your traffic with detailed reports and which individual pages of your site are doing well.  

Google Analytics allows you to use a single account to install the plugin on multiple websites and views all your reports under one dashboard. 


JetPack is an amazing solution for bloggers; it comes up with numerous features and functionality. It allows you to manage subscriptions, automatically link related posts, social media, website monitor, mobile optimization, and many more. The statistical analysis is a JetPack default feature that means it does not need any additional setup aside from installing the main plugin. 

It helps you to keep track of detailed information like the numbers of views per country, posting trends, peak visitor hours, referrers, click and which search engine terms have driven the most traffic to your website. 

Overall, JetPack is the best states plugin for WordPress that you can use on any self-hosted WordPress site to track your visions. The best part is that it is free to use, you need a free WordPress.com account to connect your website and run JetPack on your site. 

Click Analytics 

With over 1 million downloads, Click Analytics is a popular Google Analytics alternative that provides you real-time state. It provides you with detailed insights that are still simple enough for non-PhDs to understand. With Click, you can track visitors, actions, average time on site, bounce rate, campaigns, outgoing links and many more. For an average blogger, it offers more than enough data. 

One of Click's interesting features is the ability to spy on users on your site in real-time on a map. That means, you cannot just read reports, but you can see what your site visitors are doing as they are doing it. No doubt, Clicky Analytics is given the tag of the best stats plugin for WordPress. 

The plugin is available for both free and paid plans. First start with the free plan, it will allow you to track 1 website for a total of 3000 daily views. 


The powerful website analytics tool, Heap allows you to capture data for every click, change, swipe, tap, and pageviews. The plugin is featured with advanced behavioural data that allows you to deeply analyze your website traffic. 

It is considered as the best Google Analytics alternative. The main difference between Google Analytics and Heap is that Heap is focused on automatic events tracking whereas Google Analytics can only track page views automatically.

Heap also makes individual users tracking easy, even if it's across separate devices and cookies and this is what makes it the best stats plugin for WordPress if you want to understand visitors' behaviour. The free version of the plugin is available to track 5000 sessions permanently, to get the full version, you need the premium version. 


When we say best stats plugin for WordPress, Google Analytics combined with MonsterInsights is the perfect solution as it provides event tracking, affiliate link tracking, eCommerce tracking, form tracking, and more. 

Compared to other stats plugins for WordPress, MonsterInsights stays ahead of the current in numerous aspects. It is far more comprehensive and brings beautiful reports within your WordPress dashboard so you can have your important stats at glance. It also displays the top-ranking articles pages and more. 

MonsterInsight is the best option for those who run an eCommerce store and get the most detailed in-dashboard analytics reports. In Nutshell, you can have a better understanding of user behaviour and ultimately grow your business with confidence. 


ExactMetrics is formerly known as a Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress today it is the best stats plugin for WordPress that allows you to see your website data right from inside your WordPress dashboard. 

For some beginners, Google Analytics is a bit tough to understand but ExactMetrics makes the process easy to understand. It provides beautiful reports right inside your WordPress admin area.

 The report includes demographics reports, affiliate link tracking, enhanced link tracking, real-time reports, and more. The best thing about this WP plugin is that it is 100% free and well-supported. 

WP Statistics

This plugin has its unique way of collecting, generation, and informing you about the website. It presents tracking stats with simple graphs in your WordPress admin areas. 

It helps you to track redirects from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. You can easily manage user roles to display these stats in the WordPress dashboard.

With this static plugin, you can allow you to filter data as per the browser version, visitor country, search keywords, IPs, pages, and more. You can also create email reports for all statistics. There is no con of this stats plugin for WordPress is that it stores all the data on your WordPress site. After some time, it may increase your WordPress backup size. 


Previously known as Piwik, Matomo is a free self-hosted open-source Google Analytics alternative. It allows you to track user's interaction on your website with ease. It comes up with multiple features like user-centric insights, data protection, custom and extensive analytics reports and more. 

Just like WordPress, Matomo is available in both versions self-hosted and cloud-hosted. If you want to go for a self-hosted version, you can easily track user interactions on your website by installing this plugin on your server. For hassle-free website tracking, the cloud-hosted version is the better option. Here, you do not need to go through the technical steps and enable website tracking quickly. 

Self-hosted versions are free while cloud-hosted versions come in the premium version. The pricing varies as per the pageviews tracked across your website and mobile apps. One major benefit of Matomo plugin is that the support team actively helps you configure the analytics platform on your site. 

WP Power Stats

The lightweight WP stats plugin, WP Power Stats is specially designed to provide you with all the statistical information you need in an easy to digest way. There is a great focus on privacy that makes this plugin perfect for those who avoid using third party services. The data WP Power collected is kept within your own host and cannot be accessed without your permission. You can keep track of page views, type of devices, referrers, operation system, geographical data and much more with this best stats plugin for WordPress.

You will love the one-page statistical report that features all the tracked information through icons, charts, and maps to simplify analysis. Additional advantages of this plugin are that it is available in multiple languages. 

Analytics Cat

In this list of the best stats plugin for WordPress, Analytics Cat is the simplest plugin, it does not come up with an in-dashboard report. It provides a lightweight, simple way to add the Google Analytics code to your WordPress site. 

You might be confused why can't you just stick it into header.php? The answer is that you may miss out on Analytics Cat's other amazing features. This plugin is featured to exclude login-in users from your Google Analytics tracking. Because this is your site, you are on your site a lot, so if you count yourself in Google Analytics, you are going to muddy your data. Analytics Cat helps you to prevent that from happening. Moreover, you can also exclude as many other user roles as you want.

This is a bloat-free Google Analytics WordPress plugin; it does bring a lot of features. This is mainly useful for you who want to add Google Analytics code to their site instantly without slowing the site down. Although it does not have every single feature, it brings what is important. 

Last Verdict

We hope this article helped you find the best stats plugin for WordPress. Every plugin contains amazing features and functionality, you need to decide your need and priority and select the one that fits your need perfectly. 

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