Top Digital Marketing Analytics Software 2021

Top Digital Marketing Analytics Software 2021

Top Digital Marketing Analytics Software 2021

If a digital marketer is the heart of a sound digital marketing campaign, Analytics is the blood in their bloodstream!

The carefully selected digital marketing analytics software becomes an important element of a digital marketing strategy for a small business or an enterprise. After all, a successful marketing campaign won’t be making any legitimate progress without being able to examine the concrete data.

Tracking data, understanding user behaviour, and building customer journeys for a business makes the marketers are expected to spend a spend over 11 per cent of their total budget on analytics in 2016. While these statistics have grown over the past few years, digital marketing analytics software helps marketers to improve their efforts and prove their worth.

These marketing analytics are inclusive of website visitor data, customer touchpoint, paid campaign performance data, customer purchase data, and email marketing data.

What are the best marketing analytics tools?

Here is the list of the top marketing analytics tools that you can consider incorporating into your marketing strategy:

Google Analytics

A basic and free yet fantastic website analytics tool provided by Google, Google Analytics is a piece of Javascript code. With several aggregates user-level, session-level, pageview level, and event-level are used to track the traffic on your website, know where your web visitors are coming from, how they came to know your website, the amount of time they spent on your website, etc.

As a marketing analytics tool, Google Analytics holds the ability to integrate with other tools like Google AdWords and Google Data Studio which allows a deeper dive into marketing data. If you have an admin account in your website’s Content Management System (CMS), you can easily install the Analytics, the basic version of which is free and is fit for most companies.

Remember there is no point using Google Analytics if you haven’t set your objectives and tracking the data accordingly. The point is to receive a relevant audience.

Analytics does have a premium version that costs about $100K annually with advanced data analytics capabilities and full support from Google.

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AdWords Performance Grader

Another Google supported platform Adwords helps in managing PPC or Pay Per Click Ads. Adwords Performance Grader is a platform that helps marketers unlock the analytics to reach new customers and growing businesses through PPC campaigns.

The key to becoming an excellent marketer lies in several factors, your success as a PPC marketer is driven by focusing on the right areas at the right time. This is when AdWords Performance Grader comes into the picture as a solution provider which helps you evaluate the strength of your Google Ads account with efficiency and security.

The tool allowed you to audit the account with a detailed report displaying the strengths and weaknesses of your account for free.


When it comes to digital marketing, if there is one name that has become synonymous with an industry expert, it has to be Neil Patel. And promoted by this expert is Ubersuggest, a website analysis tool that unlocks several decision-making powers at your end with the key called analytics.

The platform can be used to create an ideal content marketing strategy by analysing your website traffic, top keywords, top URLs as well as your competitors. You can also get insight into the most profitable SEO keywords related to a particular topic, analyse SEO, check backlinks, and get content ideas.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub:

Every marketer aims to weave the perfect story of a brand’s promotion synchronising the scattered customer data. Hubspot, and, leads the CRM market and at the same time, its marketing analytics and dashboard.

Tracking the key metrics on basis of performance and identifying the traffic sources are key features of a top digital marketing analytics software. Hubspot filters the analytics by country or specific URL structure and finds out the sources of individual contacts and companies. It focuses on conversion rates and sessions key metrics to ensure that the campaign drives the most value.

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