Utopian Media’s agency of excellence and flexible services solutions

Utopian Media's agency of excellence and flexible services solutions

Preksha Seth, founder of Utopian Media, realized that there is a huge scope in digital marketing solution sector. Founded in July, 2015, Utopian Media is a full service digital agency based out of Mumbai. The company provides effective digital marketing solutions to all your brand challenges. As digital marketing market is a highly congested business sector where multiple companies have been providing their services with strong commitments, it was not easy to enter and flourish the business. However, with a strong determination and clear objective, Preksha decided to start-up the business. She States 'We don't work with big brands, we work with small brands to make them big!' That's where Utopian Media blossomed as an agency.

The company has complete solution of digital marketing services where it takes care of strategy, brand communication, positioning, website development, app development, Content Marketing, Relationship Building, SEO and related services. Utopian Media believes in collaboration and partnership for empowering the digital marketing sector.

Utopian Media takes initiative to connect with clients on a personal level to communicate about their brands in a memorable, engaging, and high personalized way so that the company may attract the right audience and move them towards its core goal.

Clientele at Utopian Media

As the company is young and extremely diligent, it has nearly 50 plus clients, including national level clients such as Rich Graviss, RBL Bank, Siyaram's clothing, Mars Hospitality, water Stones Hotel, F&B Asia, PastonjiIcecreams, Polar, Proline are the few names.

Team of Utopian Media

As a king always wins a battle with the help of his/her ministers and soldiers, Utopian Media has been also flourishing the business with the help of its employees. The company has been working with a team of skilled, talented and high zeal people where they are utilizing their massive level of potential.With an offbeat environment and passionate workforce, everyone here loves what they do. Breaking the monotony of a corporate like office, coming to the work at Utopia is a different experience altogether. Despite all these, the people of Utopian do manage to get work done and are dedicated to making their clients happy, and the world a better place, one idea at a time.

Massive effort of the company

Although digital marketing business is a high crowd market, Utopian Media started working with a vision where;there were multiple factors to the audience to attract towards the services and solutions of the company. The company always prefersto provide innovative and newer technologies at effective cost. Having worked at some of the largest agencies and for the biggest of the brands, the team has a real-time experience on what makes a wonderful app within the set timelines. Its work stems from passion, and not as a prerequisite for money. The quality of its work is reflected in the money that flows in. As the name suggests, perfection runs in the blood of every Utopian. Everyone that works here has a desire to create amazing user experiences. Being great at what you do is the cost of entry at UTOPIA. It doesn't care of competition in the market, it believes in focusing on the qualities of its own work rather than to follow-up any one.


Utopian Media's voice

We have grown exponentially for an agency that is just a little over a year old and won national level accounts in no time like Rich Graviss, RBL Bank, Siyaram's clothing, Mars Hospitality, Water Stones Hotel, F&B Asia, PastonjiIcecreams, Polar, Proline. Our team size has doubled and so have our revenues.

Utopian Media looks to solve general problems through its own solution

The company feels that there is a huge gap between what the SMEs want and what the agencies are providing. Utopian is here to fill the gap. The company personally interacts with the clients to understand their requirements and offer path-breaking solutions to help them achieve their goals and grow.

Key Executive

Preksha Seth (Business Head)

Preksha is a headstrong believer in the existence of UTOPIA. As founder and business head, she takes care to help brands with effective communication strategies for brand growth, sustainability and better ROI through strategic planning, vigorous handling of social media, design, media planning and buying, search engine marketing, app development, ORM, email marketing,  CRM and web development.

She is a natural leader, with a proven track record of building, investing in and empowering successful team, she leads by example and get makes magic happen for the clients.

She acts as a strategic partner skilled at influencing and collaborating with regional and local brands across a complex, matrix structure capable of establishing powerful media campaigns and consensus under highly resistant and challenging conditions.

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