"We are at work for a healthier India and this is our best chance to make a social impact and make our generation proud"

GenWorks Healthcare Private Limited

As a nation witnessing tremendous growth across industries, India continues to be plagued by inadequacy in the healthcare sector. More than 70% of specialists cater to only 30% of the geography. One of the main reasons for this ever-widening gap is the lack of specialists and the focus on preventive health in smaller cities and towns.

General Practitioners, though comparatively greater in number in these parts often lack access to the necessary healthcare technologies resulting in comprised diagnoses and suboptimal care. Pioneers on the road to enhancement of healthcare access in India, GenWorks Healthcare Private Limited, under the supervision of Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD, & CEO bridges this very gap by leveraging its close association with GE Healthcare whose vision is '@ work for a healthier India' — GenWorks aims to make quality care available across the country.


Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD, & CEO is a senior leader in the Indian medical devices industry. Over the last 25 years, he has been driving the adoption of transformational & emerging technologies and their commercial applications with a consistent track record of influencing market growth by improving penetration of these technologies to enable a higher quality of care. Before establishing GenWorks, he spent 18 successful years at GE Healthcare, learning the nuances of the Indian healthcare scenario. There, he held a leadership position – 12 years as head of Ultrasound and 3 years as head of Clinical Systems. He is credited to grooming and scaling of young leaders who are now at the helm leading the healthcare delivery in India.


"We have built our brand on the promise of improving healthcare access and affordability. In the last 5 years, we have been working towards the goal and have made big progress. We have successfully led start-up incubators focusing on affordable health like Villgro, IIT-SINe, IIM-B is recognizing our efforts to democratize healthcare" added Mr. Prasad. 

GenWorks makes an effort persistently to improve healthcare access and affordability; with advanced services under its umbrella, it has solutions across all the vital verticals now. The company has orchestrated its way in a manner that it is aligned with the needs of every hospital & clinic and recognizes its ecosystem to structure affordable solutions. 


Under the able leadership of Mr. Prasad, GenWorks has made rapid strides and today is fully armoured to scale as the largest solutions enterprise in India. It all started in 2015 for the founder, seeking to bridge the ascending disparity of healthcare access in India, and with the help of GE Healthcare, GenWorks was created. Keen to rid the country of this imbalance, he built a team of young and ambitious professionals. The team helped create a string of streamlined processes to improve awareness, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare technology for all healthcare providers.

The brand clearly promises an improvement in access and affordability by building awareness among people who require it, by introducing technology relevant to the needs and improving outcomes to save lives. The brand was built in association with GE in India to solve the biggest healthcare problem and hence GenWorks in the last 5 years has focused on building a higher reach, adding the option of screening to the portfolio, and have a digital platform to connect equipment and liquefy specialist Access.

"We build partnerships with start-ups in India (tricog, 5c) and across the world (MODT from Israel). We build an alliance with large healthcare companies (NATUS, Menen, Belmont, SFRI, Snibe, and Chema) in addition to GE to ensure we have the right solutions to enable access and affordability. We also have built distribution access and today have 350 plus employees at 130 locations across the country" proudly added the founder.  


In the last 4 years, GenWorks has built an infrastructure and with their inclusive strategy to partner with the leaders in healthcare technology companies and the providers, they are aligning the ecosystem with their 'care cycle approach' by focusing constructively on the problem of the end customer and accordingly bring clarity and this process is prioritized above all.

"In healthcare, it is called the 'care cycle approach' where we look at the needs of the patient. Clearly, specialist access and affordability are the biggest problems for our patients with a skewing of specialists and healthcare ecosystem towards metro and tier 1 cities. Added to this is the treatment mindset of our population who go to a healthcare facility in the last acute stage. This puts tremendous pressure on a fragile ecosystem" states Mr. Prasad.

GenWorks is leading the industry with an approach that is focused on the 'care cycle approach' where they believe that in every clinical care segment that they address they have to be responsible for expanding access and to make healthcare affordable for all.


Among an invariably amplified number of hiccups that GenWorks had to battle, what made them churn the wheels most were the traditional thinking ways of ignoring health, transactional approach by competition, and a highly rigid system. It was a task to help convey the message concerning the effort that they were making to bring a transformational change in healthcare access.

Today, the company is receiving all the support they need but they are still seeking the adoption rates to be rapid and hope that they receive the necessary support from the government and the industry to accelerate the same. It may not be impossible but it is difficult to do it all alone, they could have opted for a transaction way, given that they are a distribution platform but they chose to invest efforts in transforming the healthcare industry.

The founder suggests, "If one is thinking to venture into this industry, this is the time, the key is to clearly understand the needs and to build a partnership. The best thing to do is not going silo and without understanding the end consumer need, a transactional approach will lead to failures, so avoid it for best." 


GENWORKS has initiated a visible difference with their digital platform, it helps them in connecting with the ecosystem and improving the efficiency quotient leveraged from the present IT infrastructure. This digital platform has provided the firm with a reset button to modify the conventions that have been long established in the society, the ones that have limited their ability to introduce global best practices for affordable care and to improve access through the adoption of technology in the country.

Mr. Prasad emphasizes, "Solutions' approach is the key to this transformation. Understanding the customer's problem and leading with an approach to solve through our solutions is the 'GENWORKS way'. The moving away from being transactional to understanding the gaps in the ecosystem and the available infrastructure to solve for the problem is the real 'Futuring'."

As a technology company, GenWorks feels that they have to do more than just solving a product need or a care area need, they need to step back and look at the problem with a partnership approach for building solutions. With their mission of '@work for Healthier India', they realize that they have to be doing much more than just selling transactions.


GenWorks strongly believes that their most essential treasured possession and achievement that they have bagged are the customers they have earned. They feel honoured with the acceptance and impacts that they create with their solutions. The founder feels that the opportunity he has been bestowed with is huge and each success that he and his team earn on the way to transformation is a reward.

"While there are a number of platforms that have us, we have never been award hungry. The focus has always been channelled to delivering the promise of our brand and Wipro GE our invested partner to be '@Work for a Healthier India' and it will remain so" states the founder. 

They have touched lives, in their partnership with Apollo for providing early cardiac care they touched 35000 patients and successfully partnered with Apollo in providing early care. Their partnership with neo Gurukul and MERF is creating a big impact on newborn care, saving lives and supporting the healthy growth of the babies. They have partnered with rotary and Wish foundation to provide early screening for hearing and women cancer patients. And these are the things they believe are bigger achievements and awards above all.


The industry of healthcare is waking up to the reality of early health. The betterment of infrastructure for the healthcare and wellness industry is a key mandate of the government to ensure that there is a decent provision available for all. And the fact that more than 60 % of our primary care centres don't have more than 1 qualified doctor cannot change overnight.

And the key to initiating a change in the industry to promote a growing ecosystem is digitization and a healthy partnership approach between the big fishes of the government, private and technological sectors. Clearly, GenWorks is leading the industry with its sustained effort to serve its promise of '@work for a healthier India' and taking healthcare to the last mile.

Mr. Prasad added, "It is simple, we have to identify the brand with our mission and clearly recognize what problem we are solving and further integrate our actions towards the same. While almost everyone looks at the care area to serve in healthcare, our purpose is to solve the 'care cycle' needs coupled by our desire to save lives." 


Today, it is significant to create awareness and spread information about healthcare solutions and GenWorks focuses on digital marketing as the hack for it all. In an Internet and smart-phone-enabled country like ours, the majority of patients today choose their doctor and healthcare provider through digital platforms and the company is using the same platform to promote what they do and their brand. 'Next generation' is young and socially conscious youngsters wanting to create an impact and leverage technology to its maximum potential which clearly is making a difference.

Mr. Prasad further added, "Our purpose defines us. We have been able to deliver our brand promise and have no competition for our commitment and in what we have built for this country. We are delivering transformation and we need more people to embrace and adopt the same. Our true success is reaching affordable care to the last mile with our solutions."

GenWorks has kept their core values intact, they are a Wipro GE invested company and invested in healthcare with a commitment towards their mission when it comes to compliance they follow 'letter and spirit'. They follow the finest of practices of Wipro GE as a mandate and have a zero-tolerance policy.


As a major technology provider in the Diagnostic and treatment space, it was very logical for GenWorks to be responsible for last-mile delivery through the leverage of technology and to promote early screening to enable affordable care, and so they did. The future looks bright and exciting for the company, they have solutions ready for all the problems they have to address. One of the major changes that are going to come through would be in their partnerships with leading healthcare providers and their early adoption of services resulting in success.

At GenWorks, they are leading this change; they have touched over 200 million lives and have made significant progress towards their mission of a Healthier India. In a span of 5 years, they have built on their promise and have hit success for all their firsts in digital transformations.

"I am sure we will continue to be ahead of our expectations, reset our goals and raise the bar. We hardly have any competition and we look forward to active adoption, our initial phase of success has been encouraging and we will only get better with time", added Mr. Prasad.


The success of GenWorks hinges on investments to enable specialist access and to expand affordable care through early screening, early diagnosis, and early intervention. They believe diversity and innovation are inseparable. Their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture, promoting fairness in everything they do and providing access to create equal opportunities for all is the purest form of giving back to society.

Mr. Prasad wraps saying, "We work closely with organizations like 'Rotary' and 'Wish Foundation' to support early health and we also have done our bit in supporting the people of Kerala and Northeast in the recent floods by working closely with government and Red Cross."

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