Medwiz thrives as a centre of excellence in global healthcare communications



Medwiz thrives as a centre of excellence in global healthcare communications

Medwiz thrives as a centre of excellence in global healthcare communications

The expeditiously advancing world of medicines has made it imperative for the key players to keep themselves updated with the latest researches and trends. However, there are several factors which make such a necessity quite hard to meet while creating a huge void in healthcare communications.

Medwiz Healthcare Communications, a premier healthcare communications agency has emerged as a center of excellence having achieved supremacy in delivery and dedicated service.

The firm's rich clientele encompasses emerging start-ups to global giants in India and abroad including reputed names such as Glenmark, Torrent, Intas, Dr. Reddy's, Alembic, Natco, GSK, Bard and   many more.

Medwiz was set up in 2005 by Dr. Mamta Jain, a medical practitioner, as a small medical writing company with few assignments in hand.

Today, after twelve years of its journey Medwiz holds a prominent place across the Industry offering unmatched and quality medico marketing services from ideation to execution in India & global markets.

The company's robust portfolio envelops unique and highly valued services focused on Medical communications, scientific content-based product promotion strategies for pharmaceutical and device companies, patient education and web-based solutions.

These services intend to cater to diversified needs of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers and patients/consumers.

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Dr. Mamta established Medwiz with the mission of imparting the advancing wisdom of medicines to every corner of the globe with the highest standards of accuracy, clarity and ethical practice.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Dr. Mamta speaks about what kindled her enterprising spirit, "As a practitioner, the constant need to update myself was very important, this was an unmet need. Industry sponsored literature or educational initiatives were often myopic in their approach too focused only on their molecules and it missed clinicians' perspective.

This gap in communication was very evident to someone like me who was an outsider, not from the industry. There was a need to connect with physicians in clinical language which they understood.

Creating communication which would establish credibility of the therapy in a scientific way was something which excited me; that is how Medwiz focused on scientific communication started. Medwiz was quick to recognize the need which again is so dynamic that it needs to evolve constantly."

What started as a three employee company has now become a home to thirty young and energetic group of highly qualified professionals including Doctors, PhDs, P Pharm, MBAs, Fine arts and Mass Media graduates, IT engineers, designers who work in an environment that promises Excellence, Quality, Commitment, Integrity and Innovation.

The firm operates from its registered office in Mumbai and Sales team stationed in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. The firm extended its operations from its affiliate office in New Jersey to expand its footprints across Europe.

Medwiz has been keeping an unswerving focus towards positioning itself among the topnotch leaders of healthcare communications in the world.

To realize this vision, the company is following a clear roadmap investing diligent efforts towards developing a holistic service portfolio in today's ever expanding industry landscape; evolving right marketing strategies driven by continually upgraded technology; and to get to the right audience with customized solutions.

Unparalleled Service Portfolio

An integrated healthcare communications solutions provider, Medwiz offers an entire gamut of services that cover all major aspects such as Content Writing, Continuous Medical Education (CME), Skill Enhancement Program, Medical Representative Training, Conferences and KOL RTMs, Relationship Marketing, Direct-to-Patient Communications, Online & Digital Marketing and Digital & Interactive Solutions.

Speaking of Medwiz's uniquely competent services, Dr. Mamta Jain explains, "Our services are devoted to only one thing – healthcare communications.

We cater to every need of our clients under one umbrella starting from medical writing for various aspects like custom writing to ghost writing to custom publishing; creating health and therapy patient handouts, infographics, writing for web, to creating and coordinating for high end therapy guidelines.

Content for skill creation courses is our major forte, and as partners to various organization we create content for their courses. New product launch monographs to Meta analysis of the data, we work across the spectrum of medical writing and across the media.

We have the expertise in leveraging technology tools to create differentiating factors that are intended to make an impact in patient care."

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HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd.

Success Mantra

There are a host of factors that have enabled the company to stand as a leading healthcare and wellness communications services provider in the global landscape. The key ones can be listed as:

  • Strong capabilities in converting complex concepts into easily absorbable communication inputs

  • Development of solutions based on completely research backed analysis which looks into variation on geography, population, socio economic conditions, educational proficiency of the physicians

  • Collaborations with some of the finest faculty and associations

  • Staunch focus on continual innovation and analysis

The Inspiration behind the Success

Dr Mamta Jain, Director – Medwiz Healthcare Communications Private Limited

Dr. Mamta's strong leadership has been instrumental in empowering Medwiz to keep climbing the ladder of success progressively. She leads the firm as the Director and takes the responsibility of strategy building; align the team; constantly develop innovative solutions and increase the reach in the market.

She also hails as the Director of Foundation for Continuing Medical Education (FCME), a not for profit organization engaged in updating the skills and knowledge of practicing doctors by providing continuous medical education activities.

Words of Wisdom

"As an entrepreneur, you must possess right attitude with burning desire to create your identity; always add value to your client and you will never need to market your service"

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