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Pioneers In Integrated Pest Management With a Customer Focused Approach
HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd.

HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Chandra - CEO, HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Founded in 2011, HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading ISO-certified Integrated Pest Management Company catering to major MNCs and businesses. Operating in twelve major cities and over twenty-five non-metro areas, HVL’s footprint blankets the entire nation, spanning North, South, East, and West.

Adhering to a strong Quality Policy, emphasising excellence in Services, Products, and Systems through a dedicated vertical, HVL holds the philosophy that while ‘Good’ is based on perception, ‘Best’ is determined by meeting established standards.

To ensure this, they employ a professional internal Audit team to assess their performance objectively. Originating from Chennai, HVL expanded its footprint to South Indian metros. In 2015, the company embarked on a unique mission, creating a nationwide presence, a rarity then.

By 2017, the company established the necessary B2B infrastructure, highlighted by its first pan-India client, YUM International’s 353 KFC outlets. Their certified senior OPS team utilising dedicated IPM Software, nationwide customer support and structured operations team, and Key Accounts Managers ensure top-notch service to clients.

Today, with 15 branches and a 290+ members team, HVL serves across India, including aiding CTS with sanitisation services during COVID-19. The goal now? Top 5 in India by 2025 and Top 3 by 2030.

Ravi Chandra, CEO, HVL Pest Services Pvt. Ltd.

An experienced executive in the facilities services sector, Ravi Chandra possesses a background in Start-up Ventures, Business Management, Entrepreneurship Development, and Executive Management.

With a Bachelor of Science degree focused on MSc from Bangalore University, Bangalore, he brings strong business development skills to his role.

Being in the Pest Control Industry for over two decades, Ravi Chandra embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2015. He has a noteworthy history of working in esteemed companies such as Bayer Environmental Science, where he served as a KEY Account Manager, and Diversey India, where he held the position of Sector Head – Pest Control, before venturing into entrepreneurship.

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Unlike most Pest Control Service Providers that typically start with B2C before expanding, HVL Pest Services distinguishes itself by solely focusing on the B2B sector, remaining available to clients of all scales.

Incorporating technology, customisation, and a strong passion for service, they cover a comprehensive range of Pest Control Services. Recognising the importance of pest control in maintaining hygiene standards, HVL tailors its services to meet client requirements and audit standards.

Through customised SOPs and dedicated Key Account Management, they ensure unwavering support regardless of scale. The company integrates technology through its CRM modules, providing customers with logins to view schedules, services and download reports.

Using technically superior products, well-defined processes, and continually trained workforce and innovations, such as QR code integration, Red Dot Audit, CRM customer logins, and innovative methods like Gel Bait Stations for cockroach control, also sets them apart in the industry.

Prioritising customers above all, HVL’s team adopts a proactive approach, exceeding expectations and highlighting potential commercial concerns. They offer dedicated Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) for pest control needs regardless of geographic presence.

Success for HVL: From Regional Roots to Pan India Prominence

For HVL, the journey from a regional presence to Pan India operations centred on brand value. In an industry reliant on personal connections, their Marketing and Sales teams overcame several challenges to establish HVL’s presence.

Today, being considered for Pan India Service RFPs underscores the brand’s recognition. The company has been recognised as a valued Vendor Partner by Paradise Biryani Group in 2021, awarded Best Vendor Partner by JLL in 2022, and acclaimed as the Best Pan India Pest Control Service by CIA World in 2021.

A Process Oriented Growth Strategy

In the service industry, workforce attrition always remains a challenge. The inclination of semi or fully-trained managers to establish their own businesses creates a dynamic environment for growth but is challenging, especially for organised entities like HVL.

To address this, HVL has instilled a process-oriented approach, transcending individual dependency. They define roles, responsibilities, and metrics to reward and foster growth while being on a constant lookout for individuals suited to specific roles, providing consistent training and coaching.

The pandemic affected commercial building occupancy, impacting HVL Pest Services as a B2B provider. This led to margin reductions, necessitating the addition of new customers through an expanded sales team and intensified digital marketing. HVL capitalised on this strategy to maintain presence and growth within the customer segment.

Facing financial and employee retention hurdles, HVL employed a daily incentive policy and secured additional capital through MSME-focused initiatives during COVID.

Strategising with managers and upholding customer needs furthered their stability. Regular management reviews ensured prudent financial management, backed by streamlined processes through digitalisation.

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Emerging Horizons: Innovations & Strategies

At present, HVL is focusing on two key aspects of their business: Operation Excellence and Digitalisation. Operation Excellence involves continuous monitoring of five pillars: Customer Satisfaction, Reports, Expense Excellence, Complaints Resolution, Customer Feedback and Innovation.

Digital transformation has greatly benefited HVL Pest Services with improved payroll efficiency and HR productivity, aided by Aadhar-based enrollment. Transparent online audits and instant reporting have boosted customer satisfaction.

Streamlined expense management and compliance tools have saved time and costs. Similarly, QR code feedback and the CRM portal have enhanced customer satisfaction and internal processes.

Despite digitalisation success, challenges with ground-level workforce skills are being tackled through regional service coordinators for widespread implementation.

With a journey signifying the transition from a person-oriented to a process-driven approach in the pest control industry, HVL, in future, aims to expand its brand beyond India and venture into the B2C segment, previously unexplored.

By strengthening processes domestically, HVL plans to establish itself among the Top 3 companies while concurrently testing the waters in select international markets.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Ravi shares,

“Stay true to regulatory and statutory standards, avoiding shortcuts for quick gains. Don’t rely solely on established players’ input or perceptions. Forge your unique path, crafting innovative strategies for success. Continuous learning is key in this service-focused industry, where perception shapes everything. Consider it either an evergreen learning opportunity or an ever-evolving challenge – the perspective is yours to choose.” He adds, “Our industry often fears fragmentation and emerging competition, stalling growth. This phenomenon isn’t unique to pest control but extends to all service sectors. Shift from person-oriented to process-oriented business models. As a business owner, refrain from micromanaging; delegate day-to-day operations. Early succession planning is also crucial; it helps our industry grow faster and prevents companies from failing due to lack of planning.”

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