Work-Life balance

Work-Life balance

Work-Life balance

More often than not, entrepreneurs keep glued to their mobile phones checking E-mails and messages even after being surrounded by their family members. Their near and dear ones get annoyed with this peculiar habit but unintentionally the entrepreneurs neglect the graveness of this gaffe. They fail to discern the fact that the seeds of a broken relationship are sowed by the absence of balanced work and life commitments. They become so much preoccupied with their work commitments that they lose sight of their priorities at home. People are hoped to be more devoted towards their kith and kin while being in the surroundings of their near and dear ones. But they are not able to strike a chord between their priorities and obligations. The hectic lifestyle of entrepreneurs has even led to a rise in various ailments like Hypertension, high Blood Pressure, Depression and Irritation just to name a few. There are certain things for an entrepreneur that needs to be taken as priorities which primarily include health and family. It becomes utmost necessary for the entrepreneurs to take proper care of their health. We have heard about an adage which says Health is wealth. Sound health is the foundation of positive attitude which proves helpful for the establishment of work-life balance. The entrepreneurs can include a host of activities in their day to day life to avoid bringing office work at their home and vice versa. A few of these activities are listed below.

  • Get better at Email

It is advised that one should refrain from turning to ones mobile phone or tablets to respond to Emails after working hours. One should set aside a scheduled time everyday for this particular activity. This way it helps avoid any strain on productivity levels. One should respond to them in a timely manner by avoiding any mail which takes us off track.

  • You come first above everything

Most of the time, people fail to understand their importance and hence they don't give much impetus to their precious time which is supposed to be shared by them only. This is the time which is assigned for the introspection and a conversation with the soul. During this time period, we should forget every belonging and just focus on the journey of life. Moreover, we need to keep asking ourselves what do we want from life and how far have we come to achieve that.

  • Get enough sleep

This is one of the most discussed points by motivational speakers, business coaches, successful entrepreneurs and leaders etc. What is an ideal sleeping hours? This question is debatable and differs from person to person. One may find five hours sufficient enough to have a sound bedtime while other may find even eight hours barely enough to complete ones sleeping hours. Still, seven hours is a time which fits the bill on an average for every individual. One should try turning off all the gadgets and mobile phones half an hour before going to bed.

  • Exercise on a daily basis

It is one of those practices that find its place in a list of must-do activities. It plays the role of an effective stress-buster. It pumps feel-good endorphins through our body. It helps lift our mood and can even help us by providing enhanced energy levels.

  • Make time for Hobbies and Passions

In our quest to deal with the work pressure and mounting family needs, we literally forget about our passion. This is something which does not require much effort. The thing which we love doing itself becomes effortless and helps us to rejuvenate. It certainly helps us to boost our will power.

Apart from these activities, entrepreneurs can explore various activities according to their convenience which could prove beneficial for them.

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