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Sheetal Chatur

Sheetal Chatur

Sr. Managing Partner & Co-Founder - Polaris Market Research

One of the biggest issues a company goes through is understanding its market share. Pertaining to comprehending a market, sizing the entire industry is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing its market share, the percentage of whole product sales that a company concedes as contrasted to its competitors, a company can improvise a lot.

Polaris market research is a leading market research and consulting firm with a global expanse. Using quantitative and qualitative analysis, Polaris assists businesses in deciding the division of the industry and its leaders and recognising growth opportunities.

Organisations would use this information to render any amount of strategic decisions so that cementing, increasing, and decreasing their market share is possible.

Founded in 2017, Polaris Market Research excels in providing a careful analysis of market cognisance and comprehension of the market to its customers, who are networked diagonally over several enterprises.

Expanded beyond its flagship technology research, Polaris provides indispensable business insights, advice, and tools to businesses to achieve their desired goal.

Polaris is the cornerstone where the divergent clientele is administered to over the enterprises of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, biotechnology, information, communication technology, machinery, chemical and material, automotive and automobiles, cosmetics, food and beverage, robotics, and fast-moving consumer goods.


An experienced sales and marketing professional, Sheetal has 14+ years of experience in the F&B and chemical industries. Skilled in market research, business development, strategy and sales, she is heading digital marketing and operations for Polaris.

She has earlier handled Global and India key accounts for McDonald’s, Burger King, Tata Starbucks, Yums Restaurant, and Dominos, among others. Sheetal has done her bachelors in accounting and business management from Mumbai University and did her MBA from Welingkar Institue of Management, Mumbai.

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Likhil Gajbhiye, Founder, Polaris Market Research

The brain behind Polaris, Likhil, is a tenured management consulting professional with 15+ years of experience in the ICT industry providing consultancy services for commercial due diligence, market entry strategy, growth strategy, and operational excellence.

Likhil acquired diverse exposure working with Capgemini Consulting and MnM Consulting. He has successfully led teams for new product development and client acquisition and has delivered more than 30 engagements.

He brings hands-on experience in project management, team management and project execution by generating a thorough understanding of the business objectives. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Pune University and an MBA in International Business from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

With the sole aim of providing client-oriented specific market research and consulting services, Likhil Gajbhiye, along with Sheetal Chatur, incepted Polaris Market Research.

Services Offered By Polaris Market Research

Polaris Market Research endeavours to provide clients with the latest insights on upcoming technologies, new developing markets, dynamically changing business conditions and the most recent business-driven applications, which essentially help their clients to make informed decisions for their business growth. They offer a range of services with their expertise in

  • Business Consulting Services

  • Market Size Estimation and Forecast

  • Syndicated Market Research

  • Market Intelligence & Market Opportunity Assessment

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Competitor Bench marking

  • Pricing Intelligence

  • Competitive Landscape Study

“Our motto and utmost priority is client satisfaction.”- Sheetal Chatur

The team at Polaris is committed to providing High-Quality research and consulting services. Their expertise in Customized Research and Consulting sets them apart from their competitors.

Ensured Information Security, Uninterrupted Service Commitment and a Dedicated Single Point of Business Contact are the differentiating factors that help them provide the best-in-class services to their clients with credibility and accuracy.

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Core values At Polaris Market Research

With a vision of being a committed partner to clients, the team at Polaris strives to offer clients dedicated and superlative services coupled with preciseness and integrity.

Their customer-centric approach and illuminated researched decisions are the values that remained constant for Polaris over the years. Comprehending the market to make superior decisions helped Polaris emerge as a market leader.

Success For Polaris Market Research

Ms Sheetal defines the success of Polaris as carrying on with trends, forming better decisions, and sustaining its competitive edge. She says, “Polaris has assisted in building a robust business through improvements in branding by utilising brand consciousness, aggressive collations, and personifications.”

Polaris has worked with several companies globally across different industry verticals, with most of them from the fortune 500 list. Some of their imminent clientele include Samsung, CVS Healthcare, Google, Cisco, Amazon, E&Y, Johnson&Johnson, McKesson Corporation, Mitsubishi, BCG, Konica Minolta, Vodafone, Linde Group, Pepsico, PwC, Teijin, Accenture, NTT, Huawei, McKinsey, PerkinElmer, Siemens, KPMG among others.

Setbacks In The Journey

In their journey as a market research and analysis organisation, the team at Polaris has to deal with prices and technological capacities. Firms and stakeholders want to augment each dollar spent on their research investment, and the variations in currencies, logistics issues, and limited technological capacities create challenges.

Another challenge Polaris goes through is Government bureaucracy. There are laws for acquiring research permits. Some government entities frequently need researchers to offer them a duplicate of the survey questions before the acceptance to carry out in their cities or country.

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Polaris’ Take On The Pandemic

The market went through a rapid transformation during covid-19. Polaris market research assisted firms comprehended the target audience’s actions, anticipations, requirements, and fears that have progressed during the pandemic.

Encountering the actualities of the covid-19 pandemic generates a feeling of unreliability in everybody else. Under the expert guidance of Ms Sheetal Chatur, the employees at Polaris played a crucial role in placing the management teams in contact with customers and providing substantial proof-dependent advice.

Being the leader she is, Sheetal, along with the team at Polaris, assists people going ahead, emotionally and practically, and while executing, helps ensure the companies overcome the crisis.

Present Industry Scenarios

Artificial intelligence and Mobile app intelligence are the upcoming trends in the industry. AI and ML can help assemble, arrange and examine datasets from every conceivable source that human capital is insufficient to do. Likewise, App intelligence allows people to detect surfacing threats and intermediate when and where required.

Ms Sheetal considers the e-commerce sector as the most important thing. She says, “Market research plays a crucial role in making robust connections with online customers.”

Instead of focusing just on demographic data like gender, age and race, the approach should also collect psychographic data, including the target audience’s values, attitudes, interests, and personality types.

“The road to becoming an entrepreneur is never straight. There are many unexpected twists and turns, and you must be adaptable. As a young entrepreneur, the best thing you have is time; time to try new things, make mistakes, keep learning and eventually succeed.”

- Likhil Gajbhiye

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