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Syed Ahsan Akhtar

Syed Ahsan Akhtar

Founder & CEO - Al Sartaj Management Services

“It has been a case of the ‘Right Man for the Right Job’ in more ways than one, always.” - Mr Syed Ahsan Akhtar

Businesses rely heavily on employees for their success, and thus it’s inherent to hire the right candidate for any role and responsibility. The process of finding, selecting and hiring the right fit for a position in any company can be tedious, time-consuming and costly affairs for businesses.

Offering a solution, Al Sartaj Management Services, a professional recruitment company, plays a vital role in finding the right people for a business’ growth.

From understanding the client’s needs, determining the right fit, conducting interviews, and vetting potential candidates to taking care of all legal responsibilities of hiring a candidate, Al Sartaj Management Services provides the best-in-class recruitment services.

Through standards of recruitment policies, Al Sartaj Management Services not just provides the best candidates but also excellent processing and committed timely deployment of candidates to the clients.

Based in New Delhi, the company has a branch office in Mumbai with a network of associate offices spread throughout India. Having a pan India presence allows them to attract and recruit the best available professionals globally across all types of staff categories- Skilled, Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Workers.

With a mission to connect the right employee with employers, Al Sartaj Management Services position itself as the one-stop solution for all recruitment needs.

Al Sartaj Management Services, a front-runner in providing integrated, comprehensive and cost-effective recruitment solutions to businesses, industries, and government, envisions becoming India’s number 1 Overseas Recruitment agency. The highly skilled and professional team of Al Sartaj ensures a smooth hiring process with 100% quality assurance.

Al Sartaj Management Services have its offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Doha, Riyadh, Kathmandu (Nepal) & Dhaka (Bangladesh).

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The Visionaries Behind Al Sartaj Management Services

Syed Ahsan Akhtar, Founder & CEO, Al Sartaj Management Services

A Pioneer Overseas Recruitment Consultant with more than 15 years of Experience, Syed Ahsan Akhtar founded Al Sartaj Management services in 2008 to help as many people get their right job, in turn eradicating unemployment. A postgraduate professional, Mr Syed, with his expertise, has steered Al Sartaj towards its success.

Sharing about the inception of Al Sartaj Management Services, Mr Syed says, “Al Sartaj Management Services is our second generation in the recruitment field. Overseas Recruitment Industry is what I was meant to do.”

Over its course of 15 years, Al Sartaj Management Services have been providing professional skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforce to hundreds of companies in India and the Middle East and the Gulf region across industries.

The company has not just successfully managed to fulfil the workforce requirements of business groups but also has been instrumental in constantly generating rewarding job opportunities for Indian job seekers.

A client-centric organisation, Mr Syed and his team of professional staff at Al Sartaj are dedicated to providing exceptional recruitment services to them. They help employers and employees meet each other’s requirements and goals - short-term and long-term.

Mr Syed shares, “Our ultra-modern offices, well-qualified team, an extensive database of professionals and smart selection criteria all contribute to making us the best in the recruitment industry, a reason why our customers take pride in being associated with us.

They know we will provide them with only the right people for the required assignment, whatever the constraint.

Mrs Sadaf Shaikh, Director - Operational, Al Sartaj Management Services

Mrs Sadaf Shaikh comes with an extensive experience of 12 years. A Post Graduate of the London School of Business & Finance(U.K), she has handled some prestigious projects like FIFA WORLD CUP 2022.

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Services Offered By Al Sartaj Management Services

With a 50+ dedicated team of consultants, Al Sartaj Management Services offers recruitment services to a variety of industries in India and across the international market. They identify and place some of the most cutting-edge people across industries, disciplines, countries and continents.

Mr Syed says, “In the recruitment of the scale that we operate, specialisation is the key to efficiency. And considering the diversity of categories and segments we cater to, it is only natural that we develop a bank of specialists.” Al Sartaj Management Services boasts of having a database of 1 lakh+ non-technical candidates.

Success For Al Sartaj Management Services

Al Sartaj Management Services had a humble beginning. It was the sheer hard work and determination of Mr Syed which established Al Sartaj as one of the pioneers in recruitment solutions.

Al Sartaj Management Services is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Overseas Manpower Recruitment Company, approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. The company is registered with Delhi and Mumbai, as well as other middle east countries’ embassies in India.

Al Sartaj Management Services is working for Several prestigious Companies across the Middle East.

Some of their esteemed clientele include Mosanada UGL, Galfar Al Misned Contracting, WLL, PetroServe Group, Al Tamimi Group, Petroserve Group, Al Muftah Group, Regency Group, Al Sulaiteen Group, Qtec Group, Paragon Group UAE, City Compass Contracting UAE, MARAMCO UAE, JSG GROUP SAUDI, and GUARANTEE BUSINESS CONTRACTING SAUDI.

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