Kunal Patel, MD & CEO, Monika Alcobev Limited

Introducing #OnlyTheBest Liquor From Across The World To The Indian Market
Kunal Patel

Kunal Patel

MD & CEO, Monika Alcobev Limited

As per the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, ICRIER, report, the liquor industry in India is one of the fastest-growing beverage markets globally, with an estimated market size of 52.5 billion USD in 2020.

India accounts for the third largest market for alcoholic beverages in the world. Despite its massive consumption, India also exports its alcoholic beverages to the world.

Monika Alcobev, formerly known as Monika Enterprises, is the supplier of the best quality and luxurious foreign Liquor brands in India. Led by Kunal Patel, a passionate leader and brilliant strategist full of entrepreneurial spirit, the company has expanded to represent international spirit brands in the premium as well as affordable range to Indian consumers.

With Bhimji Nanji Patel’s vision to import foreign liquor into India, Monika Enterprises started off as a wholesaling and distribution business in Mumbai in 2008.

It became a partnership firm in 2015 and started the domestic duty-paid. In 2022, it was renamed Monika Alcobev Limited and positioned itself as the top premium importer and distributor of global craft brands.

Other than this, Monika also provides each industry with a modern, fully operational warehousing facility through its logistics division, and the distribution channel is run by an authorised FL1 Trade.

Monika Alcobev has the rights to sell multinational brands in India, and they handle the entire cycle, from storage to sales to marketing and distribution.

The only company authorised to warehouse spirits and wines at the SEZ facility, Monika established its own distribution network in Maharashtra and Goa in January 2020 to enhance speedy delivery.

Emerging as one of India’s major importers and representatives of international spirits, the 13-year-old business has grown to a staff of 200+ people with branches across Delhi, Bangalore and Goa.

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Monika Alcobev Limited team

Monika Alcobev Limited - Team

Dynamic And Innovative Leadership Team

Mr Bhimji Patel, Chairman, Monika Alcobev

Having a constant knack for networking helped Mr Bhimji engage in business with prominent brands. His understanding of lifestyle brands and imported liquor led to the inception of Monika Enterprises - a wholesaling and distribution business he launched in Mumbai in 2008. He set the foundation for the next generation to take it to another level.

Kunal Patel, Managing Director & CEO, Monika Alcobev

At the young age of 23, Kunal joined the organisation back in 2013 and has been managing the enterprise for almost a decade. Starting off as the lead strategist, he decided to take the company to the next level and established exclusive partnerships with foreign liquor brands to exclusively import their products into India.

Having a distinct eye for identifying brands with unique potential for the Indian liquor market, with his knowledge and his ability to implement changes accordingly, is his strongest suit.

Through his out-of-the-box thinking and an imaginative approach, Kunal has expanded his business to represent the international liquor brands in India, bringing more than 200+ spirits and wine labels.

For his contribution to the alcobev industry, Kunal also won the Rising Entrepreneur award from The Economic Times.

Hemang Chandat, National Sales and Marketing Director, Monika Alcobev

Hemang initiated his journey at Monika in 2016 by selling SKUs of Pisco in the market. As the demand for the category and premium brands was in the nascent phase, Hemang visited individual restaurants/bars/retailers to implement the company’s sales strategies.

He had to improvise and devise strategies to educate the target audiences about the newer segments, which helped him to form expertise in marketing, selling, and representing the brand.

He has been instrumental in Monika’s journey, from selling Pisco to bringing over 200 brands in India across 19 states. Especially during challenging times like COVID lockdowns, thanks to Hemang’s expertise and acumen along with Kunal’s leadership, Monika Alcobev was able to foresee the challenges ahead and devise the right strategies to address the same and get the first movers advantage.

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Range Of Premium Alcohol Offered By Monika Alcobev

Instead of just bringing new brands to the market, Monika focuses on creating entirely new drinking styles and audiences as well. The whole idea behind Monika Alcobev was to introduce different types of wines and spirits from different regions of the world to Indian consumers.

From port wines to tequila, pisco, rye whiskey and absinthe, Monika Alcobev’s portfolio contains a variety of flavours of alcoholic beverages.

Jose Cuervo, the first tequila brand in the world and the number one tequila globally, which provides the unique taste of Mexican-made liquor, is the perfect tequila brand for cocktails and long drinks.

Being the world’s best-selling Tequila, Monika Alcobev brought Jose Cuervo, taking into account its unparalleled appeal all over the world and the wish to replicate that level of success in India.

Bushmills is home to the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery. Official records of the first production of the whiskey stretch back to the year 1608. Over 400 years later, whiskey is still being made in Bushmills, thanks to experience and craft passed down from generation to generation. Bushmills is named for the mills that dotted the town all along the River Bush in Ireland.

The Ron Diplomatico Rum is yet another such brand. The distillery’s finest rum reserves were used to create the superb Ron Diplomatico range of rums.

With their expertise and passion, they masterfully select and blend the rums to find the best combination of flavours and aromas that create the signature Diplomático profile. Today, Diplomático rums are a class apart, and the brand is driven by the passion and values that were his hallmark.

The very essence of Hayman’s Gin is that it is made using the same family recipes developed 150 years ago. Through its traditional process, it seeks to make a mark even in the modern Gin industry.

We are convinced it is this technique, as well as further innovations, which has led to the most highly acclaimed awards as well as continued positive acclamation for Hayman’s Gin.

Some of their innovations include Hayman’s Small Gin, Hayman’s London Dry Gin, Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Hayman’s Peach and Rose Cup, Hayman’s Sloe Gin and Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin.

With the ongoing trend and the rising demand for Tequila and Gin based cocktails all over alcohol establishments and various trade festivals, our brands are filling the gap in experiencing the premium tastes of Gin and Tequila.

Similarly, Lucifer’s Gold is a particular blend of Kentucky Bourbon and Scottish Blended Whiskey. Keeping in mind the growing trend of consuming highly-refined liquor brands, Monika Alcobev introduced Lucifer’s Gold in India in order to cater especially to the individuals who dare to taste something different.

From the island of Cuba, the recipe of Viva El Ron has been developed for more than 150 years and uses a special blend of the silver ron. It holds a fresh, soft and smooth texture with a complex bouquet of scents and flavours that introduces you to the exotic taste of the land of Cuba.

Kraken from the Caribbean, Laurent Perrier, Villa Sandi, Ego Bodegas, Dow’s Port, Dry Creek, Rutini and VSPT, 1800 Tequila, Mezcal, and Louis XIII are other premium alcohols Monika Alcobev has brought from all over the world to India.

Monika Alcobev’s Clientele

Their esteemed clientele includes some of the well-known players of the industry, including TAJ, Four Seasons, Oberoi, Conrad, Tonique, Living Liquids- Hyderabad & Bengaluru World of Wine- Mumbai, Madhuloka- Bengaluru, Lake Forest - Gurugram, Global Spirits- Assam, Discovery Wines, Raj Group, Glenpure Spirits - Haryana, Ritzania Liqomart - Haryana and many more.

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USP Of Monika Alcobev

The ethics of business and ideology rooted deep within are the driving force for the team at Monika Alcobev. Their culture, built on ownership, transparency, and meritocracy, defines and provides the strength and focus required to drive forward to become the top importer and distributor of the world’s most sought-after craft brands.

The company does not solely aim for luxurious liquor, but a selection of range that holds remarkably a high level of calibre in each brand.

A distinctive and revolutionary vision and customer-centric approach are the primary factors differentiating Monika Alcobev from its competitors.

Understanding consumer psychology and catering to those under-standings have been the key to their business. Being prescient, agile, and proactive in their approach helped Monika’s team to foresee the challenges and adapt to them quickly.

Success For Monika Alcobev

Since 2015, Monika Alcobev has gone on to become the premium importer and distributor of global craft brands. Along this journey, they have achieved various recognitions and achievements, including The gold award for Avalon Pinot Noir at India Wine Awards in 2019 and the silver award for Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon.

Similarly, the silver award at the India Wine Awards in 2020 for the most popular Fantini Pinot Grigio from Italy and the infamous El Goru from Spain won. Lastly, the silver award at the India Wine Awards 2021 for Fantini Calalenta Rosé, from Italy.

Delivering premium and select brands and experiences to customers at the most affordable price, Monika Alcobev has grown to be one of India’s top importers and representatives of foreign alcoholic beverages spanning over 16 Indian states and various regions in the Indian subcontinent.

Recently Monika Alcobev was the pavilion sponsor of ProWine Event 2022 in Mumbai. They also participated in the two-day extravaganza of India Cocktail Week in Mumbai.

The top five premium brands they showcased at events were Jose Cuervo Tequila, Choya Umeshu Liqueur from Japan, Hayman’s Gin from the UK, Viva El Ron white rum from Cuba, and Lucifer’s Gold Whisky from the UK.

The spectacular event hosted more than 7,500 people, including young professionals, HNIs, artists, music fanatics, and cocktail lovers, along with notable industry experts.

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Setbacks In The Journey

In the alcobev sector, logistics, product availability, unpredictable pricing, and significant government duties are the consistent set of issues. The issue of taxation across states in India was another concern faced by Monika Alcobev; however, they took the lack of uniformity in taxation laws in a positive manner.

Monika started off with non-exclusive rights to import and sell international brands across India on a small scale. Seeing the rising demand, it established exclusive partnerships with international liquor brands to solely retail their products in India.

Convincing the top professionals in the industry about their premium brands and the very essence these brands try to sell has been the biggest challenge Monika encountered.

It took some time, but with the implementation of unique strategies and offbeat practices, they were able to establish themselves. Now their premium brands are available for retail and are exclusively consumed by enthusiasts with pleasure.

Alcobev Industry Trends

The consumer’s liquor consumption patterns have been changing. Customers today are experimental, looking for unique drinks, and willing to spend for the same.

Courtesy of this, the industry is expecting to see many new brands in the country which have been around in the world but not seen in India thus far. Many big brand houses have started looking for super-premium brands and acquiring them.

A lot of attention on the makers of the liquor, the ingredients, the history and more led to a surge in the premiumisation of the taste of craft brands in the industry and in people.

With a growing focus on ‘responsible drinking, it is not just about getting drunk but investing in an experience and further enriching their taste preferences.

“We Will Continue To Bring #Onlythebest Brands To India.”- Kunal Patel

In the past five years, Monika Alcobev experienced strong growth purely in business terms, with sales volume growing by high double digits. By 2023, they wish to reach triple digits figures.

Apart from the figures, Monika Alcobev wishes to be the one to introduce distinctive global blends to the Indian market. They have launched Choya Umeshu, freshly imported from Japan and the notoriously profane Lucifer’s Gold blended whisky, a mix of scotch and bourbon.

They are bringing in Viva El Ron, a new white rum from Cuba. Kunal says, “These are all extremely exclusive, and early reactions have been overwhelmingly good.”

Consumers of premium liquor in India are not just limited to metro cities. Monika Alcobev is working towards entering tier-2 and tier-3 cities consciously taking steps to address the changing Indian consumer preferences.

Words Of Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

"Apart from general strategies, entrepreneurs also need to develop psychological strategies and second order thinking. Understanding how a business stakeholder would react to a decision, how consumers would react to a brand in different situations, and what would be the indirect effect of the same would help generate strategies that will be beneficial in the long run.”

-Kunal Patel

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