Resurgent Av Integrators Pvt Ltd, Trusted Av Integrators for The World’s Leading Companies Since 2008

Resurgent Av Integrators Pvt Ltd, Trusted Av Integrators for The World’s Leading Companies Since 2008

Sanjeev Srinivasan & Bopanna P N saw the vision of a modern and powerful new venture, Resurgent AV Integrators, back in 2008. Today, over a decade later, Resurgent has become renowned as a 'Pioneer of The Digital Revolution'. In 2008, both promoters realized the need for enterprises to embrace the then-emerging "digital era" to attain success. They discovered how significant it was, for an organization, to incorporate a set of new technologies that can deliver personalized realities and experiences for customers, employees and business associates.

They set about to redefine existing business models, by adapting the best of new age technology, prioritizing responsibility, trust, privacy and security, and personalizing with human connect over the next few years. Talking about the central driving factor behind Resurgent's vision, Sanjeev stated- "Humans equipped with their five senses hold the potential of accomplishing much beyond mundane tasks. The most exhilarating among these senses are our eyes & ears. Our belief is, they must be channelized in the right path to ensure these senses are utilized more than just for survival. The solutions we bring about focus on these sensory experiences."

Bopanna further emphasized on the idea behind Resurgent by stating-"We were attracted by the advancement of Audio-Visual technological and its ability to add a superior quality experience to human life, thereby, expanding horizons. We understood that there was a dire need to integrate these technologies aptly into the larger corporate context and to deliver a rich human connect centric experience. We decided to concentrate on audio-visual integration and on in implementing these technologies to bring the best experience & help our clients grow their business substantially."


AV Solutions fall into an unusual category in the context of Indian corporates. The attention is often drawn to the hardware from the top international vendors but beyond that, when Resurgent started out, there was little strategic interest in the value these solutions could provide. In today's fast-paced life, there is a small percentage of the population, who has time to read user manuals completely before using any digital products. They invariably only do so when they experience a problem handling a product they own and often access it only towards the fag end of a product's life.

For the Resurgent team, it took an enormous amount of effort, time and energy, to make people realize that they needed technical help in understanding the nuances of a product and the technology behind using the product to harness its full potential. Resurgent focused on educating the market on the potential benefits from these solutions, the risks of adopting sub-optimal options, and outlining the strategic impact that lay hidden here. They did this, while ensuring they could deliver cost-effective robust solutions customized for each client. Resurgent not only focused on educating the clients on how to use the product, but also ensure that the cost-effective robust solution provided satisfies the clientele.


The AV Industry in India is rapidly evolving and the role of AV System Integrators has gained significant attention. Due to the enormous urbanization and industrialization, enterprises embracing AV in numerous sectors like education institutions, hospitality, retail, infrastructure, tech parks and residences etc., has brought about an enormous awareness and impact on the need for automation.

Driven by the efforts of players like Resurgent, the AV industry is thriving in India. Given the optimistic projections about India's economic growth and the continuing entry of international corporate giants into the country, Resurgent AV being one of the trusted partners in AV technology Integration, expect a strong growth, which they have already witnessed in the current year.


Sanjeev Srinivasan, Co-founder and Chairman, Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt. Ltd., has been a passionate audio-video technologist and enthusiast for the past 24+ years. With a master's degree in Software Engineering, Sanjeev and his team of professional AV integrators at Resurgent have delivered several award-winning projects for public and private sector organizations in various industries, such as finance, information technology, pharmaceuticals, education, and media and entertainment.

Sanjeev is an avid biker and until early 2019 officially held the position of Secretary with Ducati's Desmo Owners Club in Bengaluru. Blessed with a perfectionist attitude, Sanjeev and his team focus on delivering exceptional output on projects and ensure customer expectations are met with industry-leading customer retention metrics. Sanjeev is also a member of InfoComm International (now known as AVIXA), the largest association for AV professionals in the world.

Bopanna P. N., Co-founder and President of Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt. Ltd., has dedicated 22 years to perfecting the art of management in the audio-visual industry. In his career, he has successfully handled business development assignments including the building of a client base in green fields as well as developed markets. The leader's purpose and performance are intrinsically linked, with a need to embrace a broader vision to look for opportunities to improve the company and achieve better business results.

A people person, Bopanna's interpersonal, analytical, organizational and communication skills have proved instrumental in building and sustaining client relations. Away from his illustrious career, he uses his free time to venture out into the wilderness and enjoy the adrenaline rush of white-water rafting and mountaineering and is also a member of InfoComm International (now known as AVIXA).


Given the complex array of AV products, integration is an indispensable part of the AV Industry. Resurgent AV Integrators expertise in the AV field for over a decade has gained immense recognition in the fast-evolving hi-tech sector, where proficiency is needed at every stage. While AV over IP with IoT, has transformed the AV Industry rapidly, frequent updates and technology integration has become critical in all the sectors to intensify awareness level, exposing the need for professional AV integrators, across the globe.

Resurgent AV Integrators has been a premium member with PSNI global alliance, the professional body for an exclusive global network of audio-visual and broadcast communications systems integrators and technology partners. The membership allows Resurgent AV Integrators to present the top global standards for their clients in India.


Resurgent AV Integrators have a sophisticated branding, marketing, and communications strategy encompassing multiple channels and platforms. The powerful medium of audio-visual solutions enhances the potency. Leveraging this technology enables corporates to create and present amazing brand stories that combine their business strategy with the message in an emotionally engaging and attractive manner.

Initially, Resurgent's brand strategy concentrated on the capabilities and performance of the audio-visual equipment, today, they have evolved to include other focus areas too. The brand's communications concentrate on the passion of Surgers (as Resurgent employees call themselves) and the several hundred stories of their existing clients, with each project making an interesting story to narrate.


"I believe, India is in the hands of the most pro-business-oriented leader. The Government of India has recognized the audio-visual industry as a champion sector, to enable the sector to achieve its long-term potential. India is home to the largest and arguably the most diverse media and entertainment industry in the world. This Government has a clear signal to change the prosperity of India's continuing growth story on long-lasting and sustained legislative pro-business reforms for the audio-visual industry," Sanjeev opined.

He further added, "Yes! We believe that this government will support MSME's who are the backbone of Indian economic growth. It's the most significant driver in India contributing over 8% to GDP. Several substantial measures have been taken by the government to protect the MSME sector in India, thereby our growth is certain."


Back in 2008, there was a huge risk in the selections clients had to make with AV products and technology expertise was low. However, for a team of Resurgent audio-visual experts, this was an opportunity to change things dramatically by combining the best products and the most high-quality services.

This helped Resurgent create a progression in the way the audio-visual industry got standardized in terms of identifying client requirements and executing them. Systems got initiated, processes were created with a checklist for every stage to identify the required products for a given solution. This transformed the audio-visual industry to be one of the most advanced and organized industries today. AV is so much more today than it was. The biggest challenge remains staying abreast of all those different technologies, understanding the resources, and educating clients.

"As a testament to our vision of Technology Excellence and Project Excellence, we continue to evolve multi-fold. Many corporates trust us with repeated business. We have received several outstanding contribution accolades from iconic Fortune 500 Companies," shared Sanjeev Srinivasan, Co-Founder, Resurgent AV shared his views on achievements Resurgent is most proud of today.

"The Audio-Visual Industry has new products on the horizon. We had seen AVaS (AV as a Service) create a niche as it enables end-users to leverage products economically, with an automatic upgrade path in place. Artificial Intelligence combined with IoT and Machine learning is dominating the transformation of technology in every Industry. Further, autonomous technologies are getting closer to the rolling point," shared BOPANNA, Co-Founder, Resurgent AV, shared his views on industry trends.

He further added, "Last year was remarkable and historic in the Audio-Visual Industry, with several amalgamations including acquisitions and new products aggressively boosting the Industry like never before. Since there is a substantial investment done by corporates on AV products for their customization, we are mainly aiming at multifaceted cost-effective audio-visual integration projects offering turnkey solutions, with a sustainable service-oriented approach."


Resurgent, since inception, has chosen to focus on Quality execution. Modern quality management approaches focus on metrics that measure everything from improving efficiency to increasing profitability and waste reduction initiatives to enabling growth.

Today, the 80+ Surgers imbibe values like ethics and ownership for every action. The management empowers the team to accept accountability and learn. This results in everyone being more responsible for their work.


A key belief of the company is focusing on customer service. At the very core, this means always concentrating on quality deliverables to the customer, while maintaining promised delivery schedule. The resurgent AV design team always engages in getting the latest product updates to implement in the design, while preparing the solution to the customers while they bring out clarity to the client in a very simple and systematic approach, thereby adding value to the customers, who always trust and believe in the approach towards a solution.


"Entrepreneurs must prioritize a customer-centric view before looking at any service from the business point of view. There is a greater purpose to view our service from the holistic approach for mutual benefit. Therefore, we must offer service, what our customer needs, instead of pushing our products or services, just because we can offer it,"

advises Sanjeev

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