Riti Investment & Consultancy: A Cardiologist infusing remedies in the Indian Wealth Management industry

Riti Investment & Consultancy: A Cardiologist infusing remedies in the Indian Wealth Management industry

Riti Investment & Consultancy: A Cardiologist infusing remedies in the Indian Wealth Management industry

The financial industry is now almost two & half decades old and has surfed on the waves of ups and down affected over the collaboration of all industry stakeholders like the distributor, the asset management company and the regulator who has shaped the way forward for the industry. Despite the sprouting process, the participation from metros remained in accordance with the number of investors and increase in wallet share. Given the current scenario of market volatility and uncertainty, the investor perceives investments in the capital market to be risky and unsafe and hesitates to channelize his savings. Kunal Mehta diagnosed the existing deficiencies in the market after witnessing clients being charged excessive fees/commission and receiving little value in return and thought of brewing up a well-oiled open-architecture wealth management platform specifically designed for professional, individuals and high net worth; Riti Investment & Consultancy.  Incorporated in 2009, Riti Investment & Consultancy is an independent financial services company hailing from Ahmedabad prides itself on transparency, listening before acting, and serving as a steward for their financial security.

Emerging as the blue diamond of wealth management industry

Riti is a leading institutional financial services firm with strong transaction track record and relationships with corporates and investors helping clients navigate through adverse markets and capitalizing on attractive investment opportunities across asset classes, guided by experienced proprietary Market Analysis model, unique domain and industry focused approach which combines fundamental, technical and quantitative analyses. Through this innovative paradigm, Riti Investment & Consultancy forged a new path using proven methods which have empowered clients to grow their wealth long into retirement. Since inception, Riti Investment & Consultancy has successfully grown its asset base and expanded advisory services.

Kunal Mehta, founder of Riti Investment & Consultancy shares excerpts of his venture with The CEO Magazine

Pooja: Please throw some light on the multi asset class investment solutions from Riti's bouquet to manage the portfolios through dynamic asset allocation.

Kunal: At Riti Investment & Consultancy, we have developed asset allocation models comprised of traditional and alternative investments that seek to minimize volatility and maximize returns. We employ a proactive planning strategy that embraces uncertainty.  We absorb changes in economic and market conditions and determine if any modifications are necessary to our client's investment plan.  Having a flexible process that evolves with our client helps us minimize risk and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Our product bouquet includes:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Divorce Planning
  • Severance Strategies
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Insurance Strategies

Investments – Equities (Mutual Fund & Direct Equity) / Fixed Income (Mutual Fund & Direct Deal & Private Bond, Corporate Fixed Deposit) / Managed Real Estate / Private Equity / Gold

Pooja: What is the revenue model that Riti Investment & Consultancy compasses?

Kunal: For any individual advisor, though, the reason to transition to doing fee-based advisory accounts isn't just because the broker-dealer prefers it, but simply because it allows for building a bigger and more successful advisory business. The reason is rather straightforward; because commission-based business is transactional, and will always be constrained by the number of clients the advisor can personally see and sell, while a recurring revenue advisory business makes it possible to separate "selling" clients from the less-expensive process of servicing them.

Pooja: How big is Riti Investment & Consultancy's family?

Kunal:  We have 500 individuals, 25 Family Office, and 10 Corporates as our client; you can say a big happy family growing together!

Pooja: As per your notion, what are the critical challenges present in the market?

Kunal: The challenge is that operating as a salesperson is fundamentally limited in building a true business. Because in the end, it's only possible to see "so many" prospects to find opportunities to do business. And it's only feasible to make "so much" on each transaction. This means if you want your income to grow, you should either see more people to close more sales or earn more on each sale by doing bigger transactions or selling products that pay bigger commissions.

Pooja: Riti's is spearheading the wealth management spectrum with its product's excellence and expertize, I insist you throw some colors over the wonderful journey and the milestones of the company.

Kunal: At RITI INVESTMENT & CONSULTANCY our investment goal is to generate a personalized rate of return that moves you towards your stated objectives. Our repeatable risk management process looks at real-time data from a number of different factors over different time horizons to assess risk in our client's portfolios and opportunities in the markets. 100% of our clients say that the financial planning exercise is comprehensive & it would help them plan their finances well and achieve their goals. Most of them have recommended our services to their friends and family and 75% of the clients rated their overall experience with us as "excellent" and the rest as "good". What else you can wish for? We have also been awarded Certificate of Excellence (Oct 2015) by Canara Robeco Mutual Fund and have been recognized among 20 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants 2017 by a leading magazine. We also received Award of Appreciation 2016-2017) from A.K. Stockmart Pvt. Ltd.

Pooja: The list will surely go on…So what's in for Riti investment and Consultancy's future voyage?

Kunal: Unfortunately, the incredibly low initial revenue when building a fee-based business from scratch is not feasible for many advisors; even those who in the long run hope to transition to advisory fees may still do some commission-based business to fill the "income gap" in the early years. Nonetheless, at some point when the advisor is established, and there's a steady stream of prospective new clients and referrals, it becomes far easier to transition to a fee-based business model, even for those who started out more commission-based and transactional y oriented.  I want to contribute my part to grow the financial resources of Indian families and to fulfill their needs for savings, investment, insurance, tax, housing and estate planning. We further want to expand our expertise in the arena of Cash Management & Budgeting, Private Banking, Lending & Credit Monitoring and Real Estate Services.

Pooja: Thanks a lot Kunal for sharing the endeavor of Riti Investment and Consultancy with us.

Kunal: Thanks for the good talk!

Brain behind Riti Investment and Consultancy



Prior to forming RITI INVESTMENT & CONSULTANCY, Kunal accumulated experience in wealth management and corporate finance.  After graduating from Gujarat University with a bachelor's degree in Finance he established my foundation on Indian Capital Market where he invested 10 years at Center for Monitoring Indian Economic Pvt Ltd / Damas LLC & Quantum Information Services Pvt Ltd in area of financial management and capital markets, Seven Star Group of companies (SSG) – Cyprus / Dubai in the areas of foreign exchange. After moving back to India, he utilized his experience to manage and grow a successful financial planning business that incorporates my passion and beliefs for assisting families and businesses achieve financial security.

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