MET Technologies: Decoding and infusing excellence in BPO/BPM and it sector with its prowess

MET Technologies: Decoding and infusing excellence in BPO/BPM and it sector with its prowess

MET Technologies: Decoding and infusing excellence in BPO/BPM and it sector with its prowess

While Kunal was infusing his professional skills at Infosys for two years, he was closely observing the BPO &BPM verticals and their concealed mood swings. He tried to devise ways by which latest technology could be used to deliver the best to customers. His entrepreneurial knack made him revisit his hometown to venture out his journey and this was how MET Technologies made its entrance in the BPO & BPM Spectrums and within a short span of time the company today resides on the top of the heap.

Incorporated in 2010 in Bangur, MET Technology has become the blue diamond of the Indian BPO & BPM Industry. Here are the excerpts of its wonderful business voyage.

The onset: The journey to become one stop solution in BPO, BPM & IT Spectrums 

With state-of-the-art facilities and a talent pool of around 1200, MET Technologies has emerged as one of the leaders of BPO &BPM industries in Eastern India within a span of seven years by not only mastering the concept of call center operations but also aiming to bestow quality IT/ITes services to people. MET Technologies has successfully spread its wings around the globe, which include India, Panama, Romania, Australia, the UK, the Philippines. From just three to expanding more than a thousand in just seven years demands sweat, bone and blood. The firm has grown in a planned way; it has gradually acquired and co-founded several companies across the globe. The sole aim of MET Technologies is to contribute its full potential in the fields of BPO, BPM and IT/ITes services. Presently, the company is trying to increase their market share in the IT/ITes division. MET Technologies stands apart in the crowd because of three reasons:

Attitude towards Clients: It tries to provide the best share of services to the clients. The aim is to assess the needs and then provide the client with an apt solution.

Attitude towards Community: MET Technologies believes that it needs to devote time to the welfare of mass. It actively supports the Blind society & Chess federation.

Attitude towards Employees: The workforce is MET's strength and welfare of the employees is the primary concern at MET Technologies.

Areas covered: Delivering end-to-end solution, right from development to implementation

MET Technologies offers a wide array of services that can be grouped under the following heads:

BPO and BPM– After assessing the needs of the clients, the company offers apt solutions to them. Both inbound and outbound BPO/BPM services are a part of their portfolio. By adopting an advanced approach, they propose an integrated solution to their customers. MET Technologies has accelerated their growth by proving world class customer management solution

IT/ITes–With time, MET Technologies has gained afoot in IT/ITes division. The areas of expertise encompass Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps Development, Web Design and Development, E-Commerce, Software and Open Source Development.

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, MET Technologies has also ventured in Payment Service Gateway, Telecommunication, Online Gaming and hospitality divisions. Spearheading BPO,BPM,and IT/ITes spectrum, MET Technologies works only on hourly based revenue model where resources on the basis of hours devoted. In IT/ITes division MET's revenue model consists of both hourly basis billings wherein the clients hire a dedicated resource to work only for them as per their requirements. Today, MET has around 500 + clients. They are all well placed in the fields of telecom, finance, Power and Gas supply, cruising.

Meeting Milestones& Achieving Accolades

2010- Started off with just 3 people in Bangur


  • A new setup in Srijan Tech Park
  • BPO operations grew and IT/ITes division started
  • Employee strength crossed 200
  • Delved into Hospitality sector and Telecom division
  • UK office became functional


  • Employee Strength grew to 750+
  • A new setup in Godrej Waterside Building


  • MET Technologies became a member of NASSCOM
  • Featured in the List of Top 20 Promising Call Centre Solution Provider, CIO Review


  • Another setup in SEZ, NewTown
  • Won "GROWTH – IT SERVICES" category at Nasscom East IT Awards, 2017

Awards and Recognitions


MET Technologies has received the membership of Nasscom, TPS (Telephone Preference Service), Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), Claims Management Regulator and MPS (Mailing Preference Service) and ISO 9001:2015.


MET got featured in the List of Top 20 Promising Call Centre Solution Provider in a leading magazine.

MET has been declared a winner under the category "GROWTH – IT SERVICES" at Nasscom East IT Awards, 2017 on 6th of July, 2017 in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

The man taking MET to new heights

Kunal Gupta,


Mr.Kunal Gupta, BCA from PESIT (Bangalore) is having over 8 years of experience in finance, team Leadership and business strategy management. He has worked with Infosys for two years as software engineer. He is an excellent communicator with highly nurtured interpersonal, analytical, and presentation skills, with an ability to relate with people at all levels of business and management.

Being an Entrepreneur, Kunal Gupta believes that sky is the limit when one sets out to achieve his goals in life.

He always dreamt to influence thousands of Human lives in a positive manner. The core reason and motivation for all his actions are based upon this philosophy and as a result, he helps other individuals and organizations around him to create exponential social and economic impact, globally.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully founded and managed large enterprises in India and abroad.

He has travelled, worked and co-created new business ventures in more than 10 countries so far in various fields such as BPO/BPM, IT/ITes, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Payment Services Provider and Online Gaming.

At present, Kunal Gupta is focused on providing authentic thought leadership, driving empathic conversations and creating some experiences that have the capacity to change lives. In his words, "Problems are part and parcel of business and they also faced many such problems over the years such as manpower issues, the infrastructure crisis, working capital requirements, exchange rate fluctuations, etc. But as we all know that with every problem you face you become more experienced and stronger to face even bigger challenges. However, the biggest problem to be resolved which is on their priority list from day one is not related to business but related towards the growth of Kolkata. We want to create more and more job opportunities in the city of Kolkata as it has been seen that many people have been coerced to shift their base in search of better opportunities."

Road Ahead

The aim is to accomplish two things primarily:

  • MET Technologies is aiming to list themselves in National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • MET Technologies has always worked for an amicable environment & outstanding Infrastructure. Hence, they want to set up their own IT Park in Kolkata within a span of 5 years. It will have a range of amenities, such as restaurants, gyms and coffee shops.

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