You have plans. You have goals. You have ideas. Who cares? You have nothing until you do something.- Kiran Srinivas

The world we live in is singing different tunes. Global markets are at the doorsteps of drastic amelioration. In the next few years, industries will run‐through more transformation than what they practised in the decades before, old prototypes will become terminated and new models will be established, this is because of the development and implementation of sophisticated information system.

With an idea to develop software solutions of the highest quality, the foundation stone of Madhees Techno Consulting was taken in the year 2008 as an HR implementation and services firm. They started their journey at the time of recession when companies were looking to cut their costs by lowering wages or ceasing to hire new workers. They hired teams and incubated offices for gaming companies & eCommerce start-ups to set up in an about 40 + incubation centres all over India, which was a benchmark for the company and had set their brand image in the market by generating huge capitals. After building their client base, they began to scale from local market to new geographical market in the year 2013.

Inclined by clients' needs and team's visualization, the goal is always to go beyond expectations and guarantee customer consummation, by creating effective, inventive and cost‐effective solutions. Confidence and building corporation with clientele is the foundation upon which the organization is built, and this boosts the team to work hard by virtue of what they achieve.

About the Visionary

Kiran Srinivas is the Founder & Chief Executive officer at Madhees and has more than two decades of experience in handling all the HR Operations in the IT industry. He leads the business operations and develops strategies that satisfy the long-range strategic goals of the company. Being an optimist and a creative leader, he believes that having a good product and realistic goals will help hold all the pieces together in the business. His curiosity helps him explore new technologies onboard and thrive for continuous innovation.

Expanding its Development Wings

Madhees focuses on providing a one-stop solution for their esteemed clients. They also have a vast experience in helping organisation in human capital for more than a decade in the fields of executive hiring, technology hiring, staffing, and incubating start-ups. This stint has taken Madhees extended its development wings providing solutions for product development, eCommerce platform development, web & mobile application development.

Madhees, Unique Selling Proposition

"When you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, it's easier to find the perfect candidate for your company. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be easier said than done." Quoted by Kiran Srinivas

  1. Madhees works to find candidates where others may not be looking

It's not enough just to look on Job Portals anymore. They know how to lure passive as well as active candidates.

  1. They act as an In-House team

Madhees knows that you are understaffed and overworked with way too much on your plate. There's just no way you can adequately screen, interview and hire the amount of potential candidates you need to get to your perfect hire. Therefore, Madhees is here for your support.

  1. They don't increase your workload.

As a recruitment firm, the main aim for Madhees is to lessen your workload, they don't want to bombard you with dozens of unqualified resumes.

  1. Madhees get candidates to say YES.

It's great if you can get the right candidate to the table but getting them to accept the role is a different task. Their industry knowledge and decades of experience in placing candidates gives them an upper hand to their competitors.  Following are the services that are offered by Madhees:

  • Consulting
  • Hiring
  • Executive hiring
  • Contractual hiring
  • Lateral hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • HR consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Hr process outsourcing
  • Hr aligning
  • Development
  • Product development
  • Mobile and Web application development
  • E-commerce development
  • Digital marketing

Wide Range of Clients 

They served industries which are into Gaming, Information and Technology, Manufacturing, News and Media, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Entertainment industries. They have a Strong line of customers as we serve more than 100+ clients lining from start-ups to industry giants, small & medium scale industries to booming companies.

Road Map toward the Future Growth

In this modern world, technology is elevating as everyone is getting tech-savvy. The use of smart devices is increasing as the smallest of the activity like keeping a reminder is done by smart assistance now.

Future operating model of Madhees are:

  • Digitization – With the help of technology they are automating time-consuming repetitive tasks.
  • Advanced analytics – It is the autonomous processing of data using sophisticated tools to discover insights and make recommendations to the teams.
  • Intelligent process automation (IPA) – These are the emerging set of new technologies that combines fundamental process redesign with robotic process automation and machine learning. All this will help them to include smart workflow which include tracking the status of end-to-end process in real-time, manage handoffs between different groups, and provide statistical data on bottlenecks.
  • Lean Process Redesign – It helps them in the streamlining process, eliminate waste and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Overcoming Challenges like a Leader

In this era of low unemployment rate, talented candidates are the real kings and the ultimate power rests in their hands. Today, candidates have the upper hand of selecting the organization they want to work for as they have multiple offers in hand. This has led to an atmosphere of intense competition among recruiters as they have to find and pitch those talented candidates for their clients.

Another challenge for a recruitment firm is to maintain the speed with the quality of hiring. Now the firm has to do branding for the company they are hiring, selecting the large pool of applicants or the profiles from the network because now recruiters don't place a job description on job boards and hope that the vacant position will be filled automatically.

Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs

If you are not sure that you will do well in a career in recruitment, then stop and think about everything you have learned throughout your career. You'll be surprised to know how many skills you already have that will help you to thrive in a recruitment role. The entrepreneurial journey is exciting which is filled with highs and lows. Your journey to the top of the industry will be extraordinary but it will suck all the energy out of you too.

One lesson that you will learn from every successful entrepreneur is that you have to work long hours for a small amount of success and the threat of instability will always be around. But make sure you are not afraid to make mistakes because initially, you will fail often, learn from your mistakes, and build yourself up again.

"If you want to have it, then you need to see it" Kiran Srinivas

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