Logisyz Tech: Offering a magnitude of IT services with its seasoned wisdom

Logisyz Tech: Offering a magnitude of IT services with its seasoned wisdom

Logisyz Tech: Offering a magnitude of IT services with its seasoned wisdom

As we progress towards a more tech-driven mechanism, our nation is gradually getting coordinated with the world's leading countries within the IT domain. Indian IT component is growing fast and is spearheading to become a bigger part of the future. To give their hand in the current technology shift, countless newbie emerged and sailed their business voyage on the dynamic and unforeseen waves but only a few succeeded to surf smoothly and changed the dynamics of the Indian IT industry over the years of their operations. One such gem Logisyz Tech has positioned itself as a leading IT service and Solution Company specialized in delivering excellence in form of its ITeS, EUS, FMS, IT Infrastructure Services, Application Development, and BI Consulting Services to meet specific business needs of its clients. A strong leader aligning technology with business, Logisyz Tech is seamlessly delivering greater business value since 2014. Celebrating long-term relationship with its clients based on the pillars of transparency and trust, the firm's bedrock was laid by the trio of Ms Renukka Devgn, Mr Sandeep Devgn and Mr Vaibbhav Gupta. Today, Logisyz tech holds seasoned competency in providing high-quality services and solutions to clients in diverse business areas. Logisyz Tech is committed to delivering competitive IT Solutions & Services, in line with client's business goals in today's dynamic technology vertical.

It is quite daunting to incorporate a start-up in a dynamic business environment; it demands to get a lot done quickly parallel to the mood swings of the business. Renukka has interwoven her sheer dedication and hard work to create the soul of Athena and is successfully spearheading the company to new heights. To further gain more insight over her entrepreneurial journey, we talked with Renukka Devgn, Founder & Promoter, where she discussed over a host of issues in touch with Logisyz Tech's endeavor.

Here is an edited version of the interview:

How adaptable is your company with fast shaping changes taking place on a daily basis?

We understand that there is a disruption in the industry and we need to be on guard. We always make sure that we are nimble in our decision-making regards in terms of business and solutions we offer. Constant interaction with our existing and potential customers and our peers in the industry helps us stay on top of the developments.

How has the dynamics of IT changed in the last couple of years in favor of your company?

Indian IT industry has been facing disruption for past some time. There are bots on the rising, and so is the blockchain technology. Businesses are increasingly shifting to Cloud computing. There is the internet of things and data analytics has risen in importance, due to the availability of reliable data. The way we see it is that whenever there is disruption it reduces the gap between established players and upstarts. We realize that all businesses, and not just SMEs, are looking for automation and lesser of manpower for meeting IT needs, which means that the end to end solution providers like us have gained relevance. BI tool is a strong focus area for us, and we believe the SMEs, our domain of operation, are looking at it with interest. We have been getting many leads in this area, and we are near to closing some of them.

What according to you remains a dominant hindrance when it comes to utilization of technology?

Consideration of technology as unavoidable instead of a true business enabler is a hurdle. However, this is changing now, and our customers show more awareness of what they want and how it will help them grow and sustain their business.

What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others?

Logisyz Tech is a leader in call-based support and troubleshooting services for personal computers. Businesses and individuals are enjoying our services while we are cherishing our clientele of more than 500 satisfied customers. We have a combination of hardware, software, and solution competencies. We are equipped to provide prompt, competent, reliable, and honest service to our customers in their premises and at their convenience.

What are the major milestones of the company?

The first major milestone that we are looking at is the successful implementation of BI tool for our customers. We believe that the significant achievement that will allow us a strong foothold in the market.

What are the values and factors that you attribute to your success?

What makes us unique is not any particular business model or service or competency, but our overall work philosophy which is built around CQE (Cost, Quality & Elasticity). We work for our customers first and profits second because we know that if we secure the first, the second will eventually follow.

How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

Our team works hard to understand customer needs and requirements. We also actively engage with customers to show them what more is possible with their existing IT infrastructure. We have unique "thinking tools" that help customers spark creative ideas. This helps open the doors to the imagination of infinite possibilities using IT. Our goal is to help customers maximize their return on IT INVESTMENT.

What challenges do you see in the market?

Cyber Security & Maintaining innovation

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