Indira Group:  unscrambling trading with its customized financial solutions

Indira Group:  unscrambling trading with its customized financial solutions

Indira Group:  unscrambling trading with its customized financial solutions

Indira group is a financial encyclopedia, which tackles the needs of investors through personalized asset allocation, research reports, and trading platforms.

Algo trading is one of the hottest topics in the contemporary share market.  It is basically the execution of trades on the stock exchange based on predefined criteria using computer programs and software without any human intervention. This innovation brought greater transparency, increased liquidity and many positive outputs in the industry. The major advantages of Algorithm Trading are the elimination of human errors as these systems eliminate any human emotions and 100 % discipline approach. Design of Algorithm Trading Systems is very robust and can make a decision in nanoseconds.

Investments, trading, returns, and other financial terms make finance complex. Many such instances happen where traders are unable to handle the huge numbers of trading and need an expert. Indira Securities entered in the market to support those people. Presently, it is a renowned name in offering cost-effective coding and consultancy services in this domain. The firm is highly proficient in developing and designing of advanced trading systems and brings solutions according to the clients' requirements. It is headquartered in The City of Courage, Mumbai. The Indira Group was incorporated in 1987 to take people towards a higher financial altitude. Since inception, Indira Securities has been setting up a new benchmark for the quality services and a very special personal touch.

Indira group is offering quality service under the perfect guidance of Sanjay Baxi and exceeding customer satisfaction through professional, effective and timely advice. Sanjay is heading the firm as the Chairman.  To know more about the firm, our representatives spoke to Sanjay, the mastermind who runs the firm, here are the edited excerpts.

Brief us about Indira Group and the services provided under the hat of the company.

Indira group came to life 32 years back, right on the wave of a progressive phase of Indian economy. As financial services became a major contributor to economic growth, our company has steadily shaped into a leading financial service provider. The group believes in making people satisfied and constantly performing to make it happens every time.

We offer trading in Equity, Derivative, Currency derivative and Commodity segment of leading exchanges. We are a depository participant of CDSL. Some of the more services offered by our company include:

  • NRI's Services
  • Depository Services
  • Currency
  • Mutual Funds and IPO
  • PMS
  • Merchant Banking

Besides these services, our trading platforms are the perfect partner for people. They provide seamless trading across multiple devices and let customers make the most of trading opportunities.

When did you find a passion for investing and trading and start your venture?

It was way back when I was studying, and I came to know about the stock market. Then I started reading and collecting the information to gather knowledge of it. My interest in the stock market during my college days inspired me to make a career in this field.

Throw some light on the area of expansion and clients.

Indira Securities is the client-driven foundation and committed to initiating services for client-specific investment needs and objectives. It handles all trading needs through the network of 300+ business locations and experienced dealers across the country. It is serving 30,000+ customers including institutional, professional, and serious individual traders and more.

What were some early challenges of getting the company off the ground?

At that time several established brokerages were operating, and the completion was tough. Also, I was the youngest among them. To secure my place, I worked with full honesty and integrity. Though, it took some time but slowly, the clients started to add with us and our client base widened.

What makes Indira Group stands out in the industry?

With extending hands of professionalism, ethics, integrity, and experience, we are able to cater all investor need related to customized asset allocation and financial solutions. This made us distinctive and also trustworthy as compared to others.

The firm has reached out deep into the souls of investment class. Additionally, our best quality services, transparency in customer accounts and personalized advice from the expert research team are some other key factors that make our firm unparalleled.

Just to have an idea of where your company is present-day, brief us over the journey to date?

With a humble beginning on a small scale in the year 1987, The Indira group has emerged as a trademark in the industry. After garnering enough experience, it has reached out right from corporate, to HNI's, to conscious small investor's. Today, it is on the leading position and exemplifying the way of serving in the financial segment.

Define stock research in one line.

To judge any stock or market on the basis of technical and fundamentals 

Take us through your routine

I like to start my day with a newspaper or any information medium that keeps me updated about the market, and then I get involved in the day to day chores in office.  In the evening, I go through the technical charts to know about the stocks with fundamental details.

What are the big accomplishments of the Indira Group?

Indira group supports customers in creating a secure and prosperous future by anticipating their needs and providing superior financial solutions. It is our biggest achievement.

Besides, we are a member of all leading equity and commodity exchange. We are a depository member. We deal in Insurance as well as in Mutual funds.

How would you like to advise young entrepreneurs?

I advise them to work with full integrity and honesty. They should develop a thorough knowledge of the market and should keep an eye on the latest technological developments in order to adopt them for business.

The man behind transforming a dream into reality

Sanjay Baxi


Indira group has been on a growth path under the able leadership of Sanjay Baxi. His values of integrity and transparency have been inculcated in all the employees.  Sanjay is a renowned broker, who holds extensive expertise in Legal, compliance & Finance. In academic, he is armed with post-graduation degree and initiated his career as Sub-broker at BSE and became BSE member within 2 years. Because of his years of expertise, qualification and practical knowledge, Sanjay always innovates new ideas, adapts the latest technology in order to provide quality and unbiased investment solutions to investors.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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