India’s first Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher ReNew IT Converts Scrap Computers into Millions of Smiles

India's first Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher ReNew IT Converts Scrap Computers  into Millions of Smiles

Supply refurbished computers to rural schools, NGOs to make every Indian digitally literate – Supplies

With just 10% IT penetration India is already a leader in IT, but most of the citizens do not have better access to computers, because still Computer is not affordable to everyone. Due to its cheaper price than a PC, mobile phones have changed million's lives, transformed the world, brought the world mutthi mein and after all have become a part of everyone's daily life. But tablets or phones alone cannot ensure complete digital literacy. Computers unlike mobiles, have no low-cost options unfortunately. Most of the new age economy jobs today require some amount of computer skills. Without computer literacy, getting almost any job is impossible. Which appears as the major challenge to the country. Considering qualified and educated citizens are the primary building blocks of a strong economy, when the NDA government is putting Digital India and Skill India into effect, a Bengaluru based ISO certified company ReNew IT is consistently working to provide good-quality computer to every house in India. With a mission to make computers affordable for everyone, India's first Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher ReNew IT was founded in 2009. They collect used computers from large organizations, refurbish them, install genuine Windows and provide it to customers assuring post-sales support. Surprisingly enough, the company sells computers starting from four thousand and five hundred rupees. Their service partners are located across the metros and some tier-II towns.

Unlike other classified platforms like OLX or Quickr, ReNew IT ensures that all computers are passed through standardized, stringent testing procedures. Only the best computers which pass all the processes are marketed to schools, students, small offices and millions of Indians who have never had a computer. Further, they provide genuine Microsoft Windows licenses on each and every computer, which ensures that the computers don't crash often and also gives better security to the systems.

An Electronics Engineering graduate and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta alumnus Mukund B.S co-founded ReNew IT. Though he began his career with ITC Foods, he finally gave up to start this great initiative. Presently he is the Managing Director of Sriram Eco Raksha Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He often speaks at various TEDx events.

As the Secretary of the IIM-Calcutta Alumni Bangalore chapter, Mukund actively manages the Alumni e-group and actively involved with social causes. He was the Director – Youth Services at Rotary Bangalore West and very closely works with AMBA CEEIC, an organization established to holistically empower the intellectually challenged community through Economic Empowerment.

He won the coveted title of CNBC Masterpreneur Season 2. Under his leadership, ReNew IT has bagged the "FKCCI Innovation Excellence Award" in 2014.

Mukund is keen to enhance learning through technology in education to bridge the digital divide in rural schools through the "Computers in Schools" initiative. There are millions of students studying in Indian schools where they have never had a computer, because they can't afford one. There are many large organizations which dispose 1000s of computers every year. These computers which have negligible value on the books of the large organizations hold the passport to a better future for millions of students across the country. "Computers in Schools" is a CSR initiative of ReNew IT where they collect old computers from large organizations, refurbish them, install genuine Windows and provide it to schools. They company also provide after sales support to ensure that the schools get maximum utility of these computers.

"We realized that millions of computers are being prematurely disposed. If they are refurbished and made available to millions of Indians, we could transform lives, " Mukund B.S expressed The CEO Magazine.

" With less than 1 in 10 households having a computer, India is renowned for its $100 billion IT industry. There will be a dramatic transformation across all strata of the Indian society if IT penetration reaches 30% like China or 45% like Brazil. India would see a new generation of icons like Narayana Murthy, Azim Premji or Satya Nadella. There would be a very bright chance of an Indian Google or Facebook coming to the fore. Millions of employment opportunities will be created, GDP will be higher. I strongly believe that IT would be one of the driving forces behind India's transformation from a developing economy to a developed country, " Mukund added.

Commenting upon ReNew IT's success, Mukund said, "We had to persevere for more than a year to get all the required approvals from various government bodies since we didn't want to pay any bribes. I just hope and pray that the next generation of entrepreneurs don't have to deal with these bureaucratic hurdles. Once we had all the approvals, most people ridiculed us and were wondering why B school grads are becoming kabadiwallahs. But what kept us going, is the smiles on the faces of the little children who were getting access to their first computers."

As of now ReNew IT has impacted the lives of over 50,000 Indians. Many parents are proud to have bought a computer from ReNew IT for their kid which they couldn't afford before. Rural BPOs as well as NGOs have been able to save costs on their IT infrastructure by purchasing refurbished computers from this company. Influenced and inspired by ReNew IT, many Micro-entrepreneurs now sell computers, provide AMC and after sales support across the country.

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