Krishnakanta Saha

Revolutionising The Digital Transformation Space With His Visionary Leadership
Krishnakanta Saha: Revolutionising The Digital Transformation Space With His Visionary Leadership

Krishnakanta Saha: Revolutionising The Digital Transformation Space With His Visionary Leadership

The ability to inspire and guide others towards achieving a common goal is the most important trait of a leader, and fitting precisely in the mould is Krishnakanta Saha, the founder of K2S2 Digistrat.

With a knack for challenging the status quo, Krishnakanta brings a fresh perspective to the constantly changing business landscape.

His ability to think outside the box and create game-changing situations is the force driving K2S2 Digistrat to new heights of success.

Adept at adapting to changing circumstances, anticipating potential obstacles, and taking decisive action to overcome them, Krishnakanta possesses a vision for the future and the skills to bring his ideas to fruition. 

With over 22 years of experience in the IT field, having worked across various industries, Krishnakanta brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise to the table.

A graduate of IIT Kharagpur, he furthered his knowledge with an Executive Business Management degree from IIM Calcutta. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner by the MSME, Government of India.

Starting off as a programmer developer, Krishnakanta Saha worked his way up the career ladder, assuming various leadership roles, including CEO of E Biz Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

Coming from a family of businessmen, entrepreneurship runs in Krishnakanta Saha’s blood. Continuing that legacy, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the digital domain and founded Web Connect India in 2010.

Despite his first startup not succeeding, Krishnakanta gained valuable lessons from the experience and went on to start his second venture, K2S2, in December 2012.

K2S2 Digistrat Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A digital transformation services company, K2S2 specializes in the ESG sector (environment, social, and governance). The company works with government entities, corporates and MSMEs to develop projects that focus on improving bottom lines using latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT etc.

Our latest product development work on electricity and energy savings and water wastage management will help world to achieve Net-Zero goal using our Innovative Technology Solutions.  

Committed to providing cost-effective solutions that increase clients’ bottom lines, K2S2’s dynamic team shares a mutual passion for technology, delivering excellent work for clients and partners alike.

Their process involves understanding customer requirements, analysing processes to identify inefficiencies, and providing end-to-end process mapping and business requirements analysis. 

Pioneers in the eCommerce industry, K2S2 has been an eCommerce solution provider for the past 8-10 years, having served notable clients, including Dr Battras and Future Group, in the eCommerce space.

After establishing its presence in the US, the company is now expanding its reach into the Southeast region.

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Innovations At The Core: K2S2’s USP

Leveraging their expertise in business and technology to provide cost-effective solutions with a high return on investment, K2S2 manages to stand out in the highly competitive digital space.

Their unique approach has resulted in an impressive customer retention rate of 90%, with some clients staying loyal for over a decade.

K2S2’s commitment to research and development, including collaborations with government agencies and work on IoT products, ensure that they stay ahead of the curve and continue to offer innovative solutions to meet their clients’ challenges.

Pushing Past Barriers

Building a company from the ground up is a challenging endeavour, full of highs and lows, requiring a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication.

From developing a viable business idea to securing funding, finding the right team, and establishing a customer base, the process can be fraught with obstacles and setbacks. One of the major challenges for Krishnakanta was creating a strong team.

“As important as having a strong team for the success of a business is, it can get difficult finding like-minded individuals aligning with your vision. Hiring the right talent is crucial, but not the only step to building a team; managing them the right way is equally important for instilling a strong culture of teamwork in them.”


Building a relationship of trust and loyalty, Krishnakanta managed to build a team aligning with his vision aiding the success of K2S2.

Milestones Along The Journey

In his professional journey, Krishnakanta has achieved several significant milestones throughout their journey.

Recalling one notable achievement, Krishnakanta shares,

“At my first company, they have been trying to implement a solution for airlines in Zimbabwe. Despite the company’s previous unsuccessful attempts, I insisted on doing things differently, and the solution was highly accurate, leading to its acceptance by the airline company. It was the first accomplishment I achieved.” 

Later on, Krishnakanta was able to drop the support cost by 20-30% for the companies he worked with and was recognised with a presidential award for his efforts.

With only six years of experience in the technology industry, Krishnakanta became a BU head at E Biz Info Solutions and was responsible for turning a previously loss-making unit into a profitable one within a year’s time. These achievements have been some of the highlights of Krishnakanta’s career journey.       

When K2S2 began its journey in 2008, the digital era and digital marketing were not as widespread as they are now. However, the company achieved an impressive 1000% growth within six months and gained 120 customers, including top businesses and companies that trusted them.

K2S2 has achieved several significant feats, including providing solutions to the TAJ Group. Furthermore, Fremont Digital, under Krishnakanta’s leadership, developed a device for Asian Paints that helps customers select the right room colour. 

At present, K2S2 is focused on the ESG sector, renewable energy, and governance. The government has acknowledged the company’s expertise in these areas and has invited them to present their product developments.

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Defining Success

“As a leader, success is not just about personal achievements, but about my team delivering great results. It is seeing my team perform and me helping them to succeed. Success is not just measured by financial gains but by the solutions provided and the benefits they bring to customers. Our approach at K2S2 involves guiding clients on how their customers will benefit from solutions and providing projections based on that, which is where our leadership and business become successful.”


Emerging Horizons

At K2S2, they aim to become a leading player in the digital sector with their cost-effective solutions to MSMEs, corporates, and government entities. Focusing on innovative solutions and customer satisfaction, the company plans to expand their reach.

K2S2 intends to continue investing in its team and technology to stay ahead of the curve and set a benchmark by delivering solutions that benefit the masses.

Reflections And Observations

Reflecting upon his journey,

“Education played a crucial role in my trans-formation as a leader. Attending IIT helped me develop a new way of thinking, essential for navigating the business world, while my time at IIM equipped me with the necessary business tools to succeed. Along the way, my mentor in India provided invaluable guidance on navigating the business process. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the unwavering support of my family, including my wife and parents. Without their encouragement and support, I would not be where I am today.” 


Sharing his advice for young entrepreneurs,

“Believe in yourself and keep learning and growing, providing solutions that are unique and cost-effective. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work hard towards your goals, targeting the bottom line. Don’t fear failure, as it is a part of the journey towards success.”


<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Krishnakanta Saha:</strong> Revolutionising The Digital Transformation Space With His Visionary Leadership</p></div>
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