IBEE Hosting diversifies services by launching Virtual Private Servers

IBEE Hosting  diversifies services by launching Virtual Private Servers

Setting up their bases in Singapore and Netherlands, Dallas based XBT Holdings closely observed the Indian market and understood the need of providing most advanced server hosting technology at a reasonable price. To build a strong customer base in India among the rising startups, E-commerce and SMBs in every sector, XBT Holdings opened its subsidiary IBEE Hosting in 2006.

Since Hyderabad possess an ideal condition for their data center (Tier IV) operations, the company decided to set up their operational office in the historic city noted for its monuments, mosques and culture. In addition to India, IBEE Hosting operates globally with various datacenters in Dallas, Amsterdam, Singapore, Luxembourg.

IBEE is known for its Proactive Support Service. The demand for Proactive Support Service and personalized assistance  were infused into the company culture right from the beginning. This organization is engineered for the customers who stand at the forefront of the ongoing technological revolution. With its best data center infrastructure practices like clustering, failover, replication and own CDN ( ucdn.com), IBEE Hosting offers a full, varied array of Dedicated Hosting Server plans along with VPS Hosting and Allied Services. Backed by their Global private network, the firm ensures the security of the internal data transfer while the external connection keeps operations optimal. In addition to application level assistance service IBEE  provides consultation on the best fit infrastructure which is scalable with the growing traffic and implementation performance. The company now has nearly 200 clients including  The Sandesh Digital Pvt. Ltd., AndhraJyothy, Apollo Hospitals, Rummy people, ShopPirate, SVG Media, Grocerkart, MyClassboard. Along with Webzilla, company is managing 25,000 servers. Now IBEE Hosting is in a phase of diversifying the services by launching VPS (Virtual private server) and Cloud Servers along with the customizable features in them.

Initially IBEE started with few local customers and learned through the market research, the intricacies of the Hosting Industry. Since then Betrand Yella has been serving IBEE Hosting as Managing Director. He believes that every entrepreneur certainly experiences extreme highs and lows at unpredictable frequencies, what emerges out of them through these is what makes them love their art of doing things. He counts his accomplishments by developing and selling the products and solutions that actually solves his customer's problems.

Under his stewardship, IBEE has helped clients to achieve 500% increase in their revenue and 800% increase in traffic to their website, a proven case study revealed. The company supports various Industry leaders like big media houses, Web Design and Development companies, System Integrators, E-commerce Startups, Gaming Industry, ERP Software Development companies, through its Application level hosting Solutions. Providing automated server infrastructure, IBEE also helps SMBs. In collaboration with few web design & development clients, IBEE motivates aspiring SMBs with a combo offer of domain registration, website design and development and web hosting services. Further, they have referral system, coupons, freebies and discounts offers to speed out more visibility in the market. They also have very flexible and fruitful plans for the resellers and the affiliates who are associated with them in adding value to the company.

" We have initiated promotional activity for each specific target market. IBEE has penetrated in Indian market of 20 billion dedicated servers in India out of which we are with the market share of 2%. We are in a phase of diversifying the services by launching virtual private servers and cloud servers along with the customizable features in them. We are a major upcoming project of launching servers.com in India in third quarter of this financial year, " Betrand Yella, MD of IBEE asserted.

Speaking about the company's growth he said, " Our last year was very prosperous for us. Still there are several sphere which we need to work on and improve and grow. We have developed our core competencies in providing the proactive support to the clients, and we will continue to learn and grow, " he concluded.

At various positions, nearly forty skilled employees work in Marketing, Sales, Customer Support Executive, Onsite Support Engineers, Offshore Support Engineers, Business development team, Accounts, and billing departments of IBEE Hosting. " We provide our employees with a world-class environment that promote innovation, productivity and desired work/life balance. Our employee-friendly HR policies are customized for each situation. A flexible work culture, access to the latest productivity tools, training, and resources and a complete family life, medical and dental insurance program are some of these initiatives, " HR team of IBEE Hosting expressed.

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