GSWI Prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services Arena

GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena

GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena

GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena

GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena

Information technology has been hailed as one of the most robust industries in the world. It has immensely contributed in rapid development of nations, and therefore is the key driver of global economic growth.

This sector promises countless possibilities of growth to businesses only if its application and adoption towards Business Process Reengineering can be continually monitored and upgraded in pace with expeditious developments in the sector.


With the mission of serving as a pillar of growth to businesses across the globe, those are struggling to achieve transformation by fulfilling their IT needs and showing them the way to stay competitive and obtain sustainable growth, the foundation of Global SW Innovations India Private Limited was laid in 2012.

An information technology services and consulting company, GSWI enables its clients 'to create and execute technological strategies to transform their businesses.' In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Aarti Tripathi, Chief Executive Officer& Managing Director, GSWI, says, "It's our clear vision coupled with technology as the equipment that motivates us to continue toeing the line of digitization, carrying along the world with us.

We work towards ingraining technology in every aspect of business to reflect upward trends in our client board rooms, accentuating their productivity and economic success.

We take it on ourselves to make computing more interesting and agile for our clients by developing and maintaining for them attractive websites, unique mobile applications, authentic software packages, database management solutions and e-commerce portals."

<div class="paragraphs"><p>GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena</p></div>
Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd.

GSWI's plush software portfolio encompasses exclusive services in Software Development, Web Development, Web Designing, Mobile Development, Content management and E-commerce Solutions.

Through its value based IT Services, GSWI caters to the IT needs of businesses across several industry verticals, majorly, Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare, Energy – Oil & Gas, and Digital Media.

The firm houses a robust team of techno experts who are accomplished in ERP, Data Management & Analytics, Application Development, IT Transformation and e-Commerce solutions and have been delivering value and satisfaction to clients overseas.

With its remarkable efforts, the company is taking giant leaps towards gaining a firm footing in global markets. The impressive clientele of the company includes Global Exchange Centre Limited (Hong Kong), Mitra Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), Premier International Exchange (UAE), Global Compliance Limited (Hong Kong), Avida Care Services (USA), DEZTEK Engineering & Technologies Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), and Clapsule & Bloom Hotels (India), to name a few.

Moby Echarge

An exclusive product that has been successful in gaining reputation among users for a enabling a faster and hassle free recharge for them. The product offers a wide range of recharge services for all Indian Telecom companies that include Mobile Recharges, Mobile Bill Payments, Landline Bill Payments, Other Utility Bill Payments, DTH Recharges, Data Card Recharges and 24 x 7 Customer Care.

The application's remarkable success can also be attributed to handy features such as Contact Book and Ewallet that enrich user experience.

Thousands of registered customers and millions of successful transactions speak of its versatility and motivates the team to persistently endeavor to innovate for adding more to its features.

The team has been doing all the groundwork for empowering Moby Echarge with new features like E-Shoppe and E-Travel and positioning it as a leading 'One Stop Shop' for customer's variety of needs.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena</p></div>
Artificial Intelligence What Lies Ahead?

Utilizing Blockchain

Once onboard with a client, the team GSWI targets to solve Compliance and Risk issues involved in the client's business. It endeavors and innovates persistently to eradicate day to day risks from business operations and to assure security of data enabling clients to achieve sustainable growth in business.

Towards achieving this goal, the team has reached milestones utilizing Blockchain Technology. As Wikipedia defines, a blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that records transactions across many computers in such a way that the registered transactions cannot be altered retroactively.

Blockchain facilitates secure online transactions on account of its ability to increase secure data exchange while making data transfer simpler and easier between entities. The team strongly focuses on providing its clients with very innovative business solutions and services continually so as to empower them for developing and retaining a competitive edge.

Key Differentiators

  • Great Customer Service

  • Focus on providing solutions which offer the best value at the lowest cost

  • Proven track record of Success

  • Extraordinary Expertise in Custom Software Development, Responsive Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development and more

GSWI has been actively moving ahead on the journey towards establishing itself as a reputed organization that provides innovative IT solutions, especially in the finance industry and it has achieved a significant milestone too.

The firm was acknowledged by ERP magazine as one among the '20 most promising Finance Software Solutions Providers'. The firm is also striving for placing itself as an expert in application of Blockchain technology.

Towards achieving this milestone, the firm has secured some success having developed impressive and profitable products using this technology for a Fintech company, GECL based in Hongkong. The firm has now collaborated with GECL to cater to all technological needs and requirements of the company.

For upcoming years, GSWI has built a roadmap that commands it to keep functioning as a low-cost organization; focus on providing unparalleled customer service; and direct efforts towards increased profitability and sustainability.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>GSWI prospers as IT Solutions Provider in the Financial Services arena</p></div>
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