UCID-Unconventional Crafts, Ideas & Digital

Where Unconventional Thinking Meets Strategic Solutions
UCID-Unconventional Crafts, Ideas & Digital

UCID-Unconventional Crafts, Ideas & Digital

Where Unconventional Thinking Meets Strategic Solutions

UCID, a full-service advertising and digital agency, offers an array of innovative solutions to their clients’ branding needs, including advertising, brand management, unique gifting, social media marketing, and more. UCID is a design house, a marketing consultancy, and a visual merchandiser all rolled into one.

They identify problems and devise creative solutions that take their client’s brands to the next level. What began as a team of just three members in 2010 has since grown to a team of 70, with each employee serving as a custodian of the brand. The company has offices located in Mumbai, India and Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. 

UCID’s mission is to be their clients’ “Partners in Possibility” and unlock their potential.

Their motto, “Brands, People, and Bonds,” aligns brands with customers’ needs, empathises with people, and creates brand love. They prioritise unconventional thinking and go the extra mile in their strategic approach.

Services Offered By UCID

UCID offers end-to-end solutions, from brand discovery to digital solutions, with passion, commitment, and love, seamlessly navigating from conventional to digital media. 

UCID has been fortunate to work with an incredible roster of clients who are their Partners in Possibility. They have successfully provided branding and communication solutions to over 100 clients, including Kotak Mahindra Bank, JSW Steel, IHCL SeleQtions, InCred, Polycab, Mahindra Finance, and Fino Payments Bank.

UCID works as an agile and responsive team, shaping brands with its unique philosophy of Creating Brand Love. They turn challenges into opportunities with unconventional ideas that create an impact, earning the trust of their clients and fostering long-lasting partnerships.

Neilesh K Talreja, Founder & CEO, UCID

Entrepreneurship was always on the cards for Neilesh. He shares, “I wanted to do more than just earn a living; I wanted to sign cheques and create value for those in my team.”

He and his team are constantly challenging themselves and those around them with a craft that turns their clients’ challenges into opportunities. UCID is all about ideas, the big ones, the smart ones, and the ones that provoke and soar.

As a challenger agency, they have made their mark with small sparky ideas that have displaced larger agencies with sheer effort and the power of their ideas. UCID’s vibrant young culture and spirit of enjoying work keeps them going to give nothing that’s usual or run off the mill.

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“Good leadership is about carrying good energy”- Neilesh K Talreja.

“A leader, first and foremost, needs to have a vision, a dream that can inspire. Followed by curiosity and a spirit of learning. Thinking, you know everything is the end of creative thinking. Staying curious and adventurous while tackling every challenge is a winning mindset.” 


Neilesh has founded UCID on the spirit of Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are,’ and has cultivated a culture of creative confidence and growth in his team. He’s a problem solver who believes in creative solutions that can positively impact the world.

Modern leadership is about energy management, and it’s important for leaders to facilitate an environment of free expression and growth. To promote learning and cultivate a flourishing mind, Neilesh believes in providing various experiences, such as attending theatre, travelling, participating in outdoor sports, gaming, and more.

Making meditation and service to society a daily practice keeps him self-contented and energised to do more.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Neilesh and his team at UCID believe that challenges are a part of their daily routine, and they have faced many throughout their careers. However, Neilesh sees these challenges as opportunities for growth and development. 

The Pandemic also presented a challenging scenario for UCID. With business dropping by 50% in some months and sectors like real estate and hospitality on pause, Neilesh had to make a tough call.

Instead of letting go of any of his employees, he decided to let go of the office and distribute the furniture and computer equipment to employees’ houses and hometowns to ensure they could continue working without any hassles. 

Neilesh and his team also provided support sessions and community outreach to ensure each team member could reach out for help. By staying calm and having a futuristic mindset, Neilesh was able to prevent any lasting damage to the company. Today, UCID has not only recovered from the Pandemic but has gone beyond where they were before.

Culture Of Creativity And Well-being

UCID maintains a strong company culture by fostering an environment of learning, passion, and creativity, where unconventional ideas and people are celebrated.

“Stress gets to us all, and every UCIDian’s mental well-being is important to us. Celebrating their uniqueness, we at UCID regularly provide them opportunities to boost positivity and well-being through bi-monthly workshops in different creative media, such as ceramics, clay, film, and more. This helps to ensure that employees are engaged and motivated to do their best work.”


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UCID’s Unique Value Proposition: Innovation and Sustainability

“UCID is like a flowing river, it is agile, quick to adapt, and it is new every day. We believe in enjoying what we do and doing what we enjoy,”

- Neilesh K Talreja

UCID is a value-driven organisation that has remained true to its ideals since its inception. The company believes in creating a positive work environment that fosters open communication and incorporates meditation and healthy living practices. UCID values all its employees’ unique skills and perspectives, creating a culture of learning, passion, and creativity. 

UCID is known for its innovative workshops, such as Brand Discovery, Mission to Milestones, and Brand Experience Management, which have helped clients develop their internal strategies and execute their plans.

The company has a methodology that allows it to invent creative solutions for its clients, helping them achieve their business and brand needs. Moreover, the company is focused on sustainability and social impact projects that positively affect society and the environment.

Success & Achievements

Neilesh defines success as having a happy team and clients who trust and support the company, providing business without the need for hard selling.

UCID has been recognised with awards at the DMAI ECHO and GOA Fest. Neilesh himself was awarded the 40 under 40 by the agency reporter for the company’s exceptional work in advertising.

In balancing the needs of the business with those of the customers and employees, Neilesh ensures that the team is constantly innovating and staying creative to provide solutions to client’s problems.

Regular workshops and experimental activities, such as crafts, music, and theatre, are implemented to maintain a fresh and innovative environment for the employees.

Future Outlook

UCID is expanding its operations globally, having established a new office in Atlanta, US, and plans to explore opportunities in Dubai, among other cities.

The company is dedicated to sustainable and socially impactful projects that benefit society and the environment. UCID has also created a specialised team focusing on UN ESG goals, enabling businesses to make substantial contributions to society, the environment, and governance.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs,

“Be ready for anything, learn to walk together, carry your clan to the place you envision them to be. Be a platform that invites others to join you. Practical learning and growing outside your comfort zone are key. Build a constructive self-image and understand what motivates you.”


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