Urshita Nema - CEO - Uspire Consulting

Envisioned to reinvent the marketing choices for business decisions via lens of consumer insights and proven algorithms, Uspire Consulting has been transforming the way brands are built under the fine supervision of Urshita Nema, Co-founder & CEO of Uspire.

The core philosophy is that the key to brand’s success does not lie superficially at the consumer’s end, but it lies deeper within the consumer’s psychology & realities. With this core philosophy, Uspire deployed three years in rigorous consumer deep dives, psychographic frameworks, and business case studies to launch an up-for-patent, consumer business marketing tool, ATOM.

This unique and exclusive tool translates consumer insights into value propositions & matrices; extended into product designs, brand composition, communication & business strategies. This makes Uspire the only consulting firm capable of extending AN END-TO-END CONSUMER BUSINESS MARKETING CHAIN.

The Leading Lady – Urshita Nema (Co-founder & CEO)

In her 15-year career, Urshita Nema, co-founder, and CEO of Uspire Consulting has led iconic brands like Cinthol, dominated the category with Godrej HIT (CIK) and has been recognised for her path breaking campaigns with “Idea Cellular”.

She has not only contributed to her brands for the achievement of Gold & Silver EFFIEs, but she has also led industry defying CAGRs for established brands and New Product Launches. Effortlessly, her numerous awards are merely a showcase of her expertise & an extension of Gold Medallist performance in the 2009 MBA class at India's premier business school, IMT Ghaziabad. With innovation and process at core, she is renowned for leading 360-degree marketing, business toplines & the brightest teams.

Passionate about deeper consumer understanding, she developed a consumer insighting tool (Up-for-patent) - First in the industry to unearth the subconscious. This innovation also forms the genesis of Uspire Consulting.

A Method for Business Decision-Making!

Talking about the consumer, the CEO, Urshita Nema, laughs and says, “Let us start by referring to them as people or humans! We unearth the “human-insights”. As a true marketeer, I begin with the consumer, but I am unstoppable unless I deliver the business objectives. The experience of driving larger (Rs.800 crores & above) FMCG brands successfully helps one in mapping the correct dimensions of success.

The success follows not simply by knowing what to do but also deciphering about what will give higher returns and what might just have marginal impact! Not to forget "the hygiene," which, if neglected, could rather impact the business negatively. Therefore, we put human insights through the brand, category, and market landscape to devise a business strategy that would yield a higher return on investment (ROI).” Where most of the consulting firms ignore the finite traits of budget, Uspire focuses on enabling higher ROI based business decisions. And all this has a scientific tool and expertise coming together at the back end.

From FMCG to Biz-Tech

Uspire shares how in their initial phase they got challenging “New product Development” based case studies from ITC, HUL, Bata, Tata Motors, Danon, ABG Fashion & Hero Motors

Pioneers in sensorial studies for the consumer-market fit, Uspire’s model could derive ingredients for healthy-cookies, fragrances for personal-care products and flavours for oral care. Uspire prides itself for contributing path breaking insights for female hygiene products category. Recent projects have included development of consumer centric product, brand, communication & Go-to-market (GTM) strategy for a Food & Beverages (F&B) unicorn in the upcoming Plant-based protein category as well as an end-to-end brand strategy development for an Ayurveda based personal care brand, Blue Nectar.

The revised brand strategy for Blue Nectar seamlessly evoked the consumers’ positive associations. The brand’s digital campaign resulted in three times sales growth in just nine months. The campaign received over 7 million views on digital platforms and attracted the attention of Times Brand Equity and equivalent publications. "At Uspire, this is what we mean by delivering holistic business impact with consumer insights" Urshita exclaims with a smile in her eyes.

Uspire is expanding its presence in biz tech (prop, edu, health) space. The team comments on the latest developments: “Apparently, the world is yet to witness the biz-tech powered by consumer insights”

Overcoming Obstacles

Being the first to connect the dots across consumer, product, brand, communication & business outcome; the biggest challenge faced for this consulting firm has been the corporate structure. Founders stated, “The key for being consumer-first is to overcome departmentalization. We require all the teams, including those working on consumer insights (or market research), product design & innovation, brand & communication, and investment & strategy to come together.”

Urshita’s Take on the Power of Women & Mentors

Being a top performer, Urshita always got to work with the renowned corporate leaders, the bulk of whom were some of India's most influential women business leaders.

She proudly shares how her strong fundamentals of brand management come from her very first and rigorous brand stint at Idea Cellular, where she became part of the unforgettable Idea National Campaigns like “No Ullu Banaoing” & “Idea Internet Network”.

She cites that the rigour for business drive is gained from the leadership team during her journey of leading Cinthol as the National Brand Head and launching the men’s grooming range, Cinthol Awesome Men. For the team management and leadership skills, she expresses gratitude to the mentors from Godrej HIT. And admires the fact that even today her mentors inspire her to go for the challenging opportunities.

Core Values and Differentiating Factors

Uspire mentions its core values to be “win-win”, “innovation”, “human connect” & “precision”. The team believes in investing time to accurately define client's problem statements, onboard, and validate their valued hypotheses, and then curate a solution that might be seamlessly integrated with the organization’s system and values. The differentiated approach is to peg each actionable for the return-on-investment, profitability, or market share enhancement; based on the business priorities.

Creating the Future Canvas for Uspire

Uspire Consulting is poised to be a coveted platform for businesses to arrive at, and leapfrog to the next orbit of growth. They envision to be a launch platform for 20 high consumer value generating start-ups over the following five years.

For the established businesses, Uspire is extending a series of robust modules that would empower clients to validate new products ideas, communication concepts and business decisions ahead of any potential market intervention.

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