Transforming & Digitalising The Legal Space With Robust Solutions, Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP, Is All Optimistic About His Consulting Organisation!

Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP
Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP

Transforming & Digitalising The Legal Space With Robust Solutions, Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP, Is All Optimistic About His Consulting Organisation!

“Your growth as a lawyer and professional depends on the level of responsibility you can take as you go about your work. So after four or five years, if one is competent, well trained and can take responsibility, whether you are a principal associate or an associate, it is all just a nomenclature.” quotes Advocate Mr Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP.

From working individually to leading a consultancy firm, the journey has been incredible for Mr Suden.

Having worked with some of the best consulting organisations in the world, namely Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, Mr Amit doesn’t believe in designations and says that a person with four or five years of experience and an inherent self-belief can conquer the goals.

He says that designations are just ‘names’ to make people feel good about themselves and are not a true metric of one’s potential.

Mr Amit Suden- Constructive Years & Background

Mr Amit has a lineage in the defence system, with his father having served as an Indian Air Force pilot. The family was intertwined with the defence background, and the disciplines and routines soon became a substantial part of his life that he holds to this day in his character and personality.

Having immense support from his parents, he completed schooling and graduated in New Delhi with distinction.

Currently positioned as the Director at Riar Global LLP or, in short, Riar Legal, Mr Amit Suden is a licensed lawyer with over 25 years of work experience and holds good terms in the Indian Law Society.

The hard work in the formative years of experienced authority on expatriate mobility matters has eventually paved the way for Mr Amit to be one of India’s senior corporate mobility lawyers.

No matter how he ventured into law school, Mr Suden did not initially start with a law school background. Instead, he held an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, then a Masters in Public Administration, and an M.B.A. in International Business.

Later, his core academic focus shifted, eventually earning him the Law L.L.B. Degree from Delhi University. He founded Riar Global LLP in 2010. Currently, it has offices in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Mumbai.

Starting individually in the law sector, Mr Amit Suden gradually moved towards forming a small team. The level of training and exposure they got significantly differed from any primary lawyers group. Working with global consulting organisations like Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young taught him much about equivalently the mainstream involved with clients and non-client-related matters.

An Early Riser, Mr Amit Never Misses Out On His Daily Routine!

Mr Amit Suden rarely misses out on his daily routine, starting with his habit of waking up at 7 in the morning every day. He starts his day by checking out emails and then moves forward to taking a status update on matters he supervises. The rest of the day goes into receiving and responding to emails, calls, meetings, reviews, client cases, and documents.

Mr Amit still manages to get some time out of this hectic schedule for reading and catching up on changes to existing laws, important judgments, etc. This keeps him in the loop of the rapidly changing regulations.

Each day is planned to match the current standards of virtual legal consultancy, serving different time zones through various sectors and across a diverse set of clients. Hence, Mr Suden takes the extra step to secure the plans for the next day and the day after.

The clients’ list is reviewed daily, and Mr Amit and his team revise the plans and deadlines accordingly. Undoubtedly, each day has obstacles and hurdles like its own victories that never make the task tedious. Client service excellence is their strong suit, which they have duly used since the firm was formed in 2010.

For Mr Amit, leisure is when he steps onto the floor as a DJ in his own right between Friday night and Saturday night of every week. It helps him brush up his music mixing skills and improves his socialising skills by playing gigs among his circle of friends.

He identifies himself as a technology lover, almost considering it his second religion. There can be certain planning done towards life and living, but ultimately life has its own rules and turn of events.

He also says that it is easy to get consumed in legal work, but it would be crucial to find time to enjoy the subtle things in life. And it is also essential to stop and rewind often. There is no point in waiting for retirement to get involved in something one likes. Breaks are vital to managing work-life balance , and Mr Suden understands it quite well.

Out of all the chaos, Mr Amit Suden still manages to squeeze out some time to maintain his social life and image. In the legal business, they are required to often step out of their regular margin and use their time after office or on weekends to catch up on things, dinners, and sometimes shed some load off in holiday parties.

Mr Suden’s Route To Entrepreneurship And The Challenges It Brought Along

After all these years of work, Mr Amit believes that company designation and posts are only offered to boost employee self-worth. Taking on responsibility and executing the same contributes to professionalism or, in this case, becoming a dutiful lawyer is essential.

The environment in a consulting firm demands professionalism, and a beginner always puts up with experienced seniors to work with.

For Mr Amit, the technical and non-technical training he received in Arthur Andersen worked wonders for him. Continuing his professional carrier with Ernst & Young - Mr Suden felt the limitation of work freedom in the Big 5 consulting firms.

He did not want to be boxed in a corner, which made the most significant difference. These casual factors played a big role in Mr Amit’s life, and he finally decided to start his consultancy firm in 2010.

After ten years leading a consultancy firm, he acknowledges these 10+ years to be his most professionally fulfilling and personally satisfying. Setting up the firm was probably the easiest in this journey of amassing knowledge. The tricky part is getting clients to come over to a solo consultancy firm.

Mr Amit’s ability to deliver practical solutions in unique situations was the USP that helped him to bank some clients by integrating a quick procedure and avoiding litigations to an extent, at a lower cost.

He says, “Clients tend to feel uncomfortable and eventually try to avoid legal jargon. Where big consulting firms can be intimidating, all they need is honest advice to help them move forward.”

Mr Amit’s first few clients were from his contacts, who eventually helped in countless small matters regarding Riar Global LLP. From their support, he first secured contracts in their respective companies. And from there, he hadn’t needed to look behind.

Praiseworthy Strengths & Skills Of Mr Amit Suden

Mr Amit Suden identifies two strong, positive character traits: ‘curiosity’ and ‘creativity’. The entire world intrigues him. He is quite self-aware of his actions and quick to derive their reasoning. After taking on a task, he doesn’t simply quit. Rather, working around the problem to try and see if new ideas can be applied is what he does.

In a group setting, he goes the extra mile to include everyone and hears their opinion on the matter. With a strong willing approach, he has frequently stood up against opponents, taken risks, and established relationships by never shying away from admitting his wrongs.

“A lawyer has to juggle between a state of focus and attentiveness to catch everything said in court proceedings and have the patience to contemplate the whole proceeding and say adequate words only when asked’ said the maestro. Mr Amit Suden claims to have been committed to rigorous work with a subtle edge to politeness, conscientiously providing what he

knows best.

Mr Amit’s approach towards any legal matter remains the same: passing it through multiple screens and filters to get the most refined version of the solution. Along the way, he developed his unique style like many before. He is a student of the industry, and now he provides others with the opportunity to learn.

The Future Of The Legal Industry & Adoption of Technology

If one thing is to be noticed in the 21st century, the digital engagement of people is only going to get more intimate. Fortunately for Mr Amit, he had the privilege and acknowledgement of technology and the benefits of being tech-savvy in every way possible. This realisation made him move towards the online space, even in most tedious matters like documentation.

Mr Amit Suden prioritised 100% digitalisation and normalised the concept of going paperless. Venturing into the latest technology, he introduced improved AI to the firm, enabling automation for the documentation process.

This includes review and discovery, legal research, litigation support, and the “mining” of the vast amount of data generation that is well underway.

He claims to have more resources waiting on the horizon. With such advances, the changemaker hopes to optimise the operation, reduce the cost and mitigate risk by availing of best-in-class tech through secure online methods.

In the coming time, he also wants to develop a good sense of pro-bono and commercial practice. He wants to be at the centre of all operations and executions of the firm, being the only person approached in any and every matter regarding the legal area of the law he practises.

Mr Amit’s belief in KARMA has always kept him in check and pushed him to go out of his way to help others in need. He also believes that all the good that he has done has eventually helped him grow as a human being and made him what he is today.

Riar Global LLP- Utilizing Digital Platforms For Proactive Client Support

Riar Global LLP does not need to include new clients and believes they learn a lot and achieve success from their existing clientele. They are keen on staying in touch with their current and former clients and looking for opportunities to assist them with any legal updates in their life.

As the world is vastly leaning on social media platforms for basic to urgent communication, it is high time to embrace the digital way of the future. This digital uprising has undeniable advantages: it has made contact and interaction very easily accessible.

Mr Amit further says, “Digital medium prompts users to respond quickly, making them stay active and engaged in the process. For a law firm working in a highly digitalised environment, social media is often considered a tool for obtaining insightful feedback. Regardless of the direction the feedback turns out, it is still an opportunity to learn from the mistakes and grow.’

It is clear, though, that the future of communication lies in the digital space. And Riar Global LLP wouldn’t simply go against the grain in this case. Hence, they are trying to be as digitally proactive as possible and serve digital clients with the same attention they do to their offline clients.

Riar Global LLP Strives At Offering Practical Legal Solutions

Riar Global LLP carries over a decade of legacy in maintaining its quality and integrity. They cater to a diverse foreign clientele on various legal matters. The consistency with which the firm has provided top-notch performance is not just incredible but also has given them the edge required to succeed.

It holds a legacy of navigating foreign clients through the complexities of the Indian legal system, which is also rapidly changing in the grips of globalisation and digitalisation.

They do not compromise on the practicality of a situation while dealing with any client. And this method has worked out quite well for them on many occasions where their clients did not have to go through a tedious dispute resolution process.

Corporate and commercial advisory, expatriate compliance, and global mobility consulting are among the most prominent work or services provided by Riar Global LLP.

The diverse range of services they have provided over the years under one roof has contributed to the support and assistance of their clients and the firm with a suitable invoicing model. This is done by having a mutual understanding with their clients to bridge any gap that could be there.

For some time, as a team, they have realised the requirement of a mandate when meeting client expectations with fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. This idea was formed based on much more than just their competitive rates.

The firm also has a legacy of having a diverse clientele, ranging from the field of pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, liquor, garments, cosmetics, FMCG, fashion accessories, computer software, telecommunication, media, electronics, automobile, education, construction, defence, biotechnology, security, food and beverage, wholesale and retail, real estate developers, logistics, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy resources, media, telecommunications, insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, construction, defence, aviation, cement industry, the tobacco industry, IT companies, management consultancies, music industry, publishing, etc.

They also work for large local companies and state-owned enterprises, medium and small-sized businesses, embassies, and non-governmental organizations.

Riar Global- Work Culture & Values

Riar Global LLP considers every individual working under its roof to be a creative professional. The firm is committed to working intimately with its clients understanding their needs, and deriving fast solutions. They are prone to offering a safe space for sharing and discussing ideas on top of their heads, giving every equal individual space to speak their mind.

The firm believes there can be much they can learn from working with one another. Along with amassing experience, working together to fulfil clients’ requirements consistently is essential. The firm offers 24-hour guaranteed response when collaborating with clients.

While clients have always been keen on showing appreciation to the firm, multinational companies envy their cohesive approach. Reaching out to the firm on call or in-person can be summed in one short and simple quote, “One Call…That’s All”.

The unique thing about Riar Global LLP is that they are not prone to accepting representation in every case they handle. Like the client does their research evaluation for choosing an attorney, the firm also takes a few measures to understand not just the need of the client but the realism in their demands and what they can do to make an optimistic difference. The outcome or the probability surrounding it is the sole denominator based on which the firm plans further proceedings.

Mr Suden has a time-managed professional life, and he says, “Leave the lawyer in you at the office is the best advice I ever got from an attorney is the best advice I can give. First and foremost, go home! Set a reasonable hour to leave the office and stick to it. My deadline is 6:30. Anything that isn’t done by 6:30 doesn’t get finished until tomorrow.”

He further adds, “The second thing I’d say is to leave the attorney at the office. Our profession is adversarial by nature. You get used to being disagreeable. It’s our job to present the opposite position or to find the holes in the argument. That might make you a good lawyer, but it also makes you a jerk if you do the same thing outside the office. Don’t cross-examine your mate unless you want to find another mate.”

The office environment of work culture at Riar Global LLP is very welcoming, relaxed, and generally collaborative. The structure is based on a top-down model, where the junior can walk up anywhere without hesitation and talk about whatever is bothering them. This has helped breed a down-to-earth sentiment throughout the firm.

The Seamless Working Process At Riar Global LLP

As the legal leader for Riar Global LLP, Mr Amit identifies all the support that the business requires and relies on; in terms of compliances, advisory, litigation support, crisis management, etc.

The work deliberately includes interactions and involvement with expatriates and foreign clients. Mr Amit Suden holds the reign of the law firm, and most business responsibilities lie on him.

Any complicated legal issue in any business matter will go through him, and he will do all possible in his power and knowledge.

Attornies at Riar Global LLP share an intricate relationship of a confidant or an advisor to all of their clientele. They commit to 100% honesty, so much so that they will deliver the bad news as soon as possible and as crudely as they have figured.

‘Truth can often stand as an obstacle, and the firm's job is to present facts as facts and derive ways to meet the actual objective’ reveals Mr Amit.

He says, “Lawyers’ work, especially in internationally-oriented working environments, is often incompatible with the traditional notion of fixed working hours. Remote working has transformed the conventional notion of the ‘9-5’with a more flexible work schedule. We invest in new technologies and the adaptation of ΑI which is based on software learning technology.”

He further added that every person seeking legal closure believes their version of the story to be absolute. This is why the facts matter, as they do not take sides.

The firm often advises clients not to accept settlement offers deemed unfit by the team; other times, they have to politely present some offers that are quite unacceptable for the clients. The firm only provides the best advice possible according to them. It is the client who decides which road to walk on.

Mr Amit Suden is an originator, executor, teacher, mentor, researcher, and office manager, as part of being the leader of a small independent practice. He says that the difficulty was to establish the brand. However, after 12 years, it is now well known and acknowledged with positive client feedback.

He says that Riar Global being a private practice facility, offers a lot of freedom to try out new things, which is impossible in a big firm that only runs on a construct.

Keeping their focus on their work and the services they provide, they have consistently evolved and learned something from each instance to thrive forward.

Elite Clientele For Riar Global

Riar Global LLP has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. Apart from that, the list includes New Holland Tractors, Dredjing International, Nortel Networks, Bechtel, Microsoft Corporation, Fiat Italy Spa, IVECO, Magneti Marelli, louis vuitton , Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, AT Kearney, McKinsey & Co, ABB, Shell, Altious Consulting, Bonifica, Israeli aerospace, Actia, Carrefour, Danieli Corus, British Telecom, Sintel (Singapore Telecom), Digital Microwave, British Gas, InterGlobe, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Adtranz Daimler Benz, Bombardier, International Aids Vaccine Initiative, Petronas, Selex Es, Motorola, Boeing Corporation, Nippon, Coca-Cola, Christian Dior, Carrier Midea, GMCC, China Petroleum, Sino Pharm, Selex UK, EXL, Covidien, Bonifica, SOS International, Control Risks, Group SEB, France 24, Dezan Shira, Max Bupa, KDDI, Ishida, Nokia- Siemens Networks, Petronas Berhad Malaysia, Tokyo Consulting, LS Cables, Mitsubishi, Schenker, Geodis, Sino Pharm, Sannam S4, UKIBC, Xander, USAID, EXL, BLYK, Clinton Foundation, USAID Project, Swedish Trade Council (Swedish Embassy), Mexican Embassy in India, El Cortez Spain, Itallfer, Cobra Instalactiones, Mercuri Urval, Bilfinger, Fackelmann, Remy Martin, ERAI, German Daily Zeit Magazin, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Prosegur Securitas, German Political Foundations, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Henrich Boll

Foundation, Richard Gere

Foundation, Clinton Foundation.

Riar Global LLP: Ways To Earn Revenue

Riar Global LLP dabbles in Flat Fee arrangements. It is technically a client-friendly billing arrangement. The genius of flat fee ensures legal clients have a complete conversion without worrying about the session cost climbing as time ticks by. For a developing law firm, a fixed price structure can be challenging. However, it works as a risk prevention method, as any turn of events can turn the case away and eventually contribute to the loss.

In some cases, Riar Global LLP has included an hourly billing model. In this model, the client will be provided with a bill consisting of the number of employees working on the project, their time contribution, and their hourly charges. Riar Global LLP has taken up a few contract lawyers from the nation and abroad to offer a fast response. This way, they can expand their contract empire rapidly and instantly meet customer demand.

In a lawyer’s firm, the most valuable thing is the portability of the book of business. As Mr Amit is at the top holding the book, his moves severely affect the whole team. That is to say, if Mr Amit Suden decides to move away from the firm, the book remains with him, i.e., the entire clientele of the firm. This gives him quite the control over his career, and he always has something to look forward even if the firm dissolves.

Riar Global LLP focuses on advocacy and other work like maintaining the excellence of standards. Instead of constructing a strategy and conjuring up a 5-year plan, they have waited for pieces to fall into the right place. ‘In the profession of litigation, one learns to take things slow daily”, comments Mr Amit.

Riar Global- Formulating Success & Achievement

Riar Global wants to reach a success benchmark by doing the hard work and at the same time staying humble about the real cause of it. There is a lot to learn on the journey, and Mr Amit Suden is an avid learner, to say the least. As often happens, the tasks may be small in size, but doing them correctly in order can help build an empire.

Making a name in the law industry is like a marathon, not a sprint. “Perfect is the enemy of the good, and good is good enough” this short quote and the vast realisation behind the thought made Mr Amit Suden what he is today.

Riar Global LLP is proud to call itself an elite brand, with its clients' unshakable trust in them. The numerous client appreciations only make their chest swell in pride, which has only grown.

Embracing Failures As Stepping Stones Towards Success

The competitive structure of the corporate world has made most people manifest fear of failing. Mr Amit understands the value of failure and how it paves the way to success. The idea is to move beyond success and failure. It shows when a project is carefully designed and executed by Riar Global. It is also a way to gain insight into what could work in the next project.

It is an immersive process and Mr Amit had to be involved in every step letting his employees visualise their work purpose in a different light. Moving away from age-old mechanisms of praise and punishment, they asked and analysed illuminating, non-judgmental questions. Mr Amit says, “Empathy is a powerful emotion that can help develop a good relationship with employees by taking accountability for mistakes.”

This develops a collaborative culture, sharing ideas avidly to get close to a unitary vision of success. Mr Amit concluded with a quote by Justice Frankfurter, “the best way to be prepared for the law is to be a well-read person. Not just the law, but history, literature, politics, religion, etc.; the firm will always use diversity to its benefit to become a sensation in the world of law.”

Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP
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Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP
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Advocate Amit Suden, Director at Riar Global LLP
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