Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal, Leading A Novel Advisory Firm, L’ Strategique LLP Striving To Accomplish Her “Globalising Education” Vision

Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal, Leading A Novel Advisory Firm, L’ Strategique LLP Striving To Accomplish Her “Globalising Education” Vision

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

– Albert Einstein

The acclaimed physicist has been inspirational for many around the world including the educator turned entrepreneur Dr.Vaneeta Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of L' STRATEGIQUE LLP since the age of eight when she first read his biography in school and today she is recognised by The CEO Magazine as 'Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2020" for her concerted efforts to transform education for students.

Providing distinct solutions in the Indian market to help international clientele understand and customize product and services as per Indian requirement like curriculum redesigning, mode of delivery and most importantly cost and legal compliance, L' STRATEGIQUE LLP offers a 360-degree vision to its target audience inclusive of universities, Higher Education stand-alone Institutes in any stream, business schools along with corporate training cells and customized skill solutions as per HR requirements.

The visionary's brand, L'Strategique LLP, French for "the strategy", focuses on the internationalization of higher education in India while offering to consult in marketing international educational products and services to Indian higher education. It also offers corporate training and outreaching International Universities with Indian quality and niche education products. It assists international clients by offering insightful advice and strategy to enter the Indian market through local representation and partnerships with educational institutes, corporate-academia partnerships, educational technology solutions.

Journey from Role of an Assistant Professor to an Entrepreneur

Vaneeta's career started as an assistant professor in physics & electronics at constituent college of Delhi University that directed her to have the first-hand experience in international ways of training, infrastructure, technology resources at Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste Italy in 2001 during a microelectronic workshop. This was followed by her introducing ICT and skills in pedagogy in the early 2000s that made her popular among students. She advocated and practised delivering international standards for Indian students and has been a strong follower & supporter of online learning through virtual media since 2000.

Delivering to a pain point i.e. a huge gap in terms of availability of the latest information and trends in R&D of science tech labs, she founded a super specialised group on a professional networking site with currently more than 4250 distinguished members inclusive of founders, CEOs, PhD scholars, Professors, fabrication labs and foundries, research associates creating knowledge resources viz. quick access to post-doctoral research positions, conferences, research projects, books and white papers, etc.

Eventually, entrepreneurship became the need of the hour in 2015, as Vaneeta quit her job at University of Delhi, gained experience at a global investment banking firm in a role to look and develop clients in the higher education sector working extensively on an international client's assignment of searching an academic and corporate partner for their online degree and certificate courses and on 31st Dec 2019, she founded L'Strategique LLP and has been actively working since then on a vision to bring global standards to higher education in India.

Entrepreneurial Make or Break Moments

"While finance remains a major constraint and to keep going on a shoe-string budget a major challenge, working for the Canadian university – and getting few MoUs were winning moments which give me the confidence of moving ahead," shared Vaneeta

A Day in Life of Vaneeta Aggrawal

"Well, my day starts at 6 am with a morning meditation in my small terrace garden followed by management of domestic chores by 9:30 AM before starting her working day. With a noon break of 2 hours beginning with some exercising followed by family time in the noon, I start work again for about 2 hours with an evening break for an evening walk, connecting with friends and dinner time and following studies of my younger kid. My work hours start again at 8:30 PM which goes from 11:30 PM to sometime 2:00 AM. In such a hectic schedule, the mind keeps on working at backend throughout the non-working hours though the idea generation process usually occurs during, with myself only times," shared the mom-entrepreneur Vaneeta.

Successful Clientele, Core Values, & Diverse Workforce

The L'Strategique LLP team focuses on key strengths of communications, sincerity, re-skilling, ethical conduct and long experience of being a part of higher education for building a successful clientele while they believe there is space for everyone in this huge nation. Persistence, honesty, humility, equality, critical and innovative thinking are core values followed by the team members. Vaneeta believes a diverse workforce is always good because multidisciplinary skills help in focusing on different requirements more efficiently.

Turning Solutions towards Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic period has been an engaging one where the brand has designed and hosted multiple webinars with International experts on subjects ranging from HR skills, changing job trends, mental health, India's first online JAM webinar with B-school students, entrepreneurship & innovation. The purpose was to engage and motivate fresh graduates and final year students during this crisis time and help them keep updated about future trends.

The experts are among former HR director, world bank, International Management Consultant and author from Switzerland, Career Development coach from Dubai, HR leader from one of largest mutual funds in India, Dr Ramanan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, Additional Secretary NitiAyog, Government of India, and few other eminent personalities. The heartfelt cause reached outside India and participants from as many as 12 countries attended these online events.

Recently they hosted a mega higher education virtual summit with eminent policy regulators, AICTE, NBA, NAAC Chairman and Secretary-General of AIU, India and 12 eminent Vice-chancellors of Indian and international Universities, tech institutes, law college and B-school. The brand has connected with young corporate executives and fresh B-school graduates to constitute an LS Forum, a professional development forum to help them be a part of future activities either as an organizer or participant and are publishing a monthly digital corporate magazine "Ensemble" with its three issues released so far since July 2020.

Progressing In Leadership Positions

"I believe the zeal to achieve goals integrated with the welfare of society along with a learning aptitude are the most important things to progress in a leadership position." Vaneeta

While being wired in the field of education, delivering solutions in the same areas defines her passion. The leader has been working closely with University students as their mentor for more than two decades since the age of 23 to understand their issues and offer them quality, international exposure to skills and opportunities. She is invited as an eminent speaker on several conferences and summits and is an author on current affairs and science fiction.

Entrepreneur's Achievements

For Academic achievements to mention, Vaneeta studied Physics Major at the University of Delhi and qualified the coveted UGC NET exam. Awarded with UGC-CSIR research fellowship she obtained a PhD in Electronic science specialising in Semiconductor device modelling and simulation from the University of Delhi in 1996, with rave reviews for her research work from Internationally renowned and reviewed journals, quoting it as original research work.

With a membership of IEEE, she continued post-doctoral research work moving from micro dimensional devices to nano dimensional devices and presented her work in several National & International Conferences and symposiums along with publications in international journals. She was awarded UGC Grants to visit Singapore and European countries to present work in conferences and attend workshops and achieved considerable success in her field by the age of 32. Vaneeta's project had been recommended for Young scientist Fellowship award by DST in 2009, which shelved before inception due to personal reasons.

Vision for the Future

"Happiness and content are two major factors of success in my view. While finances are essential in business I robustly believe, if I can achieve shorter objectives towards a bigger goal, it is success in my dictionary." Vaneeta shared the definition of success for her.

The leader views her brand as a bridge between higher education and the corporate world providing customized solutions in the welfare of younger generations. We look forward to developing more ties within India to develop an ecosystem where young professionals can attain international standards and skills making these affordable as well.

Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneur

"Follow your passion with patience. Being women, we have a lot more responsibilities with a minimum support system around. Thus, I robustly believe that one should keep on working on their dream, take small steps to wait for a big leap till the right time comes, keep learning new skills, trends and "never leave it" attitude. It does take time but avoid taking short cuts as the patience and persistence play their role to make the journey worth it," emphasised the visionary Vaneeta Aggarwal

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