Tapping The Growth In The Construction Equipment Space, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) Aims To Make The Nation A Leading Global Sourcing Hub

Ms. Pavithra
Ms. Pavithra

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) commenced its journey in 2016 in Chennai, India, as a Construction & Mining Equipment company. The company's primary business is to source and export used construction equipment and refurbishment to over 30 countries worldwide. It is led by three young entrepreneurial minds: Ms. Pavithra, Ms. Vaishnovi & Mr. Avinash, respectively.

The idea for coining of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) might have been rooted in the initial exposure of Ms. Pavithra & Ms. Vaishnovi to the construction equipment segment. The idea of materializing a venture was there on their mind for a long time. This paved the way for Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL), when Ms. Vaishnovi’s husband, Mr. Avinash, also started developing an interest in the industry and got actively involved in the equipment rental business. The three outstanding entrepreneurial minds, then, set off their company to become a recognised name in the construction equipment domain.

In the history of India’s construction equipment segment, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) is the first to initiate an innovative method for buybacks at a global level. From pioneering the methods to having buyback channel business relations with big names like Hyundai & Sany, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL), they have come a long way in almost no time. Their ongoing relations with other huge Indian brands like JCB & Tata Hitachi is a proof of their standard for excellence, trust, and reliability in the construction equipment space.

The Exclusive Missions & Visions Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

There is a demand for construction equipment activities in India, attracting international manufacturers to open up their manufacturing facilities in India. The growing industry is looking forward to meeting the demand locally within India and across the globe.

India is expected to be the beacon of large-scale construction equipment manufacturing and even go beyond, evolving globally as a big sourcing hub. This opens up a multifarious growth scope for the sector in the coming times. Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) aims to utilize the current situation to source and export used equipment and refurbish material worldwide. Only a visionary can tap into the opportunities at the right time and IEPL is doing exactly that!

Key Services & Products That Adds Value To Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) is specialized in offering multi-brand equipment, ranging from 2 to 100 Tons. Among used or refurbished items supplied by them, excavators, motor graders, dump trucks, compactors, bulldozers, rigs, pavers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, cranes, and other earthmoving equipment are included. In addition, they also provide customized goods and special attachments such as i-Prid Slope Vibratory Compactor, Pad foot roller, Buckets, Long Reach, High-bed/Elevated Neck for excavators, etc.

In the past few years, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) operations have earned recognition and developed crucial networks with overseas business partners, contacts, and elite clientele. They are very optimistic about becoming one of the major market leaders after the success of their exchange/Buyback business. They aspire to be a renowned used-equipment exporter in India.

About Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

The long-time experience of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) in the Construction & Mining Industry has helped them excel in their performances. The core business is around refurbishment—the state-of-the-art Infra Engineers India Pvt Ltd (IEPL) enhances equipment's codal and residual life through scientific and systematic improvements.

Their workshop is located in Gummidipoondi, within SIPCOT Industrial Estate, about 40 km from Chennai. With a team of 250 highly-skilled and experienced engineers and all necessary in-house manufacturing and refurbishment facilities, they can provide access, address, and facilitate repairs, replenishments, overhauls, comprehensive service & commissioning. The innovative mindsets of the founders have made the company what it is today and they are always striving to be the best version of themselves.

The growth in the construction equipment industry has to be credited to the growth of global infrastructure sector development. Many self-equipped operational manufacturing facilities can be found in India, backed up by major construction equipment manufacturers. This has pushed India to be considered a significant export hub in Asia. To meet the rising demands for used construction equipment in India and abroad, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) is duly expanding its facility and manpower.

Unique Attributes Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

The speciality of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) is to serve as a multi-brand construction equipment supplier over a wide range of choices and options. Customization is the main differentiator in any service sector and IEPL has made it a core focus zone. Their workshops are equipped with adequate in-house facilities to cater to customization according to customer requirements. They also ensure fast delivery and meet the design and timeliness of their customers.

The company is riding high on success with its team of outstandingly qualified personnels. Highly skilled engineers are engaged in troubleshooting, commissioning, and repairing works as required. The post covid economic crunch is there behind their deeply-thought pricing model and they are trying their best to offer competitive prices to the struggling economy. They put their customers on a pedestal and deliver the best-suited deals for each, retaining the finest quality at a fair price, considering the economic conditions of the time.

As the founder-trio also consists of women in significant positions, the company places high value on empowering women who have been capable and talented enough to join the Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) fleet and have worked as the company's backbone. They are trying their best to establish optimum gender equality in the sector!

Rewards & Recognitions Earned By Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

Success is believed to be a progressive journey and not a mere destination for Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) team. They are focused on gaining customer satisfaction by delivering quality service in every instance.

Challenges Faced By Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

The major setback for Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) was around two years ago, during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has reportedly affected businesses worldwide on a huge scale. Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) lost 18 months' production time, denting their business substantially.

The team has been exceptionally supportive through this period and has willingly come forward to contribute extra hours to get the company back on track. However, they are hopeful that the improved efficiency and productivity of the team will drive them through the storm, and they like to believe it too shall pass.

Revenue Model Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

Revenue is the fundamental requirement for any business just to ensure sustainability. The innovative core work earned its revenue, which has helped them grow as a company among its competitors. Their correct identification of the business of used equipment, refurbishing, and exporting has been the sole source of their revenue.

About The IEPL Team

Starting in 2016, Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) currently has its headquarters and refurbishing centres in Chennai. However, they plan to expand the business to the domestic market by the end of the year, with 8-10 showroom-cum-offices and a minimum of 10-20 units of various models of equipment on display. This multi-brand used equipment showroom will be the first in India.

The Board of Directors of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) are, respectively, Ms. Pavithra, Ms. Vaishnovi & Mr. Avinash. Completing their education in the United Kingdom & France, they have relocated to their roots to build this company. With their efforts, the organization has reached its status today.

Travelling across the globe has presented them with knowledge and ideas, imbibing all the positives of multiple work cultures and including them in Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL). They have also been keen on ushering women empowerment in the Company, which became their success story. Quality and safety are the utmost priority for every individual in the company.

Over the years, they have had an impressive response and good enough client reach spreading across the globe. They have also gained a decent repeat rate on orders. This gives a good enough idea about how the company has flourished in the past few years.

Major Milestones Achieved By Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

Their partnerships with big manufacturing companies like Hyundai and Sany say enough about their achievements. Their idea of used equipment buyback and the whole business is a first of its kind. Fortunately enough, this one-of-a-kind business also has a 100% success ratio. Other manufacturing companies have also started to follow the business model of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL), which further cements their success story.

Fundamental Values Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

The prime values of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) are Integrity, Innovation & Excellence. This helps them provide quality output in the most natural way possible. It also allows them to stay updated about the market by providing solutions & troubleshooting with all engineering problems.

Upcoming Trends In The Construction & Mining Industry

The dramatic change in the sales strategy factor is an important development to note. The demand for customers in the construction business revolves around buying the equipment as per on-hand projects. As the project is completed, the equipment is disposed off. This Buyback exchange pattern of sales is increasing at an alarming rate. It is certain to contribute to 40-50% of the total sales for Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL).

Current Projects Of Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL)

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd (IEPL) is currently focused on improving the workshop facility. They will be relocating their workshop, expanding it over 5 acres of land. This workshop space is currently under construction and is expected to be functional by October 2023.

Their target for 2022 to 2023 is somewhere around 500 units. This is expected to go up during the financial year of 2025 to 2026 further, twice the current target, i.e., 1500 units. They are also starting up a new vertical of the business, called the mini excavator division. Different service teams will be employed to handle 1-4 tons of various equipment models here. Their ultimate goal is to become an important player in the used equipment space. And they are working hard on achieving this feat.

Infra Engineers India Pvt. Ltd - Overcoming Setbacks

While they were involved in refurbishing equipment, they have had difficulties in cost control. However, failures made the company realize that many aspects of its business operations move forward and make a difference. For upcoming entrepreneurs in the industry, the way to success is to think and dream big. Staying confident and focused in their approach with a never-say-die attitude. Lastly, with hard work and sincerity, success will come following.

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