Being proficient in Innovation, Quality & Thought Leadership Aero Products competing on high service levels

Being proficient in Innovation, Quality & Thought Leadership  Aero Products competing on high service levels

Being proficient in Innovation, Quality & Thought Leadership

Aero Products competing on high service levels

The Indian aviation industry has grown at a hasty speed in the last decade. With an objective to address the crucial need of aviation market Mr. Somesh Dubey started Aero Products India in 2011 with a vision to become the global market leader in the civil & defence aircraft materials management business. He has a wide experience in Aviation including Operations, Marketing & Sales worldwide. Nearly 7 years down the lane Aero Products India is now a well-known name in the global aviation market.

For any company in the aerospace industry minimising risk and maximising profitability is an eternal priority. Aero Products India meet this ongoing challenge without compromising safety, service and support levels. This is possible because the company builds on the superior skillsets of a global materials supply leader, supporting all major aircraft families from an extensive OEM network and a worldwide material and logistics management expert in parts services and support. The Companyis linked to major OEMs & Distributors around the world to provide a highly responsive support network with greater asset availability at competitive pricing.

With more than 200 customers in India and abroad, including the top airlines, MRos, engineering colleges, flying clubs, non-schedule operators, government agencies, and selected members of the aviation industry the company is one of the global leading providers of aircraft materials currently used in the civil and defence aviation industry.

Through the years, API has expanded beyond the business of supplying parts for civil and defence industry to selling, purchasing and leasing of aircrafts and engines. We specialize in the sale, purchase and lease of mid-life and low life commercial aircrafts & engines while simultaneously offering our clients comprehensive material solutions and asset management services. Our customer-oriented approach of focusing on quality service and long-term client relationships has accelerated our launch, and in just few years the Company has completed many successfully projects. Strong capital availability, excellent customer relationships, orders with major manufacturers and a solid management team is our recipe for success.

Aero Products India is approved to a variety of different standards. It is an ISO 9001-2015 approved organization and is a member of ASA (Aviation Suppliers Association). Aero Products India is a regular participant in various Aviation Conferences, Air Expo, Aviation and Defence trade shows etc.

Aero Products India is aspiring to be 360 degree service provider in Aviation industry and is committed towards achieving & ensuring Quality System which is integrated with aviation safety, security & environmental management system. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the company permanently keep the quality management system updated.

Innovation is an integral part of Aero Products India corporate strategy as a global aerospace material management company. Our teams focus on different areas to make Aero Products India one shop for all customer needs in aviation sector to give our customers a decisive advantage and  long-term value in the booming aviation market. As one of the key contributors to this growth, the company gives customers the benefits of our skills and expertise, that tackle the latest technologies, proven methodologies, networks of experts and more. With more than 200 customers and association with various OEMs and manufacturers globally we clearly demonstrate our ability to come up as one of the best companies in global aviation market that will shape the future.

Besides offering value-adding and integrated services, Aero Products India is devoted to developing business partner relationships as well as new business concepts – to the benefit of both suppliers and customers.

As one of the global leaders in the aerospace parts business including sale and purchase of almost all types of aircraft and engines, Aero Products India is committed to being a world-class in everything they do and is dedicated to creating a flexible, dynamic and efficient company which exceeds the customers' needs and expectations at all times. Continuing on ever growing path and demand of customers Aero Products India has plans to open franchise in major aerospace hubs around the world.

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