Remsons Industries Limited, Top-Notch Quality OEM Solutions Manufacturer Supporting Its Global Clientele

Remsons Industries Limited, Top-Notch Quality OEM Solutions Manufacturer Supporting Its Global Clientele

Remsons Industries Limited, Top-Notch Quality OEM Solutions Manufacturer Supporting Its Global Clientele

Remsons Industries Limited is an endeavour initiated in the year 1965 by Vishwa Prakash Harlalka, a leader who believed in the vision of "Make in India" at a time when the Indian automobile industry imported control cables. With its heritage of being a pioneer brand establishing import substitution, the brand continues to manufacture and deliver quality products adopting the new technological advancements in the industry.

The leading global auto component manufacturing organisation is engaged in the manufacturing of control cable, gear shift systems, flexible shafts and push-pull cables. The brand has over the years evolved and created an infrastructure to support its core operations of manufacturing along with engineering and design and validation and testing.

Leading one of the biggest names in the industry, Chairman & Managing Director of Remsons Industries Limited, Krishna Kejriwal is leading the team and is focused on developing and commercialising advanced technologies, strengthening partnerships and taking prompt action to respond to the market shift towards value-added products using the brand's unique technologies, knowledge and ingenuity.

Sustaining Brand Success in Slowdown

The slowdown in the automobile industry since the second quarter of 2018 was at a peak during the first quarter of the current financial year. With various reasons that are difficult to pin down and analysis by experts that showcased no one specific reason for the slowdown in the industry today, the brand believes that the major challenge is to maintain and improve upon the top and bottom line where the major clients are automobile manufacturers.

"Despite the economic slowdown, fortunately, our company is successfully maintaining and even growing its top as well as the bottom line. A fairly large number of auto-component industries have shown reduced numbers and reduced bottom line. Maintaining our revenue growth, profits and return to the shareholders is a challenge, but we have been able to maintain it and we are hopeful to maintain and even grow our revenue," shared Mr. Kejriwal on how the company is overcoming the hurdles in the industry

Delivering Quality Products to Clientele

Being a pioneer in auto control cables and gear shifters, the brand offers a vast range of products including cables, flexible shafts, gear shift systems and push-pull cables to major manufacturers of 2 and 3 wheelers, light and medium commercial vehicles. Remsons Industries Limited is also associated with an international clientele as it exports these products overseas to Europe & USA.

Highest quality products using Best Manufacturing practises, maintaining successful and long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, and keeping abreast with the new technologies are the crucial part of Remsons Industries' current business model. The brand is making investments in R&D facilities, especially in the area of latest software-oriented designs and in-house product development to ensure delivery of quality products with increased capabilities.


The brand follows core values of S.T.E.E.R i.e. Systems, Tenacity, Empower, Ethics and Relationships. These values serve as guiding principles that dictate Remsons team's behaviour and action. Remsons Industries Limited believes in being system and process-oriented; maintaining tenacity towards achieving the vision; empowering colleagues towards teamwork; being ethics perseverant and cultivating long term relationships.

Lesson from a Leader

"In my journey, I have learned the true meaning of "Bucks Stop Here" which means that you cannot pass on the decision to someone else; you have to take it yourself. Yes, one can consider it with the team but ultimately, the risk stops with me. I believe that it is important that one learns to live by their decisions and overcome their mistakes," as stated by Mr. Kejriwal.

Motivating the Remsons Team

Remsons Industries Limited ensures to engage its employees at every level in the organization with its structured system and transparent framework right from strategy development to result achievement, inclusive constant feedback of the employees and communication at every level. The system enables employees to know how they are adding value to the company and whether the company's growth is in sync with their personal goals. The brand provides regular training to ensure constant motivation with the new technological updates in the market.

Awards and Achievements

Being a leading brand, Remsons Industries Limited has received awards for technology innovations, fair business practices, cost control, quality control & CSR Initiative. An active contributor to the society with corporate social responsibility, the brand has been recognised for its efforts focused on improving and providing education to lesser privileged children thus helping to secure India's future.

Competitive Industry and Learning Approach

 "Automotive industry is a competitive industry with high volumes, I believe, one has to keep their eyes open and try to bring in an innovative product which has a certain amount of demand because the gestation period is high as receiving approval from a company takes 2-3 years. So, you must bring in innovation in the products which can challenge the current automotive sector," Krishna shared a piece of advice to new entrants in the industry

He further adds "In the constant endeavour towards success, I personally update my knowledge by attending seminars, reading books, maintain constants interactions with my peers, active participation in industry associations and actively listening to the experts. Having been President of many Industry Associations as (ACMA) Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, Bombay Industries Association, and Rotary Club of Mumbai West, these institutions are the platform where I can interact and learn."

Envisaging Future Goals

"The continued slowdown of the Auto Industry in current FY year 2019-2020 is posing a challenge to all the companies in the automobile sector. We are looking to grow our company despite the market conditions. As a team, we are trying to expand our client base and explore newer markets where our products can be used," shared by Mr. Kejriwal on the brand's vision for 2020

He further added, "Despite the current slowdown that has hit the Indian market and may hit the foreign market, we are deploying our efforts towards achieving modest business growth and ensure that the figures don't drop. We are targeting to grow at least 15% Y.O.Y in the next 5 years. In the long term, we aim to build a company which is second to none in terms of cost, quality and ethics ensuring the satisfaction of our clients."

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