Achiievers Equities Ltd- India’s Innovative Discount Broker

Achiievers Equities Ltd- India’s Innovative Discount Broker

Achiievers Equities Ltd- India's Innovative Discount Broker

Suman Chakrvarty: Growth has no limit, keep revising your vision. Only when you can dream it, you can do it. If you have a dream to make it big, Achiievers is the partner you have been looking for it. We will not only help you conquer your dream but also make the journey simple, comfortable and unique.

The financial sector in India is going through a rapid expansion, in terms of strong growth of existing financial services firms as well as new entities entering the market. With the initiation of new firms, the needs of people are also rising. To meet the ever-growing research coverage needs of people efficiently, Suman Chakrvarty has taken the foundation of Achiiever Equities Limited in the year 1999.

Achiievers Equities Ltd (AEL) revolutionized the broking industry with the principles of transparency, honesty, and integrity. It is customer centric, innovative, and unique and responds to the changing needs of its clients. With an objective of being a full-service brokerage house and to provide comprehensive advisory services to its clients, the firm tackles the complete financial planning needs of people.

It has expertise in Mutual Fund, Bonds, IPO, Corporate Fixed deposit, Insurance. The organization is registered with almost all the prominent Exchanges in India like NSE, BSE, MCX, ACE, and USD.

The company introduced innovative Zero Brokerage Plan to say goodbye to traditional brokerage plans and change the rules of the game in the market and since then has shaken up traditional brokerage market.

Revolutionize Brokerage Industry by offering Unlimited Trade for the entire month in just Rs.500 only

Achiievers Equities Ltd innovated a plan to say goodbye to traditional brokerage plan and change the rules of the game. Clients were being charged by a broker for each and every trade he or she made, due to which rather than making profits; clients were actually at a loss. This is so because the client had to shell out his or her profit to the broker as BROKERAGE!!"

Achiievers offered a whole new way of trading going with the tagline "Making money differently", made it simple wherein clients pay a Nominal brokerage Charges of Rs.500/- (the lowest brokerage charged ever in the world), for trading entire month, which comes to Rs.28 per day considering 20 trading days in a month, whatever be this size trade or turnover, (It has now been revised to 750/- from Oct 2013). There was no restriction whatsoever, no commitment required from the client in terms of minimum turnover/contract note charges, software fees or any kind of other charges. Along with that, it provides research base advice, strong risk management and efficient customer support service enabling resolution of client queries quickly which will lead trader in a NEW ERA of endless & stress-free trading.

The company came up with four different plans (without any restrictions or Conditions) to suit the Purpose of investors:

  1. Trade Unlimited for a day for Rs.50/- only,
  1. Trade Unlimited for a month for Rs.750/- only,
  1. Rs.15/-perTrade, and
  1. Traditional Plans, allowing clients to pay as they trade.

Brains behind the Brand

Suman Chakrvarty

Managing Director and CEO

Suman Chakrvarty is the Managing Director and CEO of Achiievers and has been the key architect from its initial gestation. He has approx two-decade experience in the financial sector that has helped him to set new standards and established niche operations to bring Achiievers Equities Ltd to a position that it has reached today. Suman Chakrvarty brings to the table strong leadership qualities and a passion for excellence. He believes in nurturing a culture that is entrepreneurial, result oriented, customer focused and based on teamwork. He has given strategic direction to Achiievers Equities Ltd growth since the company incepted. He is armed with graduation in Science and an MBA in Finance.


  • Featured in leading financial magazines business magazines
  • Conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management by KEISIE International University, South Korea

Sumana Roy

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sumana Roy is the Co-Founder & Executive Director of the company.  Sumana has provided strategic direction to the organizational growth since the company incepted. And, because of her extensive knowledge in the Financial Market, she is the pillar foundation on the formation of Achiievers Quick Gold Loan.

Office Expansion and Clients 

ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES LTD operates with 6 Branches and 280 Business Partners (franchisees) throughout the country. The current operations are spread across India and with offices spread across the eastern and northern zone. It is functioning in 850+ Cities, Towns and Villages in India and operational with the network of 300+ trading centers throughout India. Its International Presence is in Singapore. All the activities are coordinated from the corporate office which is located at Kolkata, West Bengal.

ACHIIEVERS EQUITIES LTD has 30,000+ Retail Clients and 280 Sub- brokers across the country.

Feathers in the Cap of Achiievers

  • Achiievers has been awarded by 24MRC in association with Bloomberg TV, IBN7, Bengal Chamber of Commerce and other institutions for its outstanding contribution to support neglected class.
  • In the year 2013, the company diversified into the secured lending business through its NBFC (Non – Banking Financial Company) arm, ACHIIEVERS FINANCE INDIA (P) LTD in the form of Gold Loan. Within three years of operations, Achiievers Quick Gold Loan has already garnered a strong foothold in rural belts of West Bengal & opened up 4 Branches. And, today's financial industry, Achiievers Quick Gold Loan has established a strategic position.
  • Achiievers Finance India was awarded in the Asian- African Leadership Forum for Responsible Entrepreneurship in Finance Sector in March 2019
  • The company was recognized by MCX for its valuable contribution

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