Xcell Supply Chain Solutions

Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd
Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd

Xcell Supply Chain Solutions

Offers Robust Third Party Logistics Solutions To The Clients At Affordable Cost

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!

Mr. Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd, quoted the scientific genius Albert Einstein and told how this famous saying motivates him in all his life endeavours. He also follows similar footsteps and keeps this sentiment alive and breathing by aiming higher and working non-stop to accomplish his goals.

Experience and dedication are priceless possessions, and this has been consistently proved by Mr. Kumria and his team of 200+ workforce. With 22 years of unprecedented experience in sectors like Automotive, Electricals, FMCG, F&B, FMCD, Healthcare, etc., all of which are in the field of supply chain and logistics, he laid the foundation of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd in June 2017 to help the clients build and manage supply chain operations in their businesses and handle large and complex logistics solutions. He wanted to redefine the working processes in the logistic industry and foster accelerating growth.

Before laying the foundation of Xcell Supply Chain, he was the vice president and whole-time Director on the board of Pernod Richard India (Seagrams). He also served Baxter India, a global healthcare corporation, as its Director Supply Chain. Working with companies like Schneider Electric Asia Pacific, Bax Global India, and a few other renowned industry giants provided him with the adequate knowledge and expertise to set up and transform supply chain operations for large companies. Now he runs a successful logistics venture with a close-knit team of skilled executives.

About Xcell Supply Chain Solutions

Xcell Supply Chain Solutions is a B4B (Business for Business) company that offers end-to-end 3PL or Third-Party Logistics solutions to clients. The company covers Supply and Demand chains operations based on inventory management, transportation and logistics solutions. With a focus on warehouse and logistics services, the company thrives on improving client performance while reducing financial risk. They identify the pain points and implement a bespoke solution specific to the individual requirements.

Xcell Solutions Aims To Offer Flexible Logistic Services To The Clients

Mr. Kumria gave an insight into the origin of the idea that led to the establishment of the Xcell Supply Chain. After spending 20 years in the global corporate landscape, one problem was determined as standard. There was a shortfall of a 3PL service providers with highly skilled teams, sufficient local knowledge, and the latest technology offering flexibility at an affordable cost. He wanted to resolve the problems that were prevalent with conventional logistics services. This inspired him to take up the challenges and start his entrepreneurial journey. He aimed to build a sustainable business and offer service excellence to the clients.

Previously, users had the options to take services from multinational 3PL service providers, otherwise, they had to take services of large Indian 3PL companies that were neither flexible nor reasonable with price points. There were also mom-and-pop service providers with subsequent local knowledge and flexibility but they often lacked in technology, process, and skilled team, the cause of which can be attributed to its owner-driver model. This is where Xcell Solutions fills the void of a 3PL service provider capable of assembling a skilled team, provide process driven services using the latest technology. Coupled with that, it strives to maintain its flexibility with the local know-how at an affordable cost.

Xcell Supply Chain Solutions- The Missions And Goals

To solve the varied problems in supply chains, Xcell Supply Chain Solutions has successfully built a business model implementing tech based solutions and aims at providing the clients with efficient, quick, and safe product outreach to the market.

Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Unbeatable Market Survival Strategies

What sets this company apart from its competitors is its distinctive business model offering top-class customisation to the clients. The main focus of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions is to provide a unique blend of unparalleled services with local expertise and flexibility, all at a relatively lower cost. The company provides solutions that operate on an asset-light model, unlike 3PLs known for delivering a predetermined solution based on available services. Xcell Supply Chain also adapts to implementing the best capabilities and innovative technologies that suit the client and his business.

New Business Ventures in Digital Technology

Xcell is also working on creating an innovative B4B business platform, building a Digital Tech Driven Logistics Network for Part Load (LTL) service at a State & Region level to aggregate the fragmented Part load transport market for Regional and intra state SME logistics. It aims to build a technology platform for logistics SMEs, which are increasingly adopting technology to improve their existing operations, transact with new customers, and expand their network reach. By aggregating logistics services providers on its digital platform, Xcell’s new tech will enable better market access for the SMEs and additional demand fueling growth in their revenue, while giving the shippers a choice to select from a wide range of SME logistics providers at affordable cost.

Upcoming Technological Trends In The Supply Chain & Logistics Industry

The advancement of digital technology has transformed the face of commercial ventures and pushed businesses to new developments. Technology has become the core of the supply chain and logistics industry that has a diversified geological existence across India. Several SME transport and many 3PL companies have a low technology penetration compared to the modern business requirements.

However, this seems to be changing quickly with a comprehensive adaptation of technology. The future of the supply chain and logistics industry vastly depends on AI, Analytics, Blockchain, Digital Platforms, GPS Technologies, RFID, Robotics, TMS, Wireless, and WMS. Xcell Supply Chain, being a new-age venture, has adequate absorption in the innovative modern revolutions, making it a clear winner in the logistic domain.

Upcoming Vision of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions

Xcell Supply Chain Solutions PVT LTD puts real value in customers’ requirements and service satisfaction. They are working day and night to curate a technology-driven transportation model and build large-scale warehousing functions. A competent team and technological development will play an essential part in implementing these changes, and Mr. Kumria believes in conquering it all with ease and positivity.

The Maestro’s Advice For New Start-Up Founders

Mr. Kumria says that flexibility to newer adaptations and staying focused on the goals can result in value creation and building a fundamentally strong and sustainable business. “It’s is important to have high standards of governance and integrity in order to achieve long-term success,” quoted Mr. Kumria as he advises and guides the younger CEOs.

Future Prospect Of The Company

There is only prosperity and proficiency that can be expected from the company in the upcoming five years. Keeping the customer focus as the core value, the company thrives on changing the logistics and supply chain industry with premium services at cost-effective prices. The company wants to emerge as the pioneers and the preferred solution providers in the sector and obliterate the loopholes persistent in the industry. They also aspire to contribute to the clients' business growth with a visionary approach!

Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd
Chetan Kumria, MD & CEO of Xcell Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd
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