Alacritys: Creativity To Reality

Alacritys: Creativity To Reality

Alacritys: Creativity To Reality

Trupti Ladda- Founder & CEO

Sushil Sarda- Director of Sales and Growth 

The interior design industry in India is thriving. Presently the industry is valued at about 2 lakh crore and growing at a rate of 7.5% CAGR; it is expected to reach 3 lakh crore by 2027. The growth in metro and tier 1 cities is fueled by rapid urbanization.

Another reason contributing to the industry’s growth is the increase in the appetite to take professional interior design services in smaller cities. Walking hand in hand with the increasing demand and growth of the industry is Alacritys, a well-versed interior design company offering premium and luxurious high-end services in Architecture and Interior Design space.

Alacritys started its journey in Hadapsar, Pune, in 2009 and, since then, has successfully delivered different scaled projects within budget and on time. It has gained a reputation as a reliable and innovative company in society.

With a vision to create a better world through the Power of Design, Alacritys is moving towards its mission to stay committed to creating positive and enduring change throughout its journey.

Alacrity’s Key Services

Alacritys offers architecture and interior design services to its clientele, including people and companies from residential, commercial, religious, hospitality and healthcare verticals.

Apart from this, Alacritys also helps them select sustainable materials at the best cost, guiding for government approvals, compliance to Vastu, getting civil work done, and preparing for estimation and budget management for the projects.

Clients from different vertices have different needs, and Alacritys helps them achieve them, whether it is helping with estimation and budget planning or material procurement.

From accommodating last-minute changes and tailoring a project according to the taste and style of a residential client to space planning and stylish and modern designs while keeping safety in mind for commercial clients.

Alacritys does all this while delivering projects within promised time and budget. For clients, getting a trusted and reliable partner for their projects is important, and they can count on Alacritys for bringing transparency, timely delivery, tailoring to their requirements, and proper space planning.

Alacritys strive to create customer value through consulting and execution. They focus on architecture and interior design consulting and executing interior projects within an agreed budget and timeline per customers’ asks.

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The Mind And Heart Behind Alacritys

Ms. Trupti Ladda, Founder, and CEO, Alacritys

A graduate of BNCA, Pune, Ms. Trupti is an able leader and a creative Designer. Under her guidance, empathy, and discipline, the team at Alacritys confidently delivers projects to clients’ satisfaction.

Mr. Sushil Sarda, Director of Sales and Growth, Alacritys

An IIM graduate and an Engineer, Mr. Sushil’s passion for customer delight help customers realize their dream. He works with them to define and design what they are looking for. Mr. Sushil’s motto is to uplift Alacritys’ growth and expansion to the highest level.

What Differentiates Alacritys From Their Competitors

The team at Alacritys follows a customer-centric approach and walks the talk; this differentiates them from others. They offer seven different styles of designs and maintain transparency in cost and timelines. Compared to corporates offering modular designs, Alacritys believes in tailored designs to suit customer needs.

They provide a complete design package under one roof with their services, including landscape design, graphic design, civil consultancy, structural consultancy, and green architecture consultancy. Alacritys differs from other players in the field by their expertise and innovative approach. Customers find it easy to do business with them courtesy of Alacritys’ values.

Challenges Along The Way

The journey of Alacritys has its fair share of ups and downs. They have managed to surpass every hurdle with their principled and disciplined approach and by responding promptly to their customers and staff. In the initial days of Alacritys, generating leads and retaining clients were challenging for them.

Increasing their customer reach beyond Pune was also challenging, which they overcame by expanding their network and launching their digital presence. With the challenges, the team at Alacritys has learned to be empathetic in their approach till the project completes successfully.

From a traditionally managed firm to a corporate-style firm with dedicated executives for different responsibilities, the culture at Alacritys has shifted along its journey. The team at Alacritys learned the prioritization of different types of projects and the many ways customer handholding can be done during the project lifecycle.

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Alacritys: Inception And The Journey So Far

Running a business enhances one’s ability to think out of the box and create an impact on society and industry. It is also about inspiring others and giving them a chance to earn their livelihood through you. Belonging to a Marwadi family, earning through her own set-up instead of getting paid monthly was ingrained into Ms. Trupti’s mind since childhood.

Her passion for creativity and owning a business turned out to be the setting stone in the foundation of Alacritys in 2009, post-completion of her studies.

With teamwork, fairness, commitment, persistence, innovation, empathy, and Self-belief as their core values, Alacritys have successfully delivered 500+ residential and commercial architecture and interior design projects in Pune, Bangalore, and a few other cities across India, since its inception.

Few of their imminent clients are Kalyani Carpenters, Kalyani Studio from Kalyani group, JKL India Pvt. Ltd., a telecom infrastructure company, Parasmani Hospital Pune, Procient Pune – manufacture of distillery machine, and Zimbra, Pune – a software company.

Alacritys base their entire success on their customer satisfaction. Their biggest recognition is getting half of their projects with people referrals. Some of the major milestones for the company since its founding are:

  • 2009: Alacritys founded in Pune with a focus on commercial and residential projects.

  • 2012: Established its digital presence (

  • 2015: Expanded into hospitality and healthcare verticals

  • 2018: Executed and moved to own office with a 10-people seating capacity

  • 2021: Completed 500+ projects

  • 2022: Started operations in Bangalore

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Current Trends In The Industry

The current trend in the industry is to use software to simulate or generate 3D prototypes of architecture and designs. It helps customers to visualize and make necessary changes on the go.

With the help of software, one can play with colors, styles, space, etc. Another latest trend in India’s design industry is parametric design, where features are shaped according to algorithmic processes.

Future Plans

After establishing themselves in Pune, Alacritys is focusing on expansion. The first phase of expansion is Maharashtra and Karnataka, and the next is the rest of India. In the next two-three years, they have plans to establish themselves in Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities of Maharashtra and Karnataka and then expand further to the rest of the country.

They intend to operate across pan India and want to attain specialty in commercial, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. Alacritys are working to tie up with other like-minded corporates and firms to expedite its business expansion and reach.

They have plans to become design partners with companies operating across pan India and offer them architecture and interior design services.

Alacritys’ Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

A firm’s success is equivalent to its customers’ success. Being customer-focused and maintaining transparency with them is important.

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