7 Tips For Successful Networking At Conferences

7 Tips For Successful Networking At Conferences

7 Tips For Successful Networking At Conferences

7 Tips For Successful Networking At Conferences

Conferences provide the perfect opportunity to network and build contacts. Through networking, one can expand their connection and use it to climb the success of the professional ladder. It is often heard that one must network, but what exactly does networking mean? Networking refers to the process of building relationships with other people who can prove to be helpful later. Even though people should engage in networking, it is not an easy job. Successful networking requires some skills for both introverts and extroverts. Here is a list of seven tips for successful networking at conferences. 

1. Plan Early 

Networking involves engaging other people in an interesting conversation. Therefore, it is different from the usual daily conversation. Subsequently, one requires to prepare well when networking at a conference. First, one can start the preparation by confirming the topic of the forum and the key speakers of it. Subsequently, one should gather enough material to help one converse on the subject. 

For example, if it is a digital marketing conference, you can brush the basics of it. You can also learn more about why websites must be multilingual and allow the users to convert the language of a website from English to Hindi. The focus should be that you have enough knowledge to be informed about the topic, which helps you to converse smartly. 

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Strangers 

Networking is only successful when you manage to make new contacts. Also, making new contacts means that, at some time, you will have to talk to strangers. The idea of approaching a stranger can overwhelm many, especially introverts. However, it is possible to overcome this fear. 

For instance, you can start talking to the people next to you in the social setting. Or if you hear someone talking in Marathi, you can ask them to convert a word of English to Marathi to initiate the conversation. Remember that you are in a safe setting and can comfortably approach strangers to network. 

3. Arrive Early At The Conference 

It is easier to engage in a network before the conference begins. Therefore, the time just before the start of the conference provides a valuable opportunity for the attendees to network. It is because, at this time, there is no group in the place yet. Thus, it is easier to connect with new people as they are now open to networking. 

Similarly, networking at the conference event after it is over is difficult. Again, it is because, for many people, the conversation is already in full swing. In such a situation, joining a discussion is very intimidating and challenging. 

4. Have A Clear Objective 

Having an objective when you want to network is crucial because it will help you approach the right person. For example, if you are seeking a mentor for your business, you will have a better focus on identifying the mentor who can guide you. Furthermore, having a clear objective helps one develop an efficient strategy to approach the right person. 

5. Practice Active Listening

Networking involves speaking the right thing and listening actively to the other person. It is a rookie mistake that people go around sharing about themselves during a networking event without caring to listen. Therefore, it is vital to engage in active listening. Through active listening, it is possible to build strong relationships. 

Active listening indicates that you are interested in knowing what the other person is sharing. Furthermore, it shows that you are paying attention to them. One way to show that you are actively listening to the other person is by paraphrasing their statement. 

6. Focus On Quality, Not Quantity 

Even though the purpose of networking is to meet new people, it in no way implies that one should meet as many people as possible. When meeting many people, one must engage in a very short conversation, which might not give a satisfying conclusion. Therefore, when networking, ensure focus on the quality of the conversation. 

Only when you think you have built a rapport with one person at the conference should you shift your focus to another person. Planning again is handy as it will help you approach the right person without wasting time. 

7. Carry Your Business Cards 

Carrying your business card at a conference is a must, no matter how old-fashioned it sounds. Bringing your business card ensures you have something to offer the other person when the conversation ends. Also, it opens the opportunity to meet the person again in future. Even though virtual business cards have become popular, carry the physical card with you. 

You can use these seven tips to network successfully at a conference. However, remember that these are not strict rules. You need to stay flexible to make the necessary adjustments when required during networking.

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