Zuvius Lifesciences, Revolutionising Health with Affordable and Unique Oncology Solutions

Zuvius Lifesciences, Revolutionising Health with Affordable and Unique Oncology Solutions

Zuvius Lifesciences, Revolutionising Health with Affordable and Unique Oncology Solutions

Zuvius Lifesciences, Revolutionising Health with Affordable and Unique Oncology Solutions

Zuvius Lifesciences, Revolutionising Health with Affordable and Unique Oncology Solutions

Imagine a world free of cancer, a place where everyone is healthy and happy. Imagine a world filled with a golden glow of wellness. Striving to create a perfect world such as this is Zuvius Lifesciences


Zuvius Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. is a research-based Pharmaceutical Company manufacturing chemotherapeutic formulations of international quality standards, offering a diverse array of innovative solutions and therapies.

With a vast portfolio of more than 130+ oncology products, Zuvius the leading company in oncological products provides support and solution to patients battling cancer. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Zuvius was initiated as an initiative to comfort cancer patients through quality treatment.

The team of professionals at Zuvius have directed their efforts to develop simple and precise early diagnosis methods for cancer and to make quality treatments available and accessible to patients across the world.


Since inception, the brand has always strived to retain its tag of being an innovative company. Under the leadership of the founding team of Zuvius, Nimish Thakkar, Alka Chavan, Shailesh Shetty and Dr Ulhas Ganu, Zuvius has overcome several hurdles in this journey to becoming a leading developer of high-quality super speciality chemotherapeutic products.

From the MD's Desk

"Welcome to the world of Zuvius Lifesciences !!!

We, at Zuvius, specialize in chemotherapeutic formulations, offering a diverse array of innovative solutions and therapies, each of which plays an important role in providing solace and comfort to the people. The Zuvius corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.

Our team unity is the key growth factor that has helped us to reach such great heights.

"Know Cancer to No Cancer" is our message to the society. The battle against cancer is a collective effort. Spreading awareness is one of the major activity Zuvius would get involved in coming years. 

Promoting early diagnosis, and helping people overcome the fear of cancer would really help people to combat cancer in a better way.  With our formulations, we want to make good health a celebration, everywhere.

Zuvius bring our traditional family values of ethics, honesty and trust to bear on modern and innovative ways of working and developing our business and associated relationships.

A clear strategic focus on niche oncology and nutraceutical segments, state-of-the-art infrastructure, value-based collaborations, partnerships and our policy-driven, goal-oriented approach constitute the key elements of our future growth model," shared Nimish

Keeping Up with Trends

Zuvius Lifescience has been keeping up with the changes in the industry. It makes sure to be abreast with the latest trends not only domestically, but also at the global platform. With the same vision, the experts at Zuvius attend international conferences and industry events regularly, to have a bigger and better view of the industry.

The brand also has a dedicated team of experts who are focused on forecasting market trends and formulating innovative solutions. Being actively invested with dedicated efforts in research and technology of oncology is the key to the brand's strategy of keeping itself at par with the tides of time.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Zuvius Lifesciences believes that the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most developed and fastest-growing markets in the global scenario. India, the pharmacy of the world, produces about 20 % of the world's drugs. However, the nation still has some obstacles to overcome.

The first and most pressing challenge in the industry today is of access and availability of affordable drugs in the remote interiors of the country. The brand is ready to aid the government in building high-facility hospitals in rural areas. 

Zuvius team believes that it would drastically change the statistics of cancer diseases in the country.

The country has medicines but lacks the proper resources to ensure that the medicines reach the ones in need. Zuvius aims to overcome the challenge with its broad range of anticancer drugs and strongly believes that 'the disease doesn't differentiate between rich & poor and so shouldn't care.'

Difficulty in exporting medicines to countries with high demand is the second hurdle the brand has to hop through in the industry. With so many rules and regulations from both the countries, especially for the pharma sector, exporting often becomes expensive and complex.

The brand believes that the challenge is addressed by the Indian Government as it is working very hard to appraise the Indian pharma standards. Extensive efforts are taken so that medicines can be easily supplied seamlessly across the globe, thereby opening new doors of possibility for the pharmaceutical industry.

Proper research and development is the third and most important challenge. Over the years, the companies have accepted and created a dire need for better research component.

Though the Indian Pharma Industry is growing at a rapid pace, the profits generated are not enough to support the expensive costs of research, as compared to its counterparts in other countries such as the US. Zuvius believes that India needs friendly government policies that would encourage research and studies in the field of pharma.

Having mentioned the government's role that is required to transform the industry, the most essential part is the government's reforms. Regulatory reforms in India and abroad tend to be different, creating a need for the Indian government to pace up.

Regulatory Reforms in India and Abroad

After coming a long way in terms of development, India is yet to walk a long road.

The nation is in need of better regulatory reforms to promote drug research and development. Compared to the economically developed countries that have academic researchers, India too has a large number of such experts.

These experts are indeed keen on working on cancer research, creating a dire need for strengthening the academia-industry interaction supported by the Government.

The brand believes that there is an urgency to introduce reforms to ease the difficulties in conducting domestic clinical trials along with better solutions to tackle trial approval delays.

Beating the Competition

Keeping the brand on edge, competition is the biggest motivating factor for any organisation to grow and be inspired. Competition is a well of contemporary wisdom and it stirs Zuvius to strive harder.

The spirited race keeps the brand informed and alert of the latest trends and tides. Viewing competition in this light, Zuvius believes competition helps relevancy to come automatically without much conscious effort.

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Meeting the Standards

We at Zuvius Lifesciences, strive to provide our customers with quality products that exceed their expectations. We achieve this through our Quality Assurance program which is developed to ensure continuous validation and improvement in all areas of the manufacturing process.

The depth of experience, capabilities, knowledge of our technical professionals and advanced scientific analytical instruments ensures that a world-class quality of final products reaches our customers.

Our Technical Director, Dr Ulhas Ganu, heads this department which follows current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP), in total quality management. Achieving this standard is a step towards the systematic and documented work culture that we follow.

The analytical skills of our experienced and qualified Quality Assurance and Quality Control team are supported by Sophisticated Analytical Instruments. Stringent in-process, quality checks are conducted at each entry and exit level of raw material and the packing material.

Regular Validation of facilities, equipment, process, products & cleaning as per respective standard operating procedures are carried out at regular intervals.

Other activities include Complaint Handling, Storage of quality record and control samples, conducting and maintaining Stability Studies, and preparation of Registration Documents (DMF) in accordance with the respective FDA regulations.

Advancing Via Technology

Advancement of technology has transformed the business approach over the years and has become a key differentiator for companies. Be it in terms of research and manufacturing or selling and procuring, technology has facilitated every spectrum of the business chain. It has helped brands to leverage opportunities as it has simplified things.

"From customer-centric technology relating to the health care providers, to manufacturing and R&D-focused technologies that can help enhance productivity and compliance, one can see visible benefits of technology in the areas of secured collaborative research, Quality by Design (QBD), Product lifecycle management (PLM), Modelling and simulation in process development analytics and visualizations," quoted Nimish

Core Values

Zuvius corporate practices and commitment to enhance the cancer patient's quality of life is defined by its core values. Ethical practices, ensuring quality, and delivering customer satisfaction are the core values that drive the Zuvius Lifesciences team's actions.

These values practised over an epoch of decades have established the brand as one of the most trusted names in the healthcare industry.

Employees and Ethos

Zuvius believes in a culture of symbiosis, or mutual benefit. We work together to maintain goodwill and an amiable atmosphere. This not only helps personal and professional relations but also strengthens and improves the business and production process.

Zuvius believes that employees are the soul of a company. It is their hard work and dedication that can bring a brick and mortar building to life.

Thus, Zuvius makes sure to hold its team of professional employees with high regards and bind them with a bond of opportunity, appreciation and work satisfaction. The brand has always encouraged its employees to grow as the brand grows.

"Our yardstick of success brings the glow of health on everyone's face"

We are as honest as our actions. Our core values define our corporate practices and demonstrate our commitment to improving patients lives. We have developed our core values from our experiences. Our past has taught us to never give up.

Delivering Quality with Research

Zuvius promises international standards of quality in every product from its diversified portfolio of more than 130 high-quality oncology products. Zuvius has ensured that every product is backed by extensive research and tests guaranteeing unmatched quality.

Adhered to internationally recognized pharmaceutical standards, the formulations are created with the latest technologies and are well accepted across the globe including  Europe.

Zuvius is a research-based pharmaceutical company; hence, research and development are an integral part of the organization. Supervised by the hawk-eyed expert and one of the most eminent research scientists, Dr Ulhas Ganu, the team ensures to achieve unparallel qualitative success.

With 27 years of experience in basic cancer research at TATA Research Centre and an innate grasp of the complex concepts of the super-speciality segment, especially Oncology, Dr Ganu is the prodigy of Pharmaceutical Management.

The seasoned leader's astute guidance and supervision lead the team to achieve the top position as he works in sync with the myriad problems encountered by a cancer patient and brings out the best solutions.

Witnessing the Transformation

Pharma industry has witnessed a tectonic transformation in the past decades. The presence of Indian Pharma companies in the international market has increased massively leading to increased Indian formulation and bulk drug exports.

"With research, safety and long-term efficiency of medicines being the prime focus, the industry over the years has adopted the technology. It has played a pivotal role in catapulting the pharmaceutical sector in terms of research, manufacture and reach.

With so many brilliant minds of doctors, scientists and academics leading this industry, the transformations are sure for good," said Nimish

He further added, "We also see a great change today in-patient care, which was hardly available earlier. Neutraceuticals is again the next segment which has seen a major turnaround with people getting more and more health-conscious."

Milestones and Achievements

In its sprint of over two decades, Zuvius has blossomed as one of the forerunners in the oncology segment with specialization in world-class quality chemotherapeutic formulations.

The brand has curated a portfolio of over 130+ anti-cancer drugs as a result of its constant endeavours to find solutions, crowning Zuvius as leading manufacturers of the widest range of anti-cancer drugs.

The unwavering efforts and undeterred will of the entire team in the pursuit of forming a cancer-free society have won Zuvius the recognition in the market and among the patients. The recent and the most valuable glories adorning the brand's hat are the three consecutive National Awards and two International Awards.

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Journey to Lead the World

"Reaching out to the people who need us the most, are the people who we need the most. In our mission against Cancer, we have the backing of a highly qualified professional team who understand every need.

Here, some of the finest talents in the pharma industry bring together their cumulative expertise and experience.

They also bring with themselves, the inherent visionary zeal to keep on trying harder, to keep on innovating. Their efforts will help people rediscover the joy of living life, without the shadow of despair", shared Nimish

He further added, "The battle against cancer is a collective effort. People all over the world stand united in their crusade. To assist everyone, we want to reach out to the world.

With our formulations, we want to make good health a celebration, everywhere. Already, we are making rapid strides on a level that's global. So, in any dialect, Spanish, Mexican, Italian or Hindi.Zuvius Lifesciences will always stand for Redefining Health, Rediscovering Life."

Steps towards the Mission

"Having served the industry since 1995, the brand is looking forward to the future full of hope and prosperity with the same zeal. With global trade opening the gates and new innovations marking the way, we believe the pharmaceutical industry holds potential to change the light in which health is viewed," shared Nimish

He further shared "We are in sync with the mission we have set to achieve that is becoming a globally renowned and trusted brand as the right players drive the different branches of the company. We are in the process of building an ecosystem for the patients suffering from Cancer."

Government's Role

With the novel reforms by the government to uplift the bed of Pharmaceuticals and Life-science industry, Zuvius believes that there is scope for more powerful regulatory reforms that would strengthen the position of Indian Pharma in the global forum.

Government has already initated a Public Private Partnership model for building cancer healthcare centre across India, which will really bring a revolutionary change in the society.

"We expect better healthcare centres cropping up in the villages and remote areas where the health problems mostly go undetected for a lack of facility and finances.

Internationally, the industry has a huge scope to expand in China, Japan, and American countries. Hence, reformed trade laws with these countries to levy the rules can help revolutionise the industry," quoted Nimish

Insight into Future

Envisaging the future, a trait which every business tends to have is also driving Zuvius's growth. Zuvius managing team has various ambitious goals for future including investment in innovation and research, the two core elements of change.

The team is excited to work on many things in the pipeline, right from exploring the options in cancer cure to digging deep into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for cancer.

Early Diagnosis of Cancer and Biosimilars is a topic that the brand is aggressively working to build revolutionizing solutions. Expanding globally and reaching various countries with oncology solutions, is also an important aspect of the future that the brand focuses on which will help it spread the wings of light and hope.

Zuvius Lifesciences aims to be among the top five of the most trusted companies across the globe, recognized for its super speciality and anti-cancer products.

The Company is driven by its vision to become a global leader in research and drug development in the field of speciality medicines. Driven by its vision, the company reinvents itself to achieve growth and leadership.

Supporting Cancer Fighters

Zuvius is extremely proud for creating the longest hand-printed ribbon of 6500sq ft. which is featured in Limca Book of record, 2018.

Zuvius team has been passionately involved in various programmes and takes an active part in understanding and curing the pains of the downtrodden, during their course of cancer treatment. Special Programmes like 'Hope for Life' and 'Can Care' have been created by the team to ensure assistance for cancer patients crippled with financial disability.

Associated with the Government hospitals, Can Care program is organized to help numerous poor and needy patients who cannot afford costly cancer treatments. The successful program has led to benefiting of more than 10000 patients.

The brand has been extending help to various NGOs under programmes like Cancer Free Village on the Move along with sponsoring and participating in various Cancer awareness programmes.

Zuvius has been associated with Yuvraj Singh's Foundation YouWeCan, Zuvius has visited around 28 universities across the country to educate more than 18000 students for cancer awareness.

"The day is not too far away when people will say, "Cancer? —we are not worried because Zuvius Lifesciences is here."

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