Founded in 2008, Channel PR has been finding creative PR modules for its clients

Vrinda Mathur COO, Channel PR

Vrinda Mathur COO, Channel PR

Founded in 2008, Channel PR has been finding creative PR modules for its clients

Founded in 2008, Channel PR has been finding creative PR modules for its clients

Led by Vrinda Mathur as COO, we rate her as the Businesswoman of the Year 2021. Her vision and values for Channel PR not only led to successful survival, but flourishment of the company during pandemic times. The company flourished and successfully introduced, sustained and innovated digital PR campaigns.

More than a decade ago, Vrinda Mathur with a few journalist friends initiated an entrepreneurial journey and incorporated Channel Public Relations Consultancy (CPRC) in 2008, with the headquarter in New Delhi and a branch in Mumbai.

With several challenges and learning awaiting their decision to enter the novel league of start-ups, they continued to support their clientele and deliver PR solutions. Today, with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, they are delivering PR solutions to hundreds of clients, PAN India and abroad.

In fact, during COVID pandemic times and even before that, Vrinda has been advocating and implementing digitisation of the services of the firm, a feat that not only helped them service the pandemic recession but flourish their business even in these difficult times.

Vrinda along with the senior team management acted as clear visionaries and were focused on ensuring credible digital solutions in a troubled media and PR industry.

This led them to have an innovative integrated communication approach, wherein they used environment scanning, research & analytics, perception mapping, media relations & advocacy, media innovations, influencer marketing, social media management and digital online news and information platforms, along with value-added services to strategically meet their clientele’s business objectives.

The Channel PR Solutions

Channel PR is a one-of-its-kind industry leader which offers a comprehensive 360-degree solution crafted for brands aiming to enhance their visibility in the market.

In an effort to ensure client’s satisfaction, the team has been successfully deploying their services in research, analytics and development, brand curation, communication, media relations and digital PR.

The firm also offers Government relations and public affairs, corporate affairs and industry relations with crisis communication support as its premium services.

Amplifying clients’ marketing and brand messages through the relevant platforms and methods in the industry today, Channel PR leverages its strategic insights to ensure maximum outcomes.

As a Marketing 3.0 agency, it ensures that the brands they serve yield the highest benefits. Their interactive PR strategies are pragmatic and lead to real and qualitative results.

The Journey

As a novel venture, Channel PR faced several challenges including the challenge of starting from the scratch. Due to personalised credible services, they were able to start with a reasonable beginning, though Channel PR had to create its identity as a leader through a process.

Today, CPRC has worked with more than 200 clients including a sizeable volume of retainer clients. They have retained several clients for more than a decade and continue to have unrivalled solutions delivered to them. CPRC core brand value is of working with quality and trustworthy clients.

Covid-19 Pandemic & Channel PR

The COVID-19 induced pandemic and lockdowns posed an unusual and unparalleled challenge for brands in 2020. However, Channel PR solved this problem efficiently being a well-equipped firm with digital PR solutions to support the marketing requirements during the time.

With a key understanding and know-how of the Indian market, they enjoy a peerless stance in the market as a preferred partner for many clients including several multinational companies.

This strong understanding of the Indian market is imbibed in the team. For its Indian DNA, CPRC understands Indian market and its pulse most aptly.

The team has its members from every pertinent field of communication including digital marketing, journalism, creative production, activation and promotion, public affairs, and public relations. CPRC’s business is driven by authentic word of mouth by its clients, commanding a genuine goodwill through them as ambassadors.

The Channel PR Team

The team is committed 24x7 to professional brilliance, round the clock. At the same time, Vrinda has been a key believer in ensuring effectiveness and productivity. As a leader, she ensures maintenance of a work-life balance and a small example of the same is that she does not believe in overtime, barring the cases of a big event or emergency.

With the same focus on productivity, the entire team is driven on the values of transparency with the clientele, and trust in each other. With a focus on each client, the network of associates based in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, are dedicated to valuable and honest interactions with the clients.

Channel PR has been actively supporting a lot of start-ups, tech set-ups and online ventures. This creative, adaptable, and brimming team, with fresh ideas, waters its brand’s day by day, like a gardener, protector and custodian, personifying Channel PR and its role in the brand cycle, at its best.

They stick to the roots of the brand and broaden their circumference with continuous research on the upcoming industry trends. Their dynamic team curates strategic and creative inputs for diversified clientele.

With visionary, agile, and strong-minded leaders at the helm of the brand’s foundation, Channel PR boasts of a committed team of PR professionals who are equipped with not only the know-how of the industry, but also experience in advertising, journalism, and public relations.

This allows the Channel PR clientele to have exclusive insights into the world of the Indian media, inclusive of traditional media like print & electronic, and digital media like online and the neo-media. CPRC has been successfully able to reach its mission to curate and communicate the right message effectively to the relevant audience for brands.

Irrespective of the business-driven or media-driven communication, they specialize in having proficiency in ensuring and enhancing brand awareness in the market.

Vrinda Mathur, COO, Channel PR, and as per us rated Business Woman of the year 2021, is a true champion of not only withstanding negative turf during pandemic but turning it into an opportunity and co-creating a whole new purview of services and delivery ensuring value and new age PR for clients.

Feathers in the Cap

Since Vrinda conceived the journey in her early 20s, she has successfully navigated through the challenges and reached several personal and professional milestones. These professional milestones include expansion to Mumbai and Bangalore.

With physical offices, the brand has been able to successfully communicate and assist the clientele during the lockdown while Vrinda could not travel to these locations.

Another feather in Vrinda’s cap is the Digital PR solutions roadmap that was successfully carried out and allowed Channel PR to stay relevant in the unprecedented times of the
Covid-19 pandemic. With a robust belief, focus, and utmost dedication, the businesswoman of the year, Vrinda has been able to carve out a unique stance in the PR industry today.

“For me, it’s the journey, that is important. And of course, every milestone or reward is fulfilling. We will continue to create value for our clients, earning accolades in the process.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vrinda Mathur COO, Channel PR</strong></p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vrinda Mathur COO, Channel PR</strong></p></div>
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