Nutriment for brands’ Digital Marketing buildup: Omnia Digital

Nutriment for brands’ Digital Marketing buildup: Omnia Digital

Nutriment for brands' Digital Marketing buildup: Omnia Digital

"The wind of digital transformation is streaming pole to pole. The platforms which once added colors to our social lives have become advertising platform to cater media presence of brands. Digital marketing has extended the spheres of influence for brands that are trying to get noticed by their audience. Some companies are doing a fantastic job on digital platform but even now some platforms are still in the denial mode of being away from the digital media and following the rat race of considering conventional mediums of advertising as the main platform of communication. And here we channel the modern day marketing, combined with creativity, digital engineering, analytics and technology for such brands." says Shwetha Prasad, CEO and Co-Founder, Omnia Digital. Omnia Digital is a bootstrapped start-up specialized in digital branding and marketing co-founded by Shwetha Prasad and Santosh Palavesh, an eccentric young entrepreneur. Shwetha, back in August 2016 envisioned entering into the digital space and took it upon herself to recruit her team and establish the agency on her terms and vision, guided by Santhosh. The digital-duo talks with The CEO Magazine and shares Omnia Digital's business voyage's excerpts.

Point of departure

Being just over a year old, Omnia Digital has already started its uphill climb to be associated with some of best, biggest and most importantly niche brands in the country. The delivery of efficient positive results with the quickest turn-around time has been the go-to motto for Omnia's digi-wizards. With a diverse team that's hand-picked across assorted industries come in with utmost passion, creativity and handles clientele from discrete industries ranging from education, fashion, hospitality, real estate and a lot more. We thrive to ensure our campaigns are radicalized by data driven and result oriented content the digital world needs.

What makes Omnia Digital a Unicorn among digital marketing horses?

Because horses neighs and unicorn talks! Omnia digital is a creative agency with an exceptionally high inclination towards data. Of course creativity enjoys unparalleled attention but data goes out for a higher priority. In words of Shwetha, "We strongly believe that a digital campaign's efficiency and effectiveness boils down to the analysis and implementation in real time. To design any brand's strategy or creatives, our brainstorming start by challenging ourselves; will the strategy for campaign or creative drive results? If the answer is anything other than a yes, we ensure it is fine tuned until we create and strategize result oriented digital campaigns that are pleasing to the eyes and attention of the audience. We do not take on a brand as client, we become the brand! We believe that true passion and responsibility are on the highest peak when one works on a project close to their hearts. We ensure that the brand's DNA is absorbed and that reflects in every strategy and campaign we run."

Product Portfolio

Omnia digital covers whole plethora of digital marketing and branding tools to engage, inspire and boost client's brand awareness amongst its audience. The company deals into:

The Digital Duo

Shwetha Prasad, CEO and Co-Founder

Shwetha Prasad is a seasoned entrepreneur acquiring a capacious history of working in the marketing and advertising domain. A B. Tech degree holder from SRM University, Shwetha posses fleckless skills in Business Process, Operations Management, Communication, and Customer Relationship.

Santhosh Palavesh, CMO and Co-Founder

Santhosh is a polished young entrepreneur who admires innovative marketing. His keen interest lies in focusing on marketing brands to infuse creativity & technology in appropriate proportion.

Future Ahead

The market for almost every industry is predominantly in the digital space with people spending most of their free time on search and social media platforms. We ensure that the brand eases into the market place and sustains in it by bridging the gap. Omnia Digital's immediate plans are to establish its operations in Bangalore and Mumbai. The latter step will be to take Omnia Digital overseas in the long run for a global expansion.

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