Marvist Digital Marketing: Enabling Small and Mid-sized Businesses Succeed in the Digital New Age

Marvist Digital Marketing

Marvist Digital Marketing

Enabling Small and Mid-sized Businesses Succeed in the Digital New Age

Marvist Digital Marketing: Enabling Small and Mid-sized Businesses Succeed in the Digital New Age

Replacing the eons-old traditional marketing, digital marketing is the new age tool for building and breaking brands in the world.

Excelling in such an era where the importance and dependence on digital marketing are inevitable, Marvist Digital Marketing offers small and mid-sized businesses a scope to grow online and become successful and highly profitable.

The company is the brainchild of Prabodh Dubaka, an experienced professional who has contributed to the success of various top brands in India and Abroad.

With an extensive experience of nearly 2 decades, Prabodh has worked in various industries in the UK and India. Earlier in his career, Prabodh was responsible for New Product Development in HSBC Taxpayer Financial Services at Bridgewater, New Jersey.

A winner of the Economic Times Brand Quiz- 1996 from Hyderabad, the visionary and business leader had identified his interest for business management and pursued an MBA despite getting a merit admission in MBBS in a government college.

Prabodh started his career as an Investment Banker at a Top 5 NBFC company. Thereafter, went to work for Indus Software, Pune which is successful software product company offering instalment loan management ERP software for Banks/NBFCs in India and abroad.

He has helped the company gain clients including Fortune 500 companies while serving at its USA and India branches. An avid reader of the business literature, Prabodh follows his interest in marketing, management, strategy, productivity and process management.

Marvist Digital Marketing

Marvist digital marketing is an extended branch of Marvist Consulting. The brand indulges in consulting as well as execution of the digital marketing services including SEO, SEM, SMO, Website maintenance, blog management, and content management along with info graphic management.

Marvist was established in 2005 to serve overseas clients after gaining experience in the USA. Marvist has served to an extensive client base including various small and mid-sized companies in the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, and English speaking European countries.

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Company Ethos & Work Culture

The company believes in the importance of values and ethos in the "Marvist team" along with technical competence. Working in an ethical environment, the company promotes its employees to excel in both areas.

Unlike the offshore companies, the company offers interesting and challenging work assignments of the client based in USA and Canada.

The day time positions at Marvist are interesting, analytical and creative. The work culture is directed towards performance-based and clients oriented results.

The Marvist Team

Been through a rigorous recruitment process identifying people with the right attitude, skills, knowledge and potential to deliver, a professional get its position in the team.

Every team leader and the manager has to manage both the people and processes actively at the same time. The leaders play an essential role in making sure that their team members grow and deliver on bigger assignments.

Marvist Digital Marketing's senior management have previously contributed their efforts in the senior-most positions at various small, mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies and offer extensive experience in online marketing, new product development, product management, and traditional marketing.

These experts have been leveraging their experience and expertise to offer innovative solutions at a fraction of current costs.

Creating Loyal Clientele

The business has not only established its roots and built brand trust over the years but also ensured that the client feels comfortable in its first meeting. To ensure a constant client base along with reselling, the brand offers effective results from its digital marketing campaigns.

Over the last 14 years, the brand has earned a good marketing reputation for delivering results and has gained the gratitude of 1000+ medium-sized firms with their innovative approach and expertise, which offers true economic value to customers.

Research and Development: The Core of Business

A data-driven business curates search engine strategies, white label services, local SEO services for existing and new client base. The brand works with comprehensive research and analytics to build an effective strategy to make sure that each client gets the best solutions.

In a rapidly evolving environment, Research and development play an essential role to update the methods of Digital Marketing.  The Founder has formal expertise in New Product Development in the USA in Fortune 500 firms has helped the brand stay successful in the ever-changing digital marketing industry.

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Industry Transformation

From a stage when the industry was named" Website marketing", the brand has been serving clients to the stage of "Online Marketing and finally now at the stage of "Digital marketing".

Like every other industry, the industry has also evolved but by a fast pace in a short period. The internet has changed how various businesses used to work.

The industry has presented various new players with the opportunity to set up business in the new segments that have been created over time. One segment of the digital industry that has grown the most in the last decade is Social Media.

In India, the most accepted form of Internet is through Smartphones leading to increased demands of mobile applications in the younger generation.

Digital Marketing Trends

Awareness is the most essential element of any business. Today, every organization in India is directed towards marketing through digital mediums. Either brand is outsourcing or hiring the service providers to ensure an online brand and maintenance of its stable image.

The trends that will be dominating the landscape soon is to strike the right balance between various segments of marketing brand online including SEO, SMO, SEM and Content Marketing. With the constant evolution of technology, marketing automation appears to be promising.

Milestones and Achievements

An exceptional client base of more than 1000 clients has been one of the most important achievements for the brand in its lifetime of 14 years. In India, the brand has created a community of satisfied customers with its impactful results. The loyal clientele has been working with the company for over 3 years.

Future Roadmap

With its commendable contribution overseas, the brand is planning to expand its services in India. To ensure the same, the brand is directing its efforts on creating Indian specific Digital Marketing Solutions.

Being Proactive and Conscious of the ever-changing environment, Marvist Digital Marketing Company is focused on planning and building capabilities to perfectly cater to the target audience for its brand in the 5 years from now.

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