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Mervyn Gonsalves and Manish Gakkhar - Co-Founders & Directors - Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.

Mervyn Gonsalves and Manish Gakkhar - Co-Founders & Directors - Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.

Mervyn Gonsalves and Manish Gakkhar - Co-Founders & Directors - Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.

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The logistics industry, operating discreetly but indispensably, serves as the linchpin for the global distribution of goods and services, influencing the accessibility of daily necessities and the dynamics of the worldwide economy.

Within the industry, where the movement of goods defines the rhythm of modern commerce, AALLIANCE TSCS stands as a vanguard, revolutionising the industry with its innovative delivery solutions.

AALLIANCE TSCS Pvt. Ltd., the flagship company of AALLIANCE Group, co-founded by Mervyn Gonsalves and Manish Gakkhar, specialises in Door-to-Door Time-Definite Express Cargo Services, Third-Party Logistics, and Trucking Services, tailoring solutions to customer needs.

Their vision is to create a world-class Integrated Supply Chain & Logistics company, offering innovative, cost-efficient solutions through skilled manpower and robust IT support.

AALLIANCE operates as an asset-based provider, collaborating with trusted partners and offering customised solutions for diverse customer needs. They aspire to reduce supply chain costs and enhance efficiency through best practices and outsourcing, building a world-class logistics company.

The Genesis of AALLIANCE

Beginning his career in sales, Mervyn Gonsalves soon transitioned into the logistics and supply chain industry, working with industry giants like Safexpress and Gati Limited, where he ascended to the role of National Head. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of the logistics industry, Mervyn then went on to establish AALLIANCE.

Talking about the inception of AALLIANCE, Mr Mervyn recalls, “Having worked in the top two logistics and supply chain firms while actively contributing to their growth fueled my desire to launch an Integrated Logistics Solutions company.

I envisioned providing customers with tailored solutions that match their expectations rather than simply offering standard services, and that is the USP for AALLIANCE TSCS.”

Mervyn embarked on his journey with a consulting project for a major Indian Express Cargo and Supply Chain company. Recognised as an expert in Supply Chain Management, he swiftly became sought after for various projects.

A pivotal moment arrived when a leading apparel brand sought his guidance to resolve its complex sourcing and distribution challenges. Mervyn’s involvement led to a game-changing integrated solution, optimising logistics and yielding substantial cost savings.

This success opened doors to further projects, addressing logistics complexities and partnerships with transportation and warehousing companies venturing into Express Cargo.

Notably, the path led to an encounter with FedEx, for whom Mervyn devised a road strategy solution, eventually giving rise to AALLIANCE from his consulting firm, ‘MG Alliances & Partners,’ marking the start of an unceasing journey.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mervyn Gonsalves and&nbsp;Manish Gakkhar -&nbsp;Co-Founders &amp; Directors -&nbsp;Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Manish Gakkhar, the Co-founder &amp; Director of AALLIANCE TSCS Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

Manish Gakkhar, the Co-founder & Director of AALLIANCE TSCS Pvt. Ltd.

Manish Gakkhar, the Co-founder & Director of AALLIANCE TSCS Pvt. Ltd.

Manish Gakkhar, the Co-founder & Director of AALLIANCE TSCS Pvt. Ltd., boasts a formidable career steeped in professional excellence. With a resolute background in sales, Manish’s illustrious journey spans a spectrum of industries, including space selling, soft luggage, and mobiles.

For the past 22 years, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess by deftly navigating the intricacies of the logistics business. This multifaceted experience encompasses domains such as courier services, cargo management, warehousing, and transportation solutions.

Manish’s partnership with Mervyn Gonsalves as a co-founder is rooted in their shared vision for AALLIANCE. His commitment aligns with AALLIANCE’s mission to not only transform but elevate the logistics and supply chain industry.

An Extensive Suite of Logistic Solutions

AALLIANCE’s services encompass Express Cargo Services (Domestic & International), eCommerce distribution, warehousing, freight forwarding, custom clearance, citywide distribution, and transportation solutions.

Their specialisation lies in e-commerce distribution for large and non-large B2C verticals (e.g., FMCG, FMCD, Electronics, Appliances, Furniture) and B2B Express cargo and Supply Chain Management for industries like IT-Tech, Pharma, RMG, Automobile, and Engineering.

Emphasising transparency, AALLIANCE aims to build long-term partnerships focused on performance-based, reliable, and responsive services that reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

By taking charge of logistics, AALLIANCE allows businesses to focus on their core activities, offering on-site implants at customer locations to seamlessly extend and manage services from a single point. With their state-of-the-art Services, AALLIANCE has served prominent companies like Flipkart, Amazon, UPS, Movin, Croma, and Topps.

Crafting Success: AALLIANCE’s Journey of Excellence

"Success for Aalliance can be summed up in the three words: Efficiency, Quality, and Consistency. Aalliance commenced its growth journey from the ground up, achieving consistent double-digit profitability. This distinguishes us from our peers, which, despite ample funding, operated in Red.”

says Mr Mervyn.

He explains, “At AALLIANCE, we cultivate a close-knit atmosphere akin to a family. Here, we cherish a special combination of close bonds, individual freedom and a deep dedication to our customers, who are our valued providers. Success is our ability to operate efficiently while consistently delivering an outstanding customer experience with every shipment, ultimately making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mervyn Gonsalves and&nbsp;Manish Gakkhar -&nbsp;Co-Founders &amp; Directors -&nbsp;Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
Ashapura Shipping Group
<div class="paragraphs"><p>AALLIANCE -&nbsp;Trophies </p></div>

AALLIANCE - Trophies

AALLIANCE - Trophies

Navigating Setbacks

During their journey, AALLIANCE encountered and overcame significant challenges. A major setback was experienced during the 2016 Demonetisation in India.

At that time, a significant portion of the logistics and supply chain industry relied heavily on Cash on Delivery (COD), as the adoption of digital payment methods like UPI (Unified Payments Interface) was in its early stages.

This reliance on COD, coupled with the sudden demonetisation, severely affected AALLIANCE’s operations, causing a drop in efficiency and revenue.

The company’s response to this crisis was marked by determined efforts to adapt and recover. AALLIANCE operated in three verticals: AALLIANCE WORLDWIDE (handling Express & International Freight), AALLIANCE TRANSCARE (managing the Transport Vertical), and AALLIANCE Infracare (responsible for infrastructure, including warehousing and hubs). By establishing strong ties with affiliated banks, along with arrangements with petrol pumps and refuelling centres, AALLIANCE managed to stabilise liquidity and resume its daily operations.

The crisis became a transformative moment for AALLIANCE, enabling them to adapt to cashless transactions and embrace the FinTech revolution. Although downsizing was necessary, it provided an opportunity to rebuild the company more efficiently, strengthen core values, and enhance team resilience.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented another set of challenges. AALLIANCE’s operations were initially curtailed due to lockdowns, impacting their shipments.

The company shifted its focus to supporting its staff and employees during the initial phase of uncertainty, transitioning from advances to ration support and basic payment schemes. Lockdowns also affected the operation of trans-shipment centres and hubs.

AALLIANCE pivoted to prioritise the delivery of essential items, effectively allocating resources while ensuring the safety of delivery executives. These experiences have shaped the company’s ability to adapt and overcome future challenges.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AALLIANCE -&nbsp;Trophies</p></div>

AALLIANCE - Trophies

AALLIANCE - Trophies

Future Outlook

AALLIANCE TSCS envisions becoming a major Logistics & Supply Chain enabler in Western India, specialising in Express Cargo Freight and E-Commerce distribution. They aim to enhance their influence in intercity deliveries across Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP-CG & Goa while integrating state-of-the-art technology for real-time tracking and improved customer visibility.

Their long-term goal includes significantly reducing delivery times and establishing themselves as a gateway for pan-India shipping by collaborating with industry leaders from other regions. AALLIANCE prioritises the “Customer Experience” by focusing daily on improving client interactions. With efficiency and fulfilment as their core values, they aim to shape the future of the Logistics & Supply Chain industry in India.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Mervyn shares, “In the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, where technology serves as a catalyst for growth, effective operations rely on competent manpower.

With a vast scope and government incentives, this sector is poised for significant AI-driven evolution. Within the intricate chain of End-to-End SCM solutions, a single module, when approached with the right team, mindset, and ideas, can yield valuable experience before expanding to new horizons. Success in Logistics & SCM hinges on balancing infrastructure capital, manpower, and technology.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mervyn Gonsalves and&nbsp;Manish Gakkhar -&nbsp;Co-Founders &amp; Directors -&nbsp;Aalliance TSCS Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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