Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

“Making somebody else’s dream as yours and working relentlessly to turn the dream into reality is something beyond satisfaction.” - Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani
Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

Kamlesh Kriplani - Founder & CEO - Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

With a vision to turn people’s dreams into reality, Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani founded Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd., an Architecture and Interior Designing firm.

The Purple Leaf team believes that Architecture is all about exploring, designing, creating, and building structures to the best of their aesthetics and utility. People have a misconception that architecture starts with the design and ends with building the structure, but the reality is far from it.

Purple Leaf firmly believes that architecture begins with the requirements and ends with fulfilling the client’s expectations. Architecture is all about creation, the creation of spaces and the environment around them. Purple Leaf offers a one-step solution from designing to executing turnkey projects.

In retail spaces, the team of Purple Leaf has designed jewellery showrooms, clothing, fashion stores, etc. Purple Leaf specializes in designing retail spaces, and its expertise lies in supermarket designs. They also have successfully delivered several commercial spaces and bungalow projects.

Purple Leaf is working on creating a difference in the Indian retail market by spreading awareness of how retail design provides a world-class experience to the consumer who visits the stores designed by them.

Purple Leaf, with its team of 15 experts, has already served hundreds of clients.

With their zeal and expertise, Purple Leaf has a mission to achieve the highest standards of the process, which can incorporate their clientele in decision making and, at the same time, will keep them away from the hustle they generally suffer from while executing the projects.

Currently, Purple Leaf has offices in Pune, Jalna, and Akola, and soon, they are planning to open an office in Hyderabad too.

The Mind Behind Purple Leaf

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani, Founder and CEO, Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt. Ltd.

A Graduate from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani has been practising architecture for more than 15 years. In his professional journey, he has designed and executed hundreds of projects, including residential, commercial, and retail projects.

He then went on to complete his Master’s in Environmental Architecture from IES College of Architecture, Mumbai. With his years of expertise in designing the dream homes, commercial complexes, showrooms, and offices of countless clients, Ar.

Kamlesh is an expert in understanding clients’ requirements and a master of converting the requirements into implementable, practical, and functional designs.

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Differentiating Factors

Understanding the commerce behind the art is what differentiates Purple Leaf from its peers. In the retail industry, a wasted day equals to loss of business. While delivering a project, maintaining the timeline and quality of the design and work makes for an excellent architecture service.

Purple Leaf’s USP lies in offering the best and most unique designs and delivering a project within a record timespan that no one else can do.

Purple Leaf Success And Recognitions

In Ar. Kamlesh’s words, “The design field gives us new dreams every day.” The real inspiration lies in the vast and never-ending nature of the industry. According to him, success for the firm will be when they will change and transform the architectural field forever.

He mentioned that one of their major milestones in Retail was getting the Red Rose Hypermarket project spread over 26000sq.ft. The journey of Purple Leaf was far from smooth, and it had its share of hits and misses. With the guidance of Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani and the hard work of the team of Purple Leaf, they have managed to surpass every hurdle along the way.

Fundamental Values Of Purple Leaf

Purple Leaf has three fundamental values:

Continuous Refinements: Purple Leaf believes that nothing can be achieved without you walking, talking, and breathing in the space you want to grow and nurture yourself in. And when you do so, it will reflect in you via your continuous upgradation and refinements.

Ownership: The team at Purple Leaf leads their projects like committed owners. They take full ownership, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all their projects

People: Finding the right people is the key to building an organization. Purple Leaf consider people as their most valued assets and treat each individual with trust, respect, care, and concern.

Purple Leaf’s core values helped shape its company culture and helped them establish itself as a leading interior design firm within such a short span of its inception.

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Upcoming Trends In The Industry

In the past few years, the customers of the retail industry have changed, and in turn, the retail design industry has changed quite a lot. The current challenge in the industry is that customers now expect a better environment and services from the retailer, and the retailer is not able to understand that.

Apart from good quality material, customers now expect a great ambience too. It is important for retailers to realize that shopping is beyond need and has reached the level of fun and entertainment when it comes to the shopping experience. To retain their customers, they need to match the customers’ pace.

Future Outlook

When it comes to the future plans of Purple Leaf, the sky is the limit. The team of Purple leaf is already working across PAN India in retail design. In the coming future, they plan to scale their operations in commercial and residential spaces, malls, and corporate interiors. Five years down the line, Purple Leaf aims to be the top firm in designing retail spaces.

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Architecture and Interior Design is a detail-oriented field; it requires passion, empathy, and a complete understanding of nature. You cannot prosper in the field if you are not ready to immerse into it. You need to get drowned in the field to grow high in it.

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