Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?

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Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?

Pune is known as the seventh most popular city in India and most happening city and the second-largest city in Maharashtra. Pune has the best living weather it is mostly said that if you have planned a living then Pune is the best city to go with. Pune has an estimated population of 7.4 million in 2020.

Pune was firstly also known as Poona. This city is incredibly famous in the book of history because the empire of Marathas was situated in Pune only. In the 18th century, the city was known as the city of Peshwas and one of the political centers in the Indian Subcontinent. Some of the Mughals were too involved here to rule the city there was a time when this city was ruled by Ahmednagar Sultanate, the Mughals, and the Adi Shahi Dynasty.

Pune is also known as the second IT hub city. Pune is also known as the automobile manufacturing hub of production. The city has emerged as a major global educational hub in recent decades, with half of the total number of international students in the country studying in Pune. It is so worldwide that it attracts many students from over the seas.

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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1. Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is an ancient fort in Pune. This fort was of Peshwa in Pune who lived here for a long. This fort is made up of half stone and half bricks. It is said that only the king was allowed to make his palace from stones but Peshwa was not fully king so first, he was trying to make the palace with stones but when people there get to know that they said against him and the palace was then partially built by stone and rest of it is made up of bricks. But in some of the wars, the upper six floors are buried and only the part of most stones is left over to see. Amazingly built a fort.

2. Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace was built in five years. It was built by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan. When Indira Gandhi first visited the palace, she gave some amount to take care of it after that it was the government's responsibility to give funds for its care but after some time when funds were not that much enough it was not taken care like first, it was because funds were not that enough that it could be taken care by the people living there. It was the last place where Kasturba Gandhi has taken her last breath. It is also said that it was the place where Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi and three secretaries Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu were prisoners there in the Indian Freedom Movement.

3. Katraj Snake Park

Katraj snake park was made by Neelam Kumar kair who built this up with a Municipal corporation that took the initiative of it. Later in 1997, Pune Municipal corporation Corporation decided to develop the place further and keep all animals from the nearby Peshwa Park. By 1999 Katraj Snake Park was expanded to form Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.

And the result of the effort put into it is what we are seeing today. This place is best for educational trips apart from snakes you will find many other animals too but more and different snakes, 13 feet cobra is the main specialty here. People who have an interest in wildlife and are fond of nature will love to visit here. Rajiv Gandhi Park is joined with it so you can have a great visit there but there is more specialty for snakes you will find library and events related to snakes’ information.

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?

4. Singhad Fort

This fort has been built two thousand years ago. The specialty is that this fort is above the ground 1312 meters above sea level. To give natural protection this Singhad fort was made. There were already two gates to enter the fort one was Kalyan Darwaja, and the other was Pune Darwaja. Singhad fort was also known as Kodhana after the sage of Kaundinya. This fort is full of many stories after seeing it you will sense the history in this fort. It does also used for the shooting of the history stories.

5. Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

As we all know Maharashtra is a place where Ganesh Ji has a big place in people's hearts. Dagudheth is a very known temple which is known very much to the people of Pune. As we all know a temple is a place where you get peace of mind. This temple is crowded because of its specialty mostly all the temples of Ganpati are incredibly famous in Maharashtra. This temple tells a very glorious history. The deity of Ganpati was incepted by Shri Dagudsheth Halwai and his wife Lakshmibai is way back when they lost their son from the Plague disease. After that this Ganpati festival was celebrated with higher enthusiasm every year.

6. Mulshi Lake and Dam

As we all water is a thing that always makes everyone happy and gives another kind of peace. This lake is the prettiest lake that makes you give another level of peace by seeing the blue water and birds going all the time. These places are made for nature lovers who relax in nature's beauty and can visit here for their mental peace. This dam is 35km away from the main road of Pune situated away from the whole crowd to gain peace.

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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7. Pune Okayama Friendship Garden

Okayama Friendship Garden is a garden that shows the relationship between Japan and Pune. This garden was made from a copy of the garden from Japan which is known for the reunion. The garden in Japan is spread over 10 acres. The garden is fully organised with greenery all over there, it is full of herbs, shrubs, flowers and nice sitting arrangements are made. The garden has some fountains which look damn pretty, artificial hills and you will find different stones which are used to make it more attractive.

The main attraction is there the fish in the pond there has been mostly the orange colour fishes. The pond which is there is so pretty that you can sit and have a pretty good time there with your ones. The whole garden is good for a picnic spot with the family. Nature loved ones can enjoy this place nicely. Timings for the opening of the garden are 6:00 am to 10:30 am morning, evening 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There are wooden pergolas to sit and rest. It is situated at Narveer Tanaji Malsure Path (singhad road) Pune.

8. Rajmachi fort

The fort is situated in the rugged hills of the Sahyadri mountains. It consisted of two twin Fortresses Shriwardhan & Manaranjan which were used for protection during the wars of Marathas. This fort is situated between the hills of Lonavala and Khandala. It is very well known for its structure which follows the structure of a bygone era. You can experience amazing tracking views. This place has an incredibly beautiful hill for trekking which can make your journey more interesting. This fort is very pretty for the educational trips too who are in the historical stories should visit such places.

9. Parvati Hill

Parvati hill temple is a very well-known temple which is situated on the hills which are 2,100 feet where the temple is located. This temple was made under the rule of Peshwa because it was made for the Peshwa’s mother who gets well because of shiv Ji so Peshwa has pledged to make the temple after her mother got well that's why this temple is there. This place is also the second-highest point in the Pune. After so many things this place will make you happy and peaceful.

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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10. Pataleshwar Caves

It is the 8th-century rock-cut Hindu temple from the Rashtrakuta period located in Pune. This temple is dedicated to the shiva, there was a time it was a monumental monolithic excavation with a notable circular Nandi mandapa and large pillar Mandapa. This temple is in the caves which are three stoned. This temple is a protected monument in India by the archaeologists of India. This temple is one of the great reminders of history as you visit you can feel the essence of history in that area. Good place for an educational tour.


By Air- you can visit Pune utilizing the airport also many airports are there to visit like Pune airport departure and Pune International Airport. Joins all the main areas.

By road- by road also you can travel to Pune as we all know road gives good memories and it is an effective way to travel by road, but it depends on where you are travelling.

By Train- Pune junction is the only railway station which is in Pune, and which is connected to all the principal areas from where you can travel to all parts.


Pune is a pretty place to travel as we have discussed in this article this city is well for living and to visit. People mostly come to visit here on holidays because Pune is known for its mild weather all the time which makes it more interesting for living. As we know it is the hub for IT people, so it is good for living. It is well known for the ancient history of Maharashtra here you will get to know about most of the history of Maratha's places related to history, many stories, and many other things related many temples are there too to visit

Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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Have You Ever Visited the Happening City Pune?
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