IDPRO Interiors- Interiors Redefined

IDPRO Interiors- Interiors Redefined

IDPRO Interiors- Interiors Redefined

Syed Cader

CEO- IDPRO Interiors

The interior designing industry is an ever-changing industry with innovations happening every single day.

Leading the realm of interior design with their innovative solutions are IDPRO Interiors Group, an innovative interior contracting company which challenges perceptions in order to create an unmatched professional association for delivering excellence.

Established in 2011, the company has been delivering turnkey projects for more than a decade.

With a team of professionals having tremendous expertise in conceptual development, schematic design, design development, shop drawing, FFE selection, material selection, rendering presentation, walk through and Contract document reparation, IDPRO Interiors provide professional implementations.

Their services include finishing, furniture, equipment and fabrication work for industries such as Retail, Residential, Education & Institutions, Corporate Offices and Hospitality sectors. Known exclusive for reliance and excellence, IDPRO Interiors is the vantage point of exuberance for ulterior and interior architectural finesse.

Mission And Vision Of IDPRO Interiors

IDPRO Interiors aims to provide clients with an interior that is balanced - beautiful and functional, contemporary and timeless, simple and clever, sensual and practical - with a character that complements their own.

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Project Management - IDPRO Interiors offers a complete project management package from concept to creation. Seasoned Project Managers at IDPRO Interiors offer support throughout the entire project life cycle, from concept design and build through to implementation, and the end result is high-end quality finished products.

Engineering – The team of IDPRO Interiors include valued Architects, Engineers, Material coordinators and Design support. The team helps realise a client’s dream into reality by guiding them throughout the project, providing detailed shop drawings, and illustrating specific production methods, materials and processes.

Procurement – The team at IDPRO Interiors has a broad and deep knowledge of materials and product availability. With their connections, they can reach anywhere in the world to procure any specific product.

Production - An in-house team of craftsmen can design unique furniture to suit a client’s taste and style or match an interior’s overall aesthetics. Quality-conscious craftsmen and design support provide their knowledge and expertise to produce and achieve the best product.

Installation - IDPRO Interiors has an In-house team of installers, and a pre-approved well-connected network of sub-contractors, which helps with the installation part of any project. With the in-house team, IDPRO Interiors remains well positioned to implement projects across the Indian subcontinent and the Middle Eastern region.

The Mind Behind IDPRO Interiors

Syed Abdul Cader, CEO, IDPRO Interiors

Syed Abdul Cader, an architect by profession, founded IDPRO Interiors in 2011, backed by his more than two decades-long expertise in finishing works. In his leadership, IDPRO Interiors aim to deliver turnkey interior projects that are one of a kind.

Over his 22+ years of working in the industry, he was involved in the construction of Prestigious projects, including Hotel Eastern Gate, Four Point Sheraton, Sterling, German Consulate, Grand Hyatt-Dubai, Conference Palace Hotel - Abudhabi, and Intercontinental Hotel - Dubai. He has also handled several individual bungalow projects in India.

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Riyaz Ahamed, Operations Manager, IDPRO Interiors

Riyaz Ahamed, an architect by profession, More than 9 years experience in Interior fitout finishing works & 2 years in Architecture.

Involved in the construction of Prestigious projects including Hotel Eastern Gate, Shrimply, Office Spaces, Residential Interiors in India and The Address Fujairah, HSBC Head Quarters Dubai, Torno Subito at W Hotel in Dubai. He has also handled several individual bungalow projects in India.

Ever since its inception, IDPRO Interiors has managed to cross several milestones. Starting from an office in Chennai, India, IDPRO Interiors has managed to mark its presence in the middle east by opening an office in Dubai, UAE.

IDPRO Interiors Eminent Clientele

IDPRO Interiors has worked with prestigious clientele over its more than a decade-long journey. Some of them include DLF, Arun Excello, Sterling Holiday, Prestige Group, Depa, and others. Apart from these, they have also successfully delivered several individual Bungalows.

Differentiating Factors Of IDPRO Interiors

Every industry has to deal with stereotypes, even the interior design industry. Mr Syed says, “Stereotyping is a natural human reaction. But it’s a judgement based on pre-conceptions which often impair quality, responses, reactions and relationships.

We know how we can break down these pre-conceptions to allow unparalleled engineering, and that really means “world-class” standards.” 

Talking about the differentiating factors that set them apart from its competitors. Mr Syed says IDPRO Interiors is a one-stop solution for the entire interior needs of a customer.

Instead of a client having to deal with multiple vendors, IDPRO Interiors does this for them and delivers turnkey projects.

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